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fitness special

Let’s get physical

lf lugging a six—pack home from the off-licence leaves you puffing and the thought of exercise brings you out in a cold sweat. it could be time for a lifestyle change. You don‘t have go mad 30 minutes exercise three times a week should be enough to transform even super—slob to Mr/Ms Fit. Take a deep breath and limber up with this five—page guide to how, when and where to get physical in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

3-2 of fitness

Dying to get fit. but don‘t know your aerobics from your elbow? Consult our perfectly-formed A to Z of exercise before taking the plunge.



The fitness fad that sparked the 80s- exercise boom and tnade pastel- coloured lycra a sporting standard has stayed the course and moved with the times. Basic ingredients of a 90s aerobics sesh are tip-tempo routines steadily pumping up the heart-rate to a dancy beat. with strengthening and stretching routines to cool things down at the end.

Alexander Technique Invented. funnin enough. by a bloke called F. M. Alexander. this postural technique is a no-swcat. no-strain form ofexercise that aims to bring fluidity

and ease to movement by teaching participants to stand. sit and walk in a way that's natural to their body If you slutnp. slouch. hunch your shoulders or adopt that comfy slide—halfway - dowtt-llte-sofa position while watching TV. Alexander could he the one for you.

A uaero i cs

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Yep. you guessed it. It‘s aerobics

with all the push-two-thrcc-tour that involves - but this time in yer cossic down the swimming pool. The good news is that bouncing around in water has less itnpact on your joints than the dry-land aerobics ~- so if you've been injured or you're taking first steps towards fitness. aquaerobics can be a good option. lixcellent for pregnant



Boxer training without the black eyes. this type of class is a relatively new kid on the exercise block. Sessions are often led by ex-boxers. and the

o- .

exhilarating blend of punching routines. skipping and high-impact aerobics attracts a healthy mix of both lads and lasses. See In .-\t The Deep lind.

Body conditioning

.-\ good alternative to weights for those fearing the onslaught of body- builder's bulk. this class improves posture. muscle tone. all—round \trength and suppleness. lf it's heart- and-lung fitness or dramatic fat- burning you're after. though. you‘ll need to do it in conjunction with an aerobic actix it} such as jogging or swinuuing


l’ar less appetising than it sounds. this is not a miracle method ofeating your way to fitness with bacon. lettuce and tornan butties -— but a ‘no pain. no gain' method of w'thipping Bums. Legs and 'l'unts into shape. Work hard at BLT and have the mayo-soaked version after. 'l'hat's our advice.

Bungee Jumping Not exactly exercise -~ but guaranteed to raise the old heart-rate.


Circuit training

Mad. rigorous. high-level fitness class involving charging round the room at high speed from one set of fearsome exercises to another —- hence the term circuit. 'l'ypical sets on a circuit include press-ups. skipping routines. lunges. shadow boxing. etc. Great if you‘re lit. Not advised if you're at the jogging-down-to-the-ncwsagents-and- stopping-for-a-bowl-of-Bran Flakes


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