8am—6pm; Sat/Sun 10am—4pm. Classes include circuit training and aquaerobics. Fitness room £1.85 (65p). Women only: Thurs evening.

I Helenvale Sports Complex 11) Helenvale Street. 554 4109. ()pen Mon—Fri 9am—10.30pm; Sat/Sun 9am—5.30pm. Football and hockey pitches. Five-a-side game £45 for 90 mins.

I Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena Argyle Street. 357 2525. ()pen Mon—Fri 9am—10pm; Sat/Sun 9am—7pm. Running track. tive-a-side football. basketball and weights room.

I The Leisuretlome 147 Balmuildy Road. 772 6391. ()perates a membership system but non members can switn for £2. Recently revamped pool. Classes (around £2.40) include aerobics and tai chi. Football (indoor and outdoor). tennis and badminton.

I James Murray Sports Centre 38 Caledonia Road. 773 0881. Open Mon—Fri 10am- 10pm; Sat/Sun 10am—4.30pm. £2 membership to use selected facilites. Five-a-side football. jui jitsu. aikido. karate. step. badminton. squash. Weights rootn £1.95 (65p). Women only: Wed evening.

I North Woodside Leisure Pool 1() Braid Square. 332 8102. Currently closed. reopening 25 Jan.

I Pollock leisure Pool Cowglen Rd. 881 3133. Open Mon—Fri 9.30am—9pm; Sat/Sun 10am—4pm. Concessions valitl anytime. Pool has flume and wave machine £1.25 (80p). Fitness room £1.85 (65p). sunbeds £2.25 (£1.35). Aerobics. step. aquaerobics. and tai chi classes. Women only: Mon and Wed evenings.

I Pollokshaws Mini Sports Centre Ashtree Road. 632 2200.

I Shettleston Sports Centre lilvan Street. 778 1346. Open Mon—liri 9am—8pnt; Sat/Sun 9am-3pm. Swim £1.15 (35p). weights room £1.85 (65p) Aquaerobics. Women only: Mon/Thurs after 7pm.

I Springburn Sports Centre Kay Street. 557 5878. ()pen Mon/Wed/Fri 9am—10pm: Tue/Thurs7.30am—10pm; Sat/Sun 9am—5pm. Swim £1.15 (35p/under-fives free). Wotnen only: Thurs evening. Sunbeds and fitness rootn £3 (£1.15). Classes include step. aerobics. self defence. yoga and judo. Creche to start shortly.

I Temple Pool Knightscliffe Avenue. 954 6537. Open Mon/Wetl/l‘ri 8am—9pm: Tue 9.30am—9pm: Thurs 9am—9pm; Sat/Sun 9am—4pm. Women only: Wed 6-—9pni. concessions valid before 3.30pm weekdays. Swim £1.15 (35p). sauna and sunbeds.

I Whitehill Pool ()nslow Drive. 551 9969. Open Mon—Fri 7.45am—A9pm; Sat/Sun 8.30am-~2.30pm. liarly tnorning switn weekdays. Swim £1.15 (35p). gym £1.85 (65p weekdays). sauna. sunbeds. Classes include aquaerobics. step and boxercise.

Private facilities

I Goals 94 Pollokshaws Road. 636 5334. Open seven days. 9am—1 1.30pm. Extremely popular live-a-side football centre. with eight Astroturf pitches to its name. Full changing facilities with lockers and showers. and a cafe to catch your breath post-match. Pitch hire runs at £14 per hour Mon-Fri daytime; £29.50 evenings/weekends.

I Marco’s leisure Centre Templeton Business Centre. 62 Templeton Street. 554 7184. Open Mon—Fri 10am—10pm; Sat/Sun 10am—8pm. Non-members welcome. and classes cost £2.50-£4 per class. and £3.25—£3.50 (plus £1 deposit) for the gym. Classes include body shaping. step. tnuay Thai boxing and tai chi quigong.

I P111 Supersoccer Kennedy Street. Townhead. 553 1515; Blackhall Street.

'1‘11().\1AS ()'1)().\'.\'l{1.1.

Paisley. 848 1921. ()pen seven tSays. 9am—1 1pm (last game 10pm). Well patronised live-a-side football emporium. with the ’l'ownhead and Paisley branches boasting ten Astroturf pitches each. Both are served with full changing facilities (female footballers well catered for) and there's a bar/ftmction room (late licence available) to toast your achievements in after the game. Pitch hire runs at £32.25 peak-time; £19.50 (£14.50) off-peak. Call for details.

For more private clubs .ree Yellow Pages or 'I’Itomps’mt :v.


Public facilities

I Leisure Access Card (LAC) and Leisure Access Supercard (SLAC) If you're a stutlent. disabled. over 60 or out of work and claiming benefit. an SLAC (£2.50 on proof of status) will give you large savings on council-run facilities. Anyone can apply for an LAC. at £20 for lidinburgh residents. £40 otherwise.

I Ainslie Park Leisure Centre ()2 Pillon Drive. 551 2400. ()pen Mon/Tue/Thurs/l-‘ri 10am— 10pm; Wed 7am—10pm; Sat/Sun 10am—6pm. Pool. jacuzzi and llume (open l‘ri --Sun afternoons). fitness room. games hall. sauna. steam room atid sunbeds. Swim £1.60 (£1.25 LAC. 80p SLAC). Women only: Monday evenings. Classes include aquaerobics and boxercise. Creche: Mon—Fri am. Cafe open daily 9.30am—4.30ptii.

I Craiglockhart Tennis and Sports Centre 177 Colinton Road. 443 ()101/444 1969. ()LlldOOF/llithOI’ courts. badminton. squash. sunbeds and ‘Pulse' fitness room (£4.15. £3.25 LAC. £2.20 SLAC). lndoor courts cost £13.50 (£10.90 LAC. £6.55 SLAC) but currently promotional price £6.55. Creche: Tue—Thurs mornings.

I oalry Swim Centre Caledotnan Crescent. 313 3964. ()pen daily Sam—7.30pm. Lane swimming daily. Creche: Tue—Fri mornings £ 1.30 (LAC/SLAC free). Women only: Tue morning and evening. Swim £ 1.20 (95p LAC. 70p SLAC).

I olenogle Swim Centre Glettogle Road. 343 6376. Open Mon—Fri 8am—7.40pm; Sat/Sun 8am—3.40pm. Lane swimming

fitness special

daily. Classes includes step and yoga. Creche: Mon—Thurs 9am-noon. Women only: Mon and Wed 1 lam-noon and Wed 6.30pm—7.40pm. Swim: £1.20 (95p LAC. 70p SLAC).

I Golf Courses The biggest and toughest public course is Braid Hills. Braid Hills Approach Road. 447 6666. or try Carrie/t KlioH'l’. Glendevon Park. 337 1()96.Craigentimrv, Fillyside Road. 554 7501 Silver/omwes. Silverknowes Parkway. 336 3843. £7.40 (£6.35 LAC. £3.75 SLAC) for 18 holes. Nine holes at l’al'mhella. Stanley Street. 669 4361 £3.85 (£3.15 LAC. £1.05 SLAC before 4pm Mon—Fri. £1.95 after and weekends). I Cracemount Leisure Centre Ctracemount Drive 658 1940. ()pen .‘ylon—l-‘ri 10am-10pm; Sat/Sun 10am—6pm. Step and aerobics classes. Weights room £2.40 (£1.80 LAC. £1.15 SLAC). Creche: Mon. Wed and l‘ll mornings. Women only: Mon am/Wed evening. Cafe open Centre hours.

I Jack Kane Centre 208 Niddric Mains Roatl. 669 0404. ()pen Sun—Wed. Fri—Sat 9am-—10.30pm; Thurs 10am—10.30pm: Sat 9am—-8.30pm. Five-a-side football. volleyball and hockey. Full-size. floodlit artificial pitch. Wlights room (£2.40. £1.70 LAC. £1.30 SLAC). step and aerobics classes.

I Kirkliston Leisure Centre Kirklands Park Street. 333 4700. Open Mow-Fri 9am—10pm: Sat/Sun 9am—6pm. Classes including judo and yoga. 'Pnlse‘ fitness room. Women only: Mon evening/Wed atn. ‘l’ulse' centre normally £3.25 (£2.25 LAC. £1.50 SLAC) a session. btit currently promotional price £1.50. Monnl‘ri 9am—6pm.

I Leith Victoria Swim Centre Junction Place. 555 4728. ()pen Mon—Fri 8am—7.40pm: Sun 8am-3.40pm. Lane swimming daily. Swim: £1.20 (95p LAC. 70p SLAC).

I Leith Waterworld 377 Easter Road. 555 6000. ()pen Mon—Fri tttxm—9.3()pm; Sat/Sun 9am—5 pm. Two 0 times. wave machines. fountains and jacuzzi. Promotional price £1.20 till 18 Feb. Mother and baby sessions: Mon/Wed/Fri morning with creche. Cafe and bar.

I Meadowbank Sports Centre London Road. 661 5351. ()pen Tue—Sun

9am--1 1pm: Mon 9.30am—1 1pm. Wide range of facilities and classes eg: archery and climbing. Weights room £4.15 (£3.25 LAC. £2.20 SLAC). Creche: all day weekdays. Cafe open daily 9am—6pm.

I Murraytield Ice Rink Open Mon-131i 2.30pm—9pm: Sat 10am—- 10.30pm; Sun 10am—4.30pm. Beginners sessions £1.40 (plus 50p skate hire). group sessions (with some tuition) £2 plus skate hire. Ice hockey Sun evening. Cafe open Wed—Sun.


I Portobello Swim Centre Bellfteld Street. 669 4077. Open Mon-Fri Sam—7.40pm: Sun 8am—3.40pm. Classses include bums. turns and thighs and over 50s. Lane swimming daily. Swim £1.20 (95p LAC. 70p SLAC).

I Royal Commonwealth Pool Dalkei'h Road. 667 721 1. Open Mon—Tue. Thurs—Fri 9am—9pm; Wed 10am—9pm; Sat/Sun 10am—4pm. Four llumes (open daily from 2.30pm) and diving pool. Lane swimming frotn 10am every day. Swim £1.60 (£1.25 LAC. 80p SLAC) before 2.30pm. £2.10 (£1.70 LAC. £1.10 SLAC) after. ‘Pulse' Centre.judo. aikido. fencing and kung fu classes. Creche: Mon—Fri 9am—3pm. Cafe open pool hours.

I Saughton Sports Complex Stevenson Drive. 444 0422. Open Mon—Fri Sam—10pm; Sat 8am—6.30pm; Sun 8am-10.30pm. Tennis courts. hockey pitches. 400m running track and all- weather floodlit football pitch. Courts cost £5.20 (£4.65 LAC. £1.90 SLAC) per hour. I Warrender Swim Centre Thirlestane Road. 447 0052. Open daily Sam-7.40pm. A swim will cost you £1 .20 (95p LAC. 70p SLAC). Classes include aquaerobics and lyengar yoga. Fitness room. Creche: weekdays 9am—noon. £1 .30 (free to LAC and SLAC holders),

Private facilities I Bodytalk Health and Fitness Centre,

54a Fountainbridge. 228 2427; 7—9 Ponton Street. 228 2426. Opening times: Fountainbridge as per classes; Ponton Street Mon—Fri 7am—10pm. Sat/Sun 9am—6pm. Classes include boxercise. step and sculpt and tae kwon do. Sunbeds. Non members pay £2.75—£3.50 per class. 75p discount for students and U840 holders. I Marco‘s 55 Grove Street. 228 2141; Marco’s Eurobowl. 146 Slateford Road. 443 2211. Open Mon—Fri 10am- 10pm. Sat/Sun 10am—8pm. Flesh-jiggling classes galore including the funky fat burner. karate and tae kwon do. sunbeds and a gym. Non members £2.50—£4 per class. and £3.25—£3.50 (plus £1 deposit) to use the gym.

I Pitz Supersoccer 10 Westbank Street. Portobello. 669 2266. Open seven days. 9.30am-10.30pm. Five-a-side footie heaven with eight Astroturf pitches for you to slide. tackle and dive around on. Like the two Glasgow branches. the centre holds full changing facilities for lads antl for lasses (girls are regular players here) anti a bar/function (late licence available) room for all that post- match team bonding. Pitch hire runs at £32.25 peak-time: £19.50 (£14.50) off- peak. Call for details.

For more private clubs .vee Yellow Pages ur Tho/IIPSUN iv.


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