Going places

Fed up with being treated like a veal calf on package holidays? Then go it alone. Jonathan Trew gets genned-up and packs his rucksack.

Spring will shortly he upon its and anyone with the slightest modictun of good sense will he laying plans to escape from the central belt at some point over the next few months. Stunning though the scenery along the MS is. the splendour of Bathgate. Livingston e/ u/ tends to pall w hen set against the prospect of dawn stretching over the outback or the clouds seen from Kilimanjaro (iixen the choice of lard-saturated fish and chips in l’ottohcllo or harheeued snappers on Bondi heach. most people wouldn't need a couple of days to think it over.

Having said that. should the intrepid traveller make the mistake of following the herd down to (ireece. the (Tosta del Sol or most of the other package holiday destinations. then lard-saturated fish and chips will prohahly fortn the dietary staple. along with specially warmed English beer and pukka pies -- ‘guaranteed to taste like home’. .\'ot the ntost appealing oi holidays unless you have a fetish for shell suits.

No. the only way to get a real feel for

a country. its people and culture is to get away from the tourist traps. head off the beaten track and strike out on your own. With this in mind. two incurable glohetrotters set up a peripatctie travel show for the independent and adventurotIs-minded traycller. For the last four years Helen ('aldwell and Mark Renwick have been

J tnastertuinding the Independent

'l‘raycller's World. a showcase for the independent travel industry. and. just as importantly. a forum for the exchange of information and adyiee on journeying to the world‘s more exotic locations.

(‘ome the weekend of Saturday 2 and

Sunday i March. those interested in

genuiner exciting trayel will he able to i

drop into lidinhurgh's Assembly Rooms and find out anything they need to know. from the price of a one»w'ay flight to l’apua New (iuinea to the median temperature in Delhi in January. via the shekel/sterling exchange rate. More than 150 travel companies will he on hand to help and there is a platmcd programme of over l()() talks by seasoned trayellers to enthuse and inspire would-he Marco l’olos. l’rom shooting white water rapids. to sky diving from 13.()()() ft to travelling across China on a tractor. these people have done it. written about it and are there to spread the word. ()n a yet more informal hasis there will he around twenty trayel guides at the show. These are recently returned travellers. unconnected to any travel company and thus bereft of any

coumiercial axe to grind. who can pass

(0 9’ .c 8 (U 2 C." .od (\1 a) E. o 0 CE 3 .Q E (D a) Am <1:

on lirst~hand knowledge of life on the


Independent Traveller’s

road at most points on the globe.

‘The philosophy behind the show' is to demonstrate the options and opportunities available to travellers.' says Renw'iek. ‘lt's to show that you don't have to be rich or famous. a well seasoned traveller. or any particular age

Goodbye Pentlands. Hello the Three Sisters, NSW, Australia

to get out there and see the world.’ The List. in asstu'iulimt will: [ride/mule)” 'l'rure/ler 's‘ ll’m‘ltl. will be publishing a t'(Nil/)ll’lll’lixfl‘(’ guide In the [rare/jun in supplementform on Thurs 22 February. What are you waiting/or."


Essential for planning your next trip

Over ~€30 inspirational travel companies plenty of opportunities to work overseas O

24 travel talks and workshops

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Sat & Sun 10-6pm £3.50.

Call 0117 930 4440

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22 The List 26 Jan-8 Feb 1996