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De Niro/ Pacino

Director Michael Mann

describes how the

heavyweights locked horns

for the first time in

his explosive thriller, Heat.

Page 6

I Like To Be In


Hollywood actor Mickey Rooney heads the hill in Glasgow’s celebration of

American arts. Page 8

Pedro Almodovar

The cult Spanish director

drops the kitsch for something deeper. Page 10

Katy Murphy

Proving there is more to

life than Tutti Frutti,

the Scots actress plays

A Mug ’3' Game. Page 12

Man Act

The all—rnale theatre group crosses the sexual divide

and hires a woman. Page 15

Fitness special

All the exercise you’ll ever need in five pages: the A to Z of activity. in

at the deep end testimonies and a directory of where

to get fit in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Page 17

l ' is



Katy Murphy



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