FIORELLA TERENZI describes herself as an ‘acoustic astronomer" and has been dubbed the New Age Madonna - actually we prefer ‘the dish with the dish'. Proving that a short skirt and a large brain need not be strangers. Terenzi is a professor of maths and physics in Milan. As a sideline she turns Cosmic vibrations into music and arrives in Glasgow as part of the C(‘A's Phenomenal season to explain that ‘music is the vibration of a universal language'. liar out. I’lienomenol is or the ('(‘A jrom Sun 3 Feb. l-‘iorel/u li'l‘t'liri gives (1 lecture on 'li/llll'x' [5 (im/ performs her lllIl.\'i(' on Fri If) (lllt/ So! /7

LOCH HESS is a monster movie which cashes in on the current Hollywood interest in all things Scottish. Ted ‘Cheers' Danson plays a brilliant zoologist whose reputation has been tarnished by his fascination with mythical creatures. and like so many gullible Americans before him. he goes in search of Nessie. Does he succeed‘.’ That would be telling. but suffice to say that the film's credits include Jim Henson's Creature Shop which animated many a monster and was most recently seen making pigs talk in Babe. Perhaps they‘ll fly. too.

Loe/i NCSS is premiered in [liver/less (m Sui 3 Feb and goes on general release on Fri 9.

AMY TAN made her name back in 1989 when her debut novel about Chinese American daughters and their Chinese-born mothers swept the awards and was later turned into a film called The Joy Luck Club. Then came another best-seller, The Kitchen God’s Wife, the story of Tan’s mother and grandmother’s lives in China. Tan’s name became a byword for the definitive experience of women caught on the cusp between East and West, the old world and the new, as they tried to untangle the superstitions and psyches of each. And now with her latest novel The Hundred Secret Senses, we plunge once more into two disparate worlds, but this time with the ‘Yin People’ looking over Tan’s shoulder and lending a supernatural hand in her writing. ‘Yin derives from the Chinese word meaning second-sight,’ she explains. ‘If I say “ghosts” people will think I’m haunted . . .“Yin Pe0ple” is the best I can say. They told me “Write about us” and so I did.’ Senses may use the supernatural as a vehicle but Tan’s book is still earthbound by an absorbing twin-headed tale that binds 19th century China with 20th century San Francisco, and love with hope. (Ann Donald) The Hundred Secret Senses is published by Flamingo on 5 February. See book events for Amy Tan signings in Edinburgh this issue, and Glasgow next issue.


The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Film: Heat Robert De Niro and Al Pacino play cops and robbers in Michael Mann's epic thriller which brings mayhem to the streets of l.os Angeles. A brilliant supporting cast tnake this classy action movie an aetors' paradise. See feature and review.

(ielteru/ re/euseii'mn [in 2.

I Rock: Black Grape The funkdoobiest bunch of bad-assed rappers resume. their tour schedule now that Kermit has recovered from a recent bout of blood poisoning. All together now: ‘()l(il in the area! (Jot any jellies'." etc.

Livingston Forum. Livingston. Sun 4. I Dance: Random Dance Company Wayne :\1c(lregor explodes on to the stage with more unfeasibly fast—paced movement. liach show contains three separate performances set to musical scores by Steve .‘vlaitland and (iraham l’itkin. Innovation. surprise and quicksilver energy are the keywords here.

'l'mverse. lit/in/mre/z, l’ri 2/821! .i.

I Television: A Mug’s Game Ken Stott stars in this new drama from the people who brought you lit/rile Over The Asylum. This time around. the action is set on a West Coast fish farm with Stott as the hard-nosed executive sent in to sort out an ailing business. See feature.

lili(' /. Sun 28.

I Clubs: Cream The peripatetic superclub comes to (ilasgow again to party like only they can. Armand Van llelden from New York. (.iraham Park. Scotlanth favourite son, and local heroes (iareth Sommerville and Michael Kilkic should prove the highlights of an excellent evening. It‘s ticketed this time round. (let them early.

The Are/res. Glasgow, Sol 27.

I Theatre: Onions Make You Cry l)evised by Northern Ireland's Big Telly Theatre Company. this heart- warming comedy about the religious divide brings together two women from opposite backgrounds. both of whom have fallen on hard times. It also marks the first ever co-production between (‘umbernauld Theatre and Paisley Arts Centre. See preview. ('mnbernou/r/ filt'U/l'r’. 'I‘lturs / Feb; I’u/s/ey Arts Centre. Mort 5 I’d).

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