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Catch the best Sport this fortnight.

I Morton V maltose Cappielow Park. Sinclair Street, Greenoclt. 3pm Saturday

Park. pm“ street, Kimmy 3pm. I Murraytlelil Royals v Peterhorough \‘ I Boss Country V Forlar Victoria Park. “tugayfield ‘03 Cellini. ' 111 ll . . E I u. mm d I I "a"! by Jubilee Road, Dingwall. 3pm. ’8 Pm Mmmme-eeareoomctat Sunday 28 Sunday 28 ‘1'” °' Wlufluv 1'" "7 5' 3mm" eiimsu LEAGUE orvrsroii 1

In W- 5W3 1m 60'9"“ 1" TEllllElTS scornsu our site nourio I Murraylleld Royals v Blackburn llaurlts

“a. "om' I Whltohllll “Ottawa; gill: 58:6; Road Murrayfield Ice Centre, Edinburgh. Stadi m. A bion Ro . in u . m. 630 , ATHLETICS ’3 p P'" Tuesday 30 Saturday 3 satulday 3 ennlsn LEAGUE olvrsioii 1 I TSB chaploeslilpa Kelvin Hall. TEIIEITS SCOTTISH CUP 380 BOUND I WWI,” "ovals v “Mon m'dcats

Glasgow. Indoor events for U17 and U20 I Mothemll V Allan Fir Park,

. . . M l'ldl C tnEd' h.7 . categories. Phone the Scottish Athletics Flrpark Street. Motherwell. 7.45pm. “nay ‘8 cc en“ mng pm

Federation on 0131 317 7320 for details. It 4 Saturday 3 3" day HOCKEY _ Sunday 4 Bums" Mlle “"1510”! I 8th European Nations Indoor I m cmptmtw Kelvin Ha“. PREMIER LEISUE :1 “8‘33? ggildgomhnmes Championships Scotland take on Glasgow. indoor events for U13 and U15 I Celtic V Hills Celtic Park. Kerrydale 6 :33)! 1511’ :8 Eng“ m "jg ‘. England. France. Spain. Slovakia. categories, Phone the Scottish Athletics Street. Glasgow. 3pm. . o§erpaerekcfofiu£c fgkuwiglglusgm Austria, Denmark and Germany. Federation on 0131 317 7320 for details. : Falkslge'txélgflogk BFOClellC Park- mer solidly at the foot of [he [abl'c‘ and Diane Renilson. new captainfiol‘ the ope e ' ‘r ' pm' , W n h m adv , c ‘9 [k 1 women‘s squad, was one 01 live Thursday 8 I Mothenvell v Aberdeen Fir Park 6 . 0 c a “‘18 L U" ' c Y ‘0 . . . Firpark Road Motherwe" 3pm ' prowde much light at the end of this Scots who helped the British team to I Scottish Schools CMplollshlps I Pam“ “is”. v Min Fir’hi” - tunnel of despair. qualify for the Atlanta Olympics later

1 . . Kelvrn Hall. Glasgow. Phone the Scottish . . 1 1'. . g .. Le . ~ 0. r .e i- ,‘i .l - , - Stadium. Firhill Road, Glasgow. 3pm 1 t its )cat. . LL lsilllsx or int l\l( ua Stalin“ Fedtmuon on 0131 317 7320 for I Ram. Bonn y Falkiyk Starks Park, I W matches, and further details are e 8' Pratt Street. Kirkcaldy. 3pm. available l'rom Scottish Hockey

"331 DIVISION 3 Union on ()131 650 81711. Kelvin BADM'NTON Iilrdriovcmobaak Broadwood Hull. omen“; m 26—31111 28.

I Glasgow University v Capital Glasgow

. Stadium, Cumbemauld. 3pm. U - at r ~ . . , .. U; . -- .. ,7 .,‘, . ,e/ ‘> - Fnday 2 I 0"“. “am 'mentm mversr y, Glasgow. 10.30am. t) l“). M Mull . _ (£5). I seem National mm“ Tannadice Park, Tannadice Street, I s . .

cottish White Water Team Chapman” MeadOWbank Stadium Dundee. 3pm. Championships A three-and-a-lrrll‘ Edinburgh. Free. At least two rounds of ' nummunv “PM” [.339 End Park Friday 2 E .i _ y W ‘l t. "I . H . g‘ I mixed doubles lake in Road. Dunfemhqc‘ 3pm. ; llll 511‘th l 0‘ \V lllL \\ tllLl l5 l 1L evening session. with perhaps some "W" V ammo” capplelow Park. I Scotland "21 V France 021 Myreside, 10511113. “WW 101' mllll‘Clllt‘lht qualifying matches as we". Sinclair Street, Greenock. 3pm. Edinburgh, For kick-off time, can SRU including those taking part in the I 3‘ mm V 911"” 31 Mme“ Park. on 0131 346 5000. 5 Scottish Universities Championships. 3 Love Street. P211513)” 3pm. I Scotland A V France AoMyreside, The best spectator points are at the I Scottish National BIIIIIItOI Edmburgh- For k'Ck'Offnmc' C3” SRU 0“ 1 start (near the car park at the bottom chaploealilpe Meadowbank Stadium, 013‘ 346 5000' ' ol' Linn Road ill Stanley) and at the Edinburgh. 9.30am—10pm. £1.50 (75p). Saturday 3 \\C11'_ill.\l oil the Blairgmvl'ie-Perth smglest (“fumes and m'xed dOUblcs uP ‘0 road. For details. call Chris Nol‘bul'y and "1‘31"de quarter finals- FWE “nous cmmo'smp on (11 W“ 77463") Slim/6v near I 5”“ "WW “um” I European Nations emplonshlpe I “wand ' "an" Munayfield l’ a - / i ‘8'- u‘ i i i 4 it) ' ' cmPlMlP‘ Meadowmnk Stadium (Woolen) Kelvin Hall Glas ow Slovakia Edinburgh 3pm The cunem scouand U, [I I (m 3' WU”— pm. Edinbu h 10a g ' . uad will be hard ushed o a1 1 t I BADMINTON . '3 - WSW“- £3 (£150)- v Spain (11am) England v Austria (noon) 9“ P 6‘1“ ‘1‘ 1 . . . . Singles, doubles and mixed doubles semi- am ' an'c. (1pm) scout" ' ' year‘s magnificent victory in Paris, but I SCOtlISh Natlonal Championships finals at 10am; all finals at 2pm, with ' with the home crowd behind them for the Scotland‘s best battle it over three , , oeneiarlt (2pm), England v Slovdtla . . . Prince Edward in attendance. (3pm). spay. ' ‘Mh (4 m). 60m" ' first Murrayfield game of the . O days 01 shuttlecock action -- singles. Denmark (5pm), Scotlan V Franco Champ'onsmps' there 5 "0 [611mg how " doubles and mixed doubles. For daily

W (6pm). mlgm swmg' breakdown of events and prices. see Listings. zllemlmrbunk Sim/rum. Sunday 4 Saturday 27 EEIII_ ,..-.i,-,,r,,,,n. 2-4 in.

I European latloea Chauploeshlpe I mm “m "M 1‘. (Woolen) Kelvin Hall, Glasgow. Austria V TueSdayS cmPlMll‘ Stanley. “ear Penh- From SIMII (10am), England V Spain (11am), - Edinburgh 3” an Thogc without finals is: Team File or Kilmamocl; 1 v Fool‘fmd throughom the aflcmoonv France V Denmark (noon). Germany V transport can gel ‘0 [he Slépcg with the Lenzie or City of Glasgow Raga/.zi. Jinty "‘d‘V'dual “"5 and 168’“ “ems 36°08“ (lpm). P001 A V 3 MM help of the Ski Bus, which particularly MCGUWY V 8"“51‘1” Cardina's 1'

(incorporating the Scottisll pniVCfSlllCS (3.30pm and 4.45pm). Kilmarnock 11 or Dundee 1 v Bellshill Champlmsmpsl 508 H“ LlSL more and people under eigmecn (for Cardinals 11 and Rucanor Jets v Team Youth Hostel deals). Trips Should Blantyre. Each match takes place. at the continue through to April, leaving fimt'nmzicg ‘69:" S 111?”: Vgcnuc.‘ E0 for I W. was cl"Pllm‘ulls Edinburgh early Saturday and retuming “mes 3" cu“ 3: C? 1 c * cows satlmlay two...) KelVln Hall. Glasgow 5031‘ Sunday evening. Call Sheila on Tuesdays voneyba” Assoc‘m‘on 0” 0131 556 4633' “m (9-303‘“ and 10-45m)~ 7/3 "310" between 7.30—9pm on 0131 229 8660 for I Royal Bank 0' scol'and 'la"°"a' cup mum moms" c"? 3” 30"“ (noon). 5/5 "no" (1.15pm). 3/4 P1810" details or fax 0131 229 2456 any time. (“m”) The WOW" 5 CUP '5 3.13" ‘1‘ I Mid M!!! V DINO. United (2,30pm), Fllal (3,45pm), see Hit List, quarter finals stage: Su Ragazzr v Rucanor Shielfield Park, Needmouth. Berwick- lets, Dundee Patriots v News Ayrshire

encourages families, groups of five or

upon-Need. 3 m. Sunday 4 Thursdays Kyle 1, Vol Halla l v Clydevalley and

I Caledoiilaa latte V East File Telford Coors Hazelhead v Bellshill Cardinals 1. Street Park, Inverness. 3pm. I Mo’s Indoor National League Bell’s I Glasgow Ski Clllll Members new and Venue and times details from the Scottish I I:th V Dundee Broadwood Stadium, Sports Centre, Perth. Some fixture old are welcome along to the club's Volleyball Association on 0131 556 4633. Cumbemallld. 3 m. rescheduling has taken place to fit in extra regular meetings at 9pm every Thursday I Royal Bank at Scotland National Plate I 011M“ V gum" "MOI Kilbowle training sessions after GB's qualification at The Scaramouche, Elderslie Street, (Men) Today’s quarter final matches

Park. Arran Place, Cl debank. 3pm. for the 1996 Olympics, The new match Charing Cross. Glasgow. For more continue with: Paisley 11 v Aberdeen. DV I “Whom V NM Boghead Park. line-up is Glasgow Western [lick information about the club’s evean and Phoenix 1 v TB Mackay ES Pentland. Miller Street. Dumbarton. 3pm. Plotopolilt V Bolton” Grave (9,30am), ski trips, call 0141 632 9762 or 0141 883 Bellshill Cardinals 111 v Finnigans Wake I oriltemllne V St Mirna East End Park, EIIIIIIIII Ladle: V “Will 6665. 01 and Paisley Trailblazers v Grange 1. Halbealh Road, Dunfermline. 3pm. (10.30am), Boaagraee Gm. V Forfurther details ()fthe Scottish slopes, Venue and times details from the Scottish I Falklrk V Stelka Brockville Will (2pm) and Edllblrgh Ladle: see Days Out. Volleyball Association on 0131 556 4633. Stadium, Hope Street, Falkirk. 3pm. v Glaegoi Western illicit Plotopollt. I floral Bank of Scotland latlonal Pl

I llaalltoa V St Johnston Douglas Park, I Men's Indoor Cap Bell's Sport Centre, (Women) Vol Halla 11 are at home to Douglas Park Lane, Hamilton. 3pm. Perth. Rescheduling to fit in training for Cavalry Park in this women's quarter

I llearta V Partlclt thistle Tynecastle the Olympics means that the cup semi- s t da finals match. Telford Vipers, MC'T

Park, Gorgie Road. Edinburgh. 3pm. finals will be played at 11.30am and a l" y Brannock and Grange all received byes. I Hibernian V thfllock Easter Road 12,30pm, with the final at 4pm and I Royal Bank of Scotland National Clip Details from the Scottish Volleyball Stadium, Albion Road, Edinburgh. 3pm. presentations at 5pm. (MOI) The line-up for the men's quarter Association on 0131 556 4633.

54 The List 26 Jan-8 Feb 1996