V I saw you Nice 'n' Sleazy. Hogmanay. You: sweet fiddler. Me: oti your right. small. smiley. Wish I'd said hello. Do you‘.’ Box No [1/271/14.

V I saw you London 10 Glasgow night bus, 5/1/96. You wild blonde hair. talked about Ken 1.oach. British unable to do Shakespeare! Me. dark haired Canadian. into (‘eltic music. l‘riends‘.’ Write'.’ Box No [.1/271/15.

V I saw you ex Kudos Kenny on countless occasions but only dared speak once. Release this shy Virgin lad and Mega fun will be in Store. Box No U/271/16.

V I saw you at Phantom Of ()pera. 28/12/95. row .\. wearing blue shirt. sleeveless jumper and tie. surrounded by girls. but our eyes met. 1 was in front to your left. Box No [7/271/17.

V I saw you a Galloway man you played my strings beautifully that night. l’ancy stripping that willow again soon'.’ Box No [7271/18.

v I saw you 13/1/96. [)alkeith Road. jogging with football boots on your hands. Me black hair. starry expression. ()ur eyes met or was it my imagination‘.’'s meet. Box No U/271/19.

O I saw you ‘Spud' at Pleasance Sports Centre. You've never noticed me and I shouldn‘t notice you but 1 can't get you out of my dreams. Boy meets girl‘.’ (No explanation allowed.) Box no U/271/20.

V I saw you John. Saturday 9 December at CC‘ Blooms with a party from Pife. Me D's friend. tall. dark hair. 1 really liked you. Fancy meeting‘.’ Box No

1 [7271/21.

V I saw you and spoke while we were choosing lunch rolls in the shop at Heriot-Watt University. Thursday 11 January. You were wearing black. carrying T/It’ List; and though the fillings on offer were gruesome. 1 hope you didn‘t end up with onion-breath for the rest of the day like 1 did. Box No [1/271/22.


Since its launch in The List's 1995 Valentine issue, the 1 Saw You column has achieved cult status.

Go on, admit it, it's the first page you turn to, hoping you've found yourself some secret admirer.

If you have been one of the lucky ones, and have successfully pursued through the 1 Saw You column. or if placing an 1 Saw You has brought you lurve, WE WANT TO KNOW.

Contact us with your 1 Saw You experiences, including a daytime telephone number and addressing them to:

THE Enrron, LoveSronv THE Lrsr, 14 HIGH 5mm EDINBURGH EH1 ITE


(' l‘ ='. . TI’TI

V I saw you Cath. waiting in the rain at the bus stop. George 1V Bridge. 1 was with friend and bike. 1 said hi. wanted to say more but was too shy. Your smile disorientates rue. I’d love the chance to get used to it. Box No U/271/23.

9 I saw you in Stockbridge in your green Mini. What a body - that's sotne chassis you‘ve got! Me l hanker for a flanker. Box No U/271/24.

V I saw you at Internet Cafe. Hanover Street. Edinburgh. every Saturday afternoon. You know who 1 am. the message is love. . . Box No U/271/25.

V I saw you at the Penetrator. You brown Beatlesjacket. rue dark hair. big dark eyes. You with man dressed in black. Your brother (hope fully). You're too gorgeous. Must see you. Box No U/271/26.

v I saw you beautiful. hedazzling man in Safeway (Anniesland) 8/1/96 at 5pm. You wore gloves indoors. put dry cleaning in at counter. Me with maddening friends. totally entranced. Did our eyes meet? Write. Box No U/271/27.

V I saw you I heard you at a sound workshop by Harriet Buchan. Wed 10 Jan. 6pm, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. You borrowed my pen, I asked you for coffee after but you were going to see Janis lan. Let‘s meet? Gary. Box No [1/271/28.

V I saw you 5—6 years ago. You worked at Glasgow University Library Issue desk. I’ve never used the library as much in my life. I'm sure you noticed. You had long wavy hair and were gorgeous. You left to study Divinity and became pregnant (1'?!) 1 saw you on the Underground recently. You had short hair and you‘re still gorgeous. This time you didn't notice. ()K. 1 think I'll give up at this point! Box No U/271/30.

V I saw you Grace. working in Asda. Blantyre. Your smile lit up my life. Me. 1 was the one who dropped the milk. See you soon. Box No U/271/31.

V I saw you Warhol lookalike. Curlers. 12 January. Me'.’ Red coat. much srualler than my Anjelica Huston lookalike friend. 1 see you frequently in West End. Can we meet‘.’ Box No U/27l/32.

V I saw you Montpeliers before your trip to India. You design toys. I publish. I've lost your address. Ready to swap travel stories'.’ Box No U/27l/33.

V I saw you December 1995 at Sleazy's on the door. The star has long since faded from my hand. but you haven't from my heart. Is it too late to talk? Box No U/271/34.


Thanks to Snapple, I SAW You adverts are FREE of charge.

Just 1111 in the classified form and send it 011.

V I saw you at Kelvinbridge tube in May 95. we then went for a drink. we spoke about flats in Dennistoun. and at the end of the evening made plans to see Muriel 's JIM/(ling. Your ruum was getting re-married and we lost touch. Let's rneel again'.’ Box No U/27l/35.

V I saw you at airport 13/1‘. Lyon 6/1. return flight. You were in row behind. You: tall. dark. red sweatshirt. Me: long dark wavy hair. red jacket. Meet'.’ Box No [.1/271/36.

V I saw you longish blonde hair. ponytail. white shirt. kilt. dancing like the man of my dreams: Tartan Amoebas 13/1/96. I admired you from the dark. Fancy a couple of dancing lessons‘.’ Box No [1/271/37.

V I saw you on the front coach of the delayed 12.30 Edin-Glas train. Mon 15 Jan. 1 boarded at Falkirk. You: pulled back blonde hair. oval glasses. white top. black skirt. black jacket. Me: short brown hair. ruoustache. white shirt. coloured tie. black trousers. We caught each others eye. At least you caught mine. Hope you read this. Box No [1/271/38.

V I saw you Saturday 13/1/96. 6.15pm. You in Mercedes. rue in untidy Maestro. You went down Minard Road. 1 turned right. Two people in two car‘s'.’ Wasteful. You can share mine. Box No U/271/39.

V I saw you Robbies Bar. 10/1/96. Tall. floppy ruop top. hanging posters. ()ur eyes met but you cycled off before 1 could talk to you. Love to get the chance. Box No U/271/40. V I saw you again. Tennents. November. Chip. 6/1/96. You. dark-haired ruan. rue. short. dark-haired wornau. More great eye contact! On your way to Clatty's. 1 said hello _ fancy developing this conversation'.’ Box No U/27l/41.

V I saw you Marie. Pats ()‘1vlalley's. 13/1/96. I looked for you in Bonkers. you weren‘t there were you? This mad English ruan needs your yawns. live so far. 1'11 stop any more! Wow. Box No U/27 1/42.

V I saw you Hogmanay. 369 Club. Gwen. we danced and dabbled but then got a bit disorganised. l‘Irm. I thought you were quite lovely and wouldn't ruind meeting up again. Box No U/271/43.

V I saw you in my bed. Sunday morning. Your first name‘s Nicole. 1 was the one on the bottotn. We‘re not at level 1 anytnore. Six tuonths to go. Box No [1/271/44.

V I saw you big boots. blue boilersuit. (‘rowe Road again. ()pen that mind of yours to everything. this local lad will help. Box No [1/271/45.

V I saw you on 12/1/96 at Cottier's. You wore black T- shirt with furry purple heart. You smiled at rue. Can 1 ruake those big brown eyes smile again'.’ Box No U/271/46.

V I saw you at the Art School union on the night 13/1/96. You had long dark hair and your name was Donald. You look like (ierar‘d l)epardieu. 1 love you. Please CUIllilCl the. Box No [7271/47.

0 I saw you at www unci- party. SliCC. 9/12/95. You wore red baseball cap. I wore big hair. liyes met. 1 swooned. ("mon Pierre. try score with me. There‘s only one! Box No [1/271/43.

V I saw you Bertie's. Saturday 13/1/96. You check-slurred rugby player. Gordon. 1 think‘.’ With tall. handsome friend. Me athletic brunette. stunned! (‘aunot stop thinking of you. Please write. Box No [1/27 1/49.

/ @913

NATURAL BEVERAGES Madefitxmhebestsmlf on earth“

.8 The List 26 Jan—8 Feb 1996