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The Cult of Ray

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WHEN WE The new album THE CULT 0F RAY \tlerEEstfilglgG COAST TO ' The new album from Limited E(dliltti:§vae%nVinyl 7", FranthBelascithecSIUdes Efisfnfiafismdé‘.$.53; “am” THE MARSIST ""‘eease 'a‘ 5 KISS AND TELL. and HEtfilRTIXVORM Out now on CD. MEN IN BLACK. - e a um - - , available on CD, Cassette and cassette and Vinyl ,

Limited Edition Blue Vinyl Available on CD. includes TlNINKLE, «cranked out with all Cassette and Vinyl. ED the lo-fi unk abandon For a limited 99m"

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'5 Glasgow King Tut’s This sauce is the hard 29th January at 6 Edmburgh Venue stuff.” - vox GLASGOW Garage.

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Glasgow, 358, Byres Rd. Tel : 0141375 0774 - Edinburgh, 55, Cockbum St. Tel : 0131 220 0133