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The cult coliledy about two debauched actors w ho are between jobs (is there any other type?) is getting another cinema release at the OFF. Glasgow. Fri

16 Sun 25 Feb and at the (‘ameo iii lidinburgh limit

16 Feb. Richard li. (irant and Paul McUann's characters



- The Tron, 63 Trongate, Glasgow 81 are uttering two gave rise to a drinking game popular Willi students d d . _ pricg tickets for "‘3 price of one to see [he called ‘Drink‘ along with Wiihnail and 1'. Every little one 0 __ b l n S Gandhi] Juggflng Pyoiect’s And Other curious

oi the characters has a drink the game players have [0 questions on Wed Feb/Thugs Feb 3‘ 8pm. have one as well. The ability to last more than iiiteen minutes into the iilm is rare. fake this copy of The Us: along to the Box office

Anyway. thanks to the generosity oi the cinemas we have three pairs of tickets to see after 6pm on me night of the performances. ll'l'l/lllrii/ Am! / at both the (‘ameo and the (iFl‘. Furthermore. the boo/elastic ()ddbins

have given its six bottles oi Perrier Jouet .\'.\'. chaliipagne to help you get in the mood.

To get the goodies answer this: In what year did Hit/mull Am] I iirst come out'.’

Send your answers lo us by Thurs IS Feb. Address them: WASTER COMP, The List, I gfrlsrtsgégfggople

14 "'9" St'eet’ Edmbu'gh’ m "5' to the cilded Balloon Box Office on the Cowgate, Edinburgh on Thurs

22 Feb, to see Lynn Ferguson and Kevin Day at 9pm. The gig is

Here‘s one i‘ol' all the lovers out there. As we all know. presented by Whyte and Mackay

Valentine's Day will be upon us very shortly and there and Gilded Balloon. Take this copy

aren't many better ways oi spending that particular

evening than snuggled tip next to your beloved while

watching a good movie. especially a soppy one. and

of The Listalong to the Box Office on the night. C l N E M A S besides it does away with the need to think tlp sweet nothings. lhe point oi all this. is. eventually. that thanks to the MGM l’arkhead we have five pairs oi' tickets to giy e away to see any iiim at the cinema on Valentine's Day.

a” a

Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

m “J a a a :5 a z a: :' q: z a: ': 3

Now. these are special tickets which allow the winners to return and see another movie oi' their choice on Thurs 2‘) Feb. (liven that this is a leap year. any oi the i'emale winners w ho propose to their partner will receive ilowers and a bottle oi'champagne as well as having their names displayed above the cinema entrance.

A Sale 0! Hearts is a cabaret and auction benefit event for charity at the Traverse, Edinburgh on Wed 14 Feb at 7.30pm. Fred MacAulay compares and the auction contains works by top Scottish artists, writers and celebs - signed Annie Lennox CO anybody? We’re offering

Competition Voucher (Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

How many times has Iilizabeth Taylor been illarried'.’


Answers ntust reach us by Mon [2 Feb and include a daytime phone number. Address

them: MGM COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

m —.- NII k 0 two tickets for the price of one to the first ten '- 4}: people who take this copy of The Listalong to the m g The (iodiather oi' (ioth. playwright. novelist. l’ormci' junkie Box Office betore 6pm on the "IBM. - h g and all-round bad penny has just put out a new album entitled = g g .i/llH/(‘I' Ila/lads. liven if you haven’t heard the album yet. ‘0 g g then the title alone should coniirm that Cave's usual l; a .: preoccupations haven‘t changed at all. z 5% _'l‘hanks to the kindly ministrations oi the man in blacks I’R m .2 :- ilrm. Pomona...we have three ,lltlrrler Bill/(ills T—shlrts to give ggnmnae > .5 § away. Since .\lck Cave is evidently the source of all things at the Ramshom < a 2 even remotely cool. we at T/lt’ Us! are somewhat reluctant to u E g give these away and have thus set a diiilcult question in the g 8 L; vam hope that none oi you lot. our dear readers. can answer it. Fat chance. The Ramshom Glasgow are offering two fun price : é As well as singing about psychopaths. Cave has also played one in The (i/lusls ()f The tickets for the’price of one to see Strathclyde 2 a ( It'll Dead. \\ hat was the name oi the character'.’ Theatre Group’s 717.3 Tempest on My)" 19/Tue 20 Feb 2 g Answers on a postcard by Tue 20 Feb. Mark them: COOL CAVE COMP, The list, at 7309"" Take “1'? copy at The L’StaIOng to me " 14 High Street, Edinburgh, an 1rE. 30* Oiilce 0" the "'9'"-

. T" c R ' OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the

a y whole magazine and present it to the relevant box - office or cash desk. All offers are subiect to

availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission. COMPETITIONS: Only one entry per person per competition. it you are entering more than one competition, you need use only one envelope, bat . . . . . , please make sure that your name, address and lo mark the event ( (ruler/y Review have given as ten copies voucher are attached to are" entry. Competitions of Jenny Eclair's video 'Iirp Iii/ell. ten copies oi‘ Lee Alli! are open to a" UK msidem (our the ago 0118'“ I . Herring Lire and ii ve annual subscriptions to (‘mlll'lly Ix’t'l-il'il- alcohobwhmd oflem). "a responsibimy can be to give away. Want some? Try this: accepted by "must {or mm which calm“ be

A new national. monthly comedy magazine is launched this month. Going under the title oi ('mlmly Rt’l‘it’lt'. it aims to cover all forms of comedy from the classic humour of The Goodies to the torrent of filth spouted by masters oi the single (’Illt’lltil'fl such as Roy ‘C‘hubby' Brown. Top writers are promised along with regular columns by top comedians.

d ‘m-‘_-~--‘- 5'

Competition Voucher (Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)



Which top Scottish comedienne was arrested at last year's Festival i'or headbutting a Obtained due to unforeseen clrcumstmces. TO policeman I’ obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The Answers on a postcard by Mon 26 Feb. Address them: COMEDY REVIEW COMP, :ztgiogig‘mmm’ stating Which MOI” The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, Elli in. V q

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