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the redge quartet scores on screen


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Tales of desire

Discover who desires who as [Saw You celebrates its first birthday.

Page 6

Tr in in a spott g Ewan McGregor and Ewen Bremner score in the film version of Irvine Welsh’s novel. Plus Leftfield on an explosive soundtrack, an extract from Trainspotting and the reality behind the movie.

Page 8

Spike Lee

The filmmaker speaks about Clot/(em and ten years in the attitude business.

Page 14

Modern Art Gallery

A sneak preview of Glasgow’s newest gallery.

Page 16

Bible John

Andrew O‘Hagan on the myths surrounding the * Glasgow killer.

Page 19

loch Ness The tartan and tinsel saga continues as Hollywood

parachutes into Scotland. Page 21

Afrika Bambaataa

The grandpappy of dance music on God, UFOs and black unity.

Page 22

FORJOBS IN TH " - EE i- ; it:

.10er Richardson and Ted Danson


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