02 rrrins. Art orphaned pig falls urtder the eye of I I Braveheart ( 15) (Mel (iibsort. US. l995) Mel "“N S'll’l’lW- COJ‘CI‘C'“ and aCCCSSibJC film to a kirtdly collie and begirts to think he's destined I (ilbsort. Patrick McGooltan. Sopltie Marceau. dalc. VG"? 110‘“ iI‘dCCd- SCC {calme- Edinburgh: for glory at the regional trials. Talking animals : 177 miirs. Mel (iilrson's lortg arid bloody (“‘m‘m- “Cl- Slri‘lhdydc: U“ Clydcmnk- suggest that this is a kids' rrtoy ie: to an extent it account of the life of Scottish warrior hero I Clueless ( 12) (Amy Heckerling. US. 1995) is and a great one but there's enough t William Wallace boasts sorttc remarkable battle Alicia Silverstoire. Stacey Dash. Britanny skewered humour (hail the psy eho mice!) to,» i see-nes- anrl great pctfornlilnCCS. particularly Murphy. ()3 mins. Beautiful. fashionable and adults to discover art unexpected cult hit. A I .\lc(ioohan's merciless King lidward. Aiming to str'eetsntait Beverley Hills schoolgirl Cher triumph for the underpig. (iener‘al release. 3 entertain on a wider scale than the more liiemie (Alicia) is spoilt to distraction. but when teenage . . . . I Babes In Arms it'r i Bushy Berkeley. (‘8, l Rob Roy. Brave/rearr's Scottish passion is romance floors her. she‘s as clueless as anyone. Films screening this fortnight are listed lair}, Mick“. Rmmm. Jmh (pupnkyr‘iwrw tempered by a few Hollvwood moments '1 his has all the ingredients for art unashamedly below With certificate, Cl’BditS, briet \Vrnniirger 0b units. the riist of the Riyuncy. : touches of sentirrtcrttalify and ‘drarttatic' brainless smash teen comedy including a new review and venue details. Film index (irritant) rrttrs‘icals. tltis spirited tale has a couple : historical Inuccumc). chcrtltclcs. it's :1 tine. “"6 in limb «twist! ~ but lrnt'm'tumltc')’ it compiled by Alan Morrison. M WU"; \ nudcnuc “Hun.” 1mm"; m, u I full-blotxled attempt to tap irtto the spirit that doesn‘t do anything that llr'rrrlrr'ri didn't do sparkling! show to w iit back audiences from the “"95 5"‘lllimd'5 hmm'." and l‘crlws- Glasgow: N'le “it NC“ P'Cu'w HUM"- . M33 ventufa: When "an": calls in" l ‘3‘“? cinemas Some good nuiirbers, and none of me 6 (Neon. lidirtburgh: ()deon. l'(‘l. Borders: I la Colonel Chabert (l’(i) ( Yy es Angelo. Oedekerk. [75. l‘)‘)5) Jim (‘ari'cyg Simon ('allow. .agiesiiavagant Berkeley \\lic‘llli)nrs’cd i “av iliorr. Strathclydet l'(‘ls. l’iance. I‘M-t) (ieraid Dcpardieu. lianny Ardant. Ian McNeice. 9-1 mitts. This prierile. stereotHXKJ routines (ilasgow: (il-‘l‘. ' I I Brier Encounter (l’('r) (David Lean. liK. l-abrice luciiini ll l irtrrrs. lit the post- artd occasionally brillrarrt follow-up to the I -Babcs On Broadway i t r i Bitchy nuke-ice i 10-15) (‘elia Johnson. 'l‘r ey or Howard. Stanley Napoleonic years. a hero thought to be dead surprise ltit that launched (‘arrey's career trnds is" 19.11 ).\1reke\ Rooney. Jirdv (‘r'aihririr~ I Holloway. so mins. Stiff upper lips and returns to Pat is and tr res to reclaim ltis rank and the pet detective iit Africa. 'l‘he rratrves are \‘rrginia Werdlerfl IS ltllll's. Rooney and Garland emotionally charged brushes of the hands are all tortirrre from his rtow icirtaiiied wife. Angelo's defined by silly rituals arid a war-like nature. the Pm ml 3 chm. rrncc again rri what‘s- probable i that John-ion arid Howard will allow themselves directorial debut ltas strong similarities irt its iinglish as upper-class twits. aitd amongst it all. rim.- rrr-ei pairing. despite somc flingingly ' i as their C.\lt';t-ttl;llil:tl 'affair' doesn’t develop story to The Return 0/ .tlrirrr’rr (irrerre. but it (.‘arrey's hit-and-rttiss antics becorrte wear rsoirte. wmimcmul "Wimme [((ypncv in pitilis‘illlvill i much beyond unspoken Ioitgiirgs at a railway foregoes the cat-and-ritouse games of that movie (ieneral release. _ . shines as he's given a freer lL"lll. (ilagsow: (il-‘l'. station. l't‘l some. the tears will still flow; for for a colder. bleaker approach to identity artd I The Adventures 0t PrlSCtlla, Queen Of The I the gait I. sir/7,”; ( Le, BU“er bunny]. 7 others. the urtgry iirg morality is exasrwr'ating. Justice. \\'cll-played literary crrtcnta that's new ( l8) (Stephan lilliittt. .-\ustr'alia. l‘NJ) hdncc. logs) Hulk. (‘IIHJHL ()In I“ Smuk. (iiyen the rigidity of this lirrglislr I‘Oltltttis‘c. the perhaps (no sombre m draw everyone in, TCI‘C'WC Slimm- “"3” WNVJ'NJ- (3“5' PUNC- lm Bruno l’ut/rrlu. I I5 nuns. Middle-class .‘Ilsit‘llltts Rilk‘hmilmnm' Will‘dll'ik‘k l5 untiltinstr WWI. Holders l’avilion. rrtirts. 'l'wo transvestites artd a trans sexual team \mhnlw and put up)”: n H“ \Imkh ml “mu”. [arc Adam Smith. . crimson “dc ( Le, no”) 50,“. [-5. 1995) "P {0‘ 5' “JP "‘i'm“ [he -"”‘“"¥"“.” ‘mihil‘ik “if u try to get the cash to (then up a tashron store rrr . - Citizen Kane (l’(i) (Orson Welles. l‘S. l‘Ml) tie-ire llaekrttart. ltenzel \\'as|iingtorr. (is‘itlgc drag show in Alice Springs. Serious issues pop '

l).'iind/a. llh irtrris \\ hen .r rebel Russian nationalist general with his mitts on the nuclear

Orson Welles. Joseplt (‘orten. Agrtes Mimic-head. ll‘) rrtiirs. Stunnineg successful biographical

Airteirca by robbing .rppartrtterrts of the rich. lilYCtlltCl 's portrait of the iniquity or

tip front tirrte to time. but the emphasis is on the

Cilml’ “mum” of the iii-bus bitchincss and coirrerirporarv youth is repetitive and "limits (cutting on :t Hearst-like media tycoon. rr l‘_".'L‘l i‘llllt‘s .»\ririageddon back onto the outrageous musical set-pieces. Glasgow: (ll-'l’. . unwm ilk.,,,[_.._'lw menu“ H“. mm. CH.” “ink. f Welles" first film remains scintillating viewing agenda. (hc‘l SS -\|abairra. with it\' ll 'l't'tds‘ttl Hf“: NC“, Plume “(mic' l his cast gl\C‘(lC\'Clll naturalistic [X'rfoirrrairces it" n" 5h?“ lCClllllCi'l WW5 “untilch missiles. is called rrrto action. With a nightmare I The American President ( l5) (Rob ls’erirei. gnumchdcz [IN KMHML. A,“ (mm.- corrtidertce arid spellbinding performances. The eel-rhino, [wit l-tl) srars .reriirg their socks off and ['S_ 1995) Michael Douglas. Annette Bertirtg. ' I Baralia (l’(i r (Rorr l-rrc‘kc" ('5. 1093) (in mm... best film ever ntade‘.‘ Who's arguing'.’ lidirrbtrr'gh: J dirt-er... who know s how to get the most from Martin Sheen. l 13 turns Widowei arid leader of . lirtvrronrrrentall)" aware eco-doc in the st‘. le of lilillllllm-‘C- l‘l}: valgict ctlec ts. this ts‘lm‘ (It‘d UlillKIWl’hUth "‘6 WC‘JC'“ “WM mulch Sl'cl‘hCld (“‘mfili'" Krmrrrrriir/irrir has the iitaror advantage or I the City Of [05‘ Child's" "l 15’ Ut'im‘l’lk'l'l'c subrttairne thriller is a lrrirrte slice of weekend falls for a sparky eitvrroitirtental lobbyist having been shot in 70mm. which makes the Jt'l'm‘l/MIH‘C (.310- limm‘“ NUS) R0“ PC‘J'WW entertainirient. (‘cntral‘ Macls’obeir. liife: Adam (Betting). but finds that press intrusion. gunning L-irrcrrrurr,gI-;lp|1}-[luscimm‘ihc Show i Daniel [{irtilfork’. Judith \I‘rttet. l12 rrtins. ()n a gmrm opposition slurs arid his day -to-d;ry chores get in | [gwumul fmmgc Ur p]qu [gm-m ,e iuxmichd . mist-shrouded oil rig. mad scientist Ki'ank ages a I cronica Di Un Amore 5m“- (U ,i /,,,w am”,- lhc “3'? “f "‘“llim’y‘s‘. Director Rerncr til/m: ! with rrtarr's harrtiful relation to it. with the Big ' l‘WmillmClY liCCilll‘C "C Cilmml (“mm- 1”“, *0 J‘C r I 5) (Michelangelo Antonioitr. ltzrly. l‘)5()) Lucia "WT" “‘7 SUI/V) “Sill” lmll‘ “ll 3 Vii-"(ill : Staterrtcrrt being prished forwards by a series of kidnap“ “BMW” {mm "W '06” l’”” and “NR Hose. ‘slassriiro ( iiiotri. liadrnando Sarirti, (X) balarteed roittarttic coritedy. throwing iii some ; vim-um] “milk-N A gcnumc elk-duct“ into their sleeping hours. A y isiially w onderful. l ]]][|]\ .\|ihr.irgh it show s similar thcntes to those serious points along the w .ry lidrrrburgh‘ i lidrnbrngh: l‘ilrtihouse. “Risky fairytale “Um “)6 lllllkk'll‘ 0t [)('/l<'<l1¢'-V.\l'll. that would later obsess him. Arttortrorri's debut Dorrtirrion. liife: Adam Smith. Q I Bed Of Roses rp(;, rump-WI (ittlthlllk‘l‘tl. [S i “‘4” mm“ “"L" “'lll‘ (“WWW imaginillmn- “is? f movie is closer in style to the film norr than his I Annie Hall ( l5) (Woody Allen. [8. l‘)77) [905) (‘hr'is‘tiair Slater. Mary Stuart Masterson. Adm” Smilll Str'ztthclydc: Mother'well. ; later detached c\rsteirtralist dramas. Art Woody Allert. Diane Keaton. 'l'ony Roberts. 93 pumcrn 56.4"“. 30 mine. Sultry““Glenn-"Cd. I Blockers ( lS) (Spike 1 cc. l'S. I005) Harvey l adulterous v. rte and her los er plarr the murder of mitts. Warm. wistful. wonderfully witty Woody rim N gm},- “kce h, [Highlcn up pcuprc'e duo, Keitcl. Mekhr l’fifer'. John 'l‘uitrrr'i‘o. IZS mitts. l her husband. and gradually we come to realise discourses on love. death and life iii the Big h) dchwung WWW“ unummmmwp mm 11;. i lee shifts the focus of Richard Price's weighty ilrai this may not be the first time they have

Apple in this rrtulti-()se;ii twinning

\mmhlm “PU” dumpm_[m._lm,um iroch away from Keitel's mid-life crisis cop onto killed for 'love'. lidrnbirrglt: l‘rlirihous‘e. autobiograplrical corriedy-rorrtance. lidiitbiiigh'

hnqumm‘m” Mu‘mw” i-llt~\,,,lln‘.m.h._ me“. young drug dealer l’fifer. brrt the result is notjust I Dangerous Minds ( l5) (John N. Sirtrth. l‘S.

iiilrrthouse. (MLMCH a“. w m. ,mmwcd “Um warm. that another cycle-of-violence ghetto movie. The NUS) Michelle l’teift'er. (ieorge “lurid/it.

I Babe (lit ((‘h'l‘ N“”“””- -'\“‘““1'“- 1"”5' audiences will have a hard iolt identifyme with rtrrridei‘ whoduriirrt provides a suspenseful core i (‘orrrirrey It \rrrree. l()(r units, In a tougher role James Cromwell. with the voices of (‘hristrrre I'm” pm. “,0 Imhuwmm en. New“: narrative. the issues are raised witltorrt resorting nun \mm- chive play-d i.» (tang [’i’cii'i‘cr- ie- an ex. (savanaugh. Miriam Margolyes. Hugo \\'L‘il\'llif.!. g pdmhumh: I f (0 mg. gown“. and Lu. manages m deliver 1m. ; mum“. v. I“) hmwm.‘ “WIN. Mum... m u hunch

l’ A R A 04*»

"Masterly" “Stunning” ' ° '23 ‘5


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