\"accar'o. Sylvia Miles. 11.1 mins. \‘111ght is the dim-wittcd 'l‘cxan getting by 111 the Big Apple by acting as :1 gigolo for the rich ladies of New York. while Hoffman is the tubetctrlar contnan he befriends and helps through 1111‘ cold winter in this seminal buddy 11111vte.whrcli helped 1111111 protagonists to major stardom 111 1111‘ eaiiy 1970s. set Schlesinger 11111111 :111 intermittently successful1':11'cc1.;ut1l further shifted 1111‘ censorship parameters 111 111:1rrrstr1‘ani Amer rcau film. 1211111111113211‘ ('.11111‘11. I A Midsummer Night‘s Dream 11 ‘1 1x111 Rerrrliar111/Williaml)r1‘11‘1le.l'S. 19.151Jantcs (‘.1gtrcy.l)rck Powell. Jean \lun'. 1.1‘ini11s. (‘agrrey 's Bottom. \lendelssohn's music. Rooneys l’uck. Hollywood panache. ()11. :11111 exen :1l1rt 111'srrrttby :1111111.1‘1all1‘1lShakespeare. Actually. this is 11111‘ of 1111‘ most sircccsslrrl American cinema version 111 the mm. with 1111' magic of 1111‘ play transfornirng itself 1111111 1111‘ screen with case 1‘111111w1‘1111y :1 discussion ‘sL‘sxlOll with Hollywood legend. \lic‘kcx Rooney. (il;t\2.'11\\f(il"l~ I Mighty Aphrodite 1111111111111 1111.11.15. 19951\\'1111dy.-\ll1‘11. llelcna B111111.1rrr(':utet. \lichacl Rappaport 9* nuns \\'111111y' sneaks 111111 Screen 5 :11 1111‘ ('anreo 1111 one week 11nly.11ne screening per day. 111 order 111 quality for B'\l’l'.\ nomination A 111.11111‘111'1111ple adopt .11111111whosegennrs 1(‘)1‘11c11ttt.tg1‘s 1111‘ new 11:111 1.-\ll1‘111111;t1111lt rri s1‘ 1111111: biological mother 'l'hrouglrout he‘s li.1:.1riguc11ar1d e1. :‘rnrrally aided by .1 11:11 Grcci. .1111irrs \curotrc comedy :11 its truest. 11111111111131): ('anico. I Les Miserable51111.11.111.11- 1.1111111. 11111111. 19951Jc.111-l’.11:1 Belrnorrdo.‘1111'111‘1 Borrrenah. .\111111‘ 1111;111111 177111111s A \:1s11_\c11111y.111le 2011111111111). updating 111 the llugo 11111 1‘1. which :1ls111‘xarnrries the effects 111 trial. tribulation and 1'111111‘1111‘111‘1‘1111.1single111.1111B1‘lrnon1lot. Its 111111111.‘lr:r1g111-[11.111-11111l2.111.‘1”s111‘.111111‘11111f the Jew s under llrc()1'1‘1111.1111‘11j‘titxltrnt 111 1111‘ movies abundant soul. l‘diiibtrrgh‘ l‘llll)l)t‘ll\c’. I Mo’BetterBlue511s11s111111-1.1-1-.t 5. 1‘111111 111‘11/1‘1 \\'.rslnug111n, Spike 1 1‘1‘. J1111‘ 1 1‘1‘. (‘3. 1111a Williams lillrnrns l.\1tl1ei:1ntly shot. enterprisingly .l1‘srg‘1i1‘1l:111111“1111‘.1ri\1‘ly scored. Ices 1.1:! 111.1. \crllk'x 1111 1121‘ incidentals 11111 neglc. ts tlr.‘ 11.1-1.» .1::1‘..1ce1111.:l x11‘1_\111)1‘ 111:11 11111’11‘sat .1 s11:1:l'sp1.1‘:111.1 \\.:s111'\1‘t 111:11 llllc‘lt‘xlll)‘.'.ll) 1111‘111s1pi.1ce. Den/1:1 \\'.1shiri;‘torr is the sell .rl1s11rl1e1l trumpet slat Bleel. (11111.1111. 111x11l\1‘1l1111111111111‘achcr J11rel.1‘1‘.1111l.1sprririg singer Williamswhrletarlrng11.1111111'1‘manager Spikesgambling11:11111:11111 1111‘1lrs1'11111111111s 11:11111 \\'1111hs1‘eing.1|l the sanic. but patience 1\ required Ix1lrrtl1irzglr' (Irrnco I Mute Witness1I.s11,.\111111~11§. Wallet. l‘K/Russri '111‘1111.111y. 19'151‘.l:1rni:1S111lrna.l":1y th‘lt‘).l111‘g13111.1“ s1 11 ‘)\1111ns .\1.‘t1l1‘rrtly locked 111.1 \111s1‘11w 111111s11111111.:11111111‘sfxartrst (Stitliriar 111:111\1‘11cntl_\ stumbles 1111 what she l1c|1e\1‘s is 1111‘ 111111111; 111 :1 \lltlll 111111 11‘. Btrt when 111e body disappears. :1 complicated game 111 cat-and 111«111s1‘cns11es Waller 's 111‘11111 is .1 smart. w rtty .11111k1111‘.-.rng11111111‘r that otters blood-free/rng chills ‘11111 edgy 111:11 11111111111111 11) equal rrre.1~1rrcs. Glasgow (11"1' l.1lrril1ingli' (Enrico. I New York. New Y01k1 1511\l.111111 Scorsese. l S. 197711 1/:1 \lrriricllr Robert [)1‘ .\'ir11. 1.111111‘1 Standcr. 151111111s “111111121:11111111111a|111nol \1lllll1 :rl 11.111111‘1 .11111111‘.irtlclt t;11~1111‘..1s 51111 scxc 1111‘s 111s 11.11111 .11 l1i_:- budget 11111s11.1l1'11111c1ly 1111‘ l\s11sl:1ts :111‘11111st.11111111g :1s:1 warring 111111111: l)c \rio's downbeat 1:1//. saxophrnist pchchI}. counterporsrng .\lrrinellr's struggling singer man alfcctrug 1:1gsv111-111 111‘s yarn. (il:ls_:.'11\v‘ (il'l I Othel1011311111111-11‘.111..-1.1s-t K. 19951 1.:11111‘1111‘l‘rshburnc.Kenneth1-11.111:1;:li.lr1‘11e Jacob 121 mrrrs .-\ s1‘\11‘r s1.111:1t Shakespeare ~ director Parker reckons the story is :1111‘111111' thriller ‘V1111)l'lxl)l)llll)t’;llllitglllt'llc piescuceas the Moor whose jealousres bring tragedy to 1)l*~ new rnarrrage. -\s l.rg11. Branagli is allowed 1111: too many asides 111 111e 1.11111‘r:1.l11rtsucceeds ll) 111:1king 1111‘ arrdrencc complicit Will) 1111‘ plot lively and accessible See prencw :1111111‘111'11 lidmbrngh: ()dcon, Stiatliclyde: l ('1 ('lydebank I The Paradine Case 11111 11111111 111111111111. 18. 19-1S1Gr1‘g11iy Peck. Alida \'.1111. Anti 1111111 115 mins Barrister Peck talls 111 11111‘ with 1111‘ murder suspect he is defending. and s11 puts his own marriage :11 11s). llrtclicoclsk take 1111 blind passion rs rather bleak :11111 1111‘ corritroorri scenes are :1 bit laborious l‘itlllllflllg‘lll l‘iltn(iirrl1l. I Paris Is Burningtl51111-nme1.11-111gs111n.1's. 1990) Paris l)upiec. Dorian (‘1111‘v. 1111‘ Xtravaganza ('rew 7s nuns l';1\lilt1tl\l)1)w categories 11f livcrnng and Sports Wear compete with l5rrs1'l‘itne lrr Drag and Butch Queen in this flowing documentary 1111 111e New York gay voguing scene. A celebratory frlrn which leaves you smiling 11111 your heart :1 lrttie sadder at this doubly ghettorscd community Glasgow Gl’l’ I The Pebble And The~ Penguin 111 1111111 Bltith. LS. 1995) With 1111‘ \orccs 11f \lartrn Short. James Belushi. Tim Curry. 7») turns 1111‘ director 11f All [)11111 (hf/11771111171andle American 711/1 presents another animated animal

feature with musical interlrrdes that will keep 111e youngsters happy for :1 while. Nice boy penguin wants to woo nice girl penguin with :1 pebble (er. yeah?) btrt nasty pengrrirr gets in 111e way. See Kids' section. All l'(‘ls.

I ll Postino tl‘)1.\liclrael Radford. Italy. 1995) .\l.1ssrn1o'l‘roisi. Philippe Nobel. Maria Grazia ('ucrnorta. 108 mins. When exiled ('hilean poet Pablo Neruda 1.\’oir1‘t) arrives 1111 :1 renrote island off 111e Neapolitan coast. he aids local pOstrnari ,\l:111111'f111isi) 111 woo the village barmaid. Gently paced and frrll 111' .\lediterranean sun. Radford's film is nicely unsentirnental. Sadly. 'l‘torsi 1111‘11 the day after shooting was completed. 11111 he couldn't have left :1 finer legacy. Strathclyde: l€as1 Krlbride Arts (‘entre. I Pride And Prejudice (PG) 150 mrns. ()ne of the biggest 'l'\" hits of 1995. this BB(‘ adaptation 11f Jane Austen's novel is shown in two sets of three parts. Wit and romance aplenty. 111e second instalment cotnes on Sat 17. wrtli :1 discussion sessron with screenwriter Andrew l):rvies 1111 1311 23. lidinburgh: l‘rltrihouse.

I Priest 1 l5)1Antonra Bird. l'ls'. 199-1) Roache. Robert (‘arlyle. 'fonr Wilkinson. 103 ruins. Writer Jimmy McGovern 1(‘1‘111'711‘11 llmm Am/ .llimli) goes froni strength 111 strength with another uncomprornising foray into :111 area of social contention. while director Antonia Bird 15'11/1‘) shows that she too is adept at balancing political :11111 emotional irrrpact. l’rimr's handling of homosexuality within 1111‘ clergy is 1111 excuse 1111 tabloid scandal; instead. what emerges is a story of personal 1‘11‘1‘1111111.coriipassion and 111e struggle against hypocrisy Glasgow: (ill.

I Rendez-vous In Paris 1 15111-1111 11111111111. l-rancc. I995) (‘lara Bellai. Mathias .\leg:tid. Aurore Rarrschet. 101) mins. Rohrncr's compendium11fthrcc short tales breaks little new gr11un1l.but retains his trademark sophistication and gives substantial roles 111:1 111‘s11-fac1‘1l young cast. Romance is at the he:111 111'1‘ach section. which are linked by :1 street .11‘1'1111l10111sl and chanteuse. but it's really Paris that's 1111‘ star. captured wrtlr the eye of :111 insider. See review Edinburgh: liilriiliouse.

I Borneo and Juliet (PG) (Franco '/.effirelli. l'K/ltaly. 19118) ()ll\l(l llirssey. Leonard Whiting. .\lilo ()‘Shea. .\lich:1c| York. John \lcllricry. 152 units. An effective tr'eatrrient 11f Shakespeare‘s .\'o| wcepre. made all 111e rrrore accessible by 1111‘ casting 11f teenage leads. l'nl'ortunately. it's difficult 111 keep a straight face now 111:11 111e soundtrack has been 111-jacked by Radio 1's ()ur 711/11‘ spot. Strathclyde: \lothcrwell.

I Round Midnight 1 l 5) 1Bertrarrd 'l'avertiier'. l'S/l‘rance. I9S(1) Dexter Gordon. l‘rarrcois (‘lu/et. 1.11111‘111‘ McKee. 133 ruins. Late 1950s Paris. and a young lirerrch jazz fan plays willing minder 111 bebop legend Dale Turner. erigagingly played by real life maestro Gordon. lest he drink 111s weary body into 111e grave. Relentlessly touching character study with sortie fine mtrsic. lidurbur‘gh: (‘ameo.

I Sabrina (PG) (Sidney Pollack. US. 1995) Harrison Ford. Julia ()rniorrd. Greg Kinnear. 127 mins. Pollack‘s updating 11f Billy Wilder's comedy romance adds :1 touch 11f 90s torrglrness 111 the fairy tale. but it's still diffictrlt 111 give :1 damn abotrt the \ulgarly rich characters on screen. (‘liauffeur's daughter ()rrtiond flees her crush on playboy Kinricar. finds overnight sophistication 111 Paris. and transforms his household on return. 1‘11111. as 111e business- obsessed older brother. is terrrtic in the later. 111111edramatic scenes. but the concept is too clumsy 111 its contemporary rncarrration. Glasgow .‘le.\ls lidiribrtrgh: .\l(i.\l. Strathclyde. l‘f'l (‘lydebank

I Sebastiane 1 tsr 1111-111 11111111111. t‘K. 197111 S11111111s.'l'liis early Jarrnan work. a horrioerotic piece about an early ('lnistran martyr. is unusual 111 its use 1111.:11111 for dialogue. l‘rlriied iraturalrstrcally. r1 succeeds in meshing its themes. s11 111.11 11 1s effecti\ e as :1 whole and 1111 its 1:1rrousl1‘11‘ls. l‘.dmburglit l‘ilmhouse.

I The Secret Garden 11') 1Agnieszka llolland. IS. 1991) Kate .\labetl_\. Maggie Smith. John Lynch. 102 nuns. The unusual coriibriiation 11f 111e director 111/[11117111 l;'11r11/111.‘riid 111e writer of [21/111111/ .8‘1‘111111/111/11/1 cotisprrcs 111 create an authentic and atfectiug version 111 the children‘s classic 11111 1‘1 Slrrpped back from India. lonely orphan .\l:11y makes friends with :1 local 1:111 and her sickly cousin. exciting :1 magical recuperative process 1111 1111‘ latter and a hidden walled garden. 1-rte: .\1(;.\1_

I Seven 1 IS) 11).1\ id l‘iiicher'. 1S. 1995) Brad Pitt. Morgan Freeman. Gwyneth l’altr‘ow. 127 turns. The outline is familiar two cops track down a serial killer btit Seven is a step ahead (if its rivals. l‘rorn its opening title sequence onwards. it‘s :111 extremely dark movie which

11 rrids through 111e iriost twisted recesses of human nature. liach death is :1 graphic interpretation of one of the seven deadly sins. 21111111: :l/mr .1’ director l-‘incher 111e material for an intense stylistic exercise in horror. General release.

I The Silences 01 the Palace 115) (M orrntta Tlatli. Tunisia/France. I994) 127 ruins. A young woman returns to 111e palace where she was born and. iii a series of flashbacks. relives her upbringing iii pie-independence 'l'unisia. Female director Morrt'rda 'l'larli constructs :1 complex view ofa repressive regime. where intricate rituals reduce women to objects for 111e pleasure of the princes. Edinburgh: Film Guild.

I Sonatine 1 IS) 1'l‘akeshi Kitano. Japan. 1993) ‘Beat' 'l'akeshi. Aya Kokuurai. 'l’etsu Watanabe. 93 riirirs. A hitman is sent 111 ()kruawa. ostensibly 111 sort 11111 :1 gang war. 11111 he soon realises he's being set tip for a hit. More innovative than 'l‘aiantino. more controlled than Woo. 'l’akeshi rewrites the book 1111 policier revisionisrri with this challenging. flirtatious. highly individual movie. lidinburgh: l‘ilm Gtiild.

I Species 1 18) (Roger Donaldson. 1:8. 19051 Bert Kingsley. Michael .\ladsen. Natasha llensttidge. 108 mins. The offspring of alien and human l).\'A escapes from :1 LS government lab 111111 sets 11111 111 mate in modern America. But right away :1 mismatched team is assembled 111 track her down and kill her. The whole drive of tire plot takes an easy. rrrisogynistic litre. playing .111 male fears of the female power" 111 reproduce. adding a serious complaint to basic moans against this unoriginal. non-scary piece of trash. Glasgow: Odeon.

I the Swan Princess 1U) (Richard Rich. US. 1995) With the voices 11f John Cleese. Jack Palance. Steven Wright. 94 mitts. Swan Lake in its fairytale form. with all 111e expected ingredients that m1xlernchildren's animated features contain talking animals. bland btit cute heroes. musical routines. An evil magician casts :1 spell 1111 a princess. turning her into a swart. And any film that features l’alarice doing a song called ‘No More Mr Nice Guy' has to be worth a visit. Stratlrclyde: l.'(‘l Clydebank.

I The Thief 0t Bagdad (PG) (Ludwig Berger & Michael Powell. UK. 1940) Sabtr. Conrad Veidt. Rex Ingram. 155 mitts. Super Arabian Nights fantasy has native boy Sabu outwitting evil Grand Vizier (‘onrad Veidt with the help of a magic carpet and :1 rather splendid genie (played by silent director lngram). The bletrd of fantasy. thrills and special effects has rarely been bettered. and children will absolutely adore it. Glasgow: (3171‘.

I To Die F0! 1 l5) (Gus Van Sarit. US. 1995) Nicole Kidruan. Matt Dillon. Joaquin Phoenix. 107 ruins. Obsessed with TV fame. Suzanne (Kidmarr) takes a job as a weather‘girl with her local cable station. but uses her position to begin :1 documentary 1111 modern youth. And uses her srrbjecrs to knock off her husband (Dillon). :1 ball-and-chain around her ambitious ankles. Van Sant's ultimately tragic satire on the psychological power of US media isn't a new subject. but his treatment is enlivened considerably by an excellentlyjudgcd performance by Kidman. who's beginning to show her true potential. Strathclyde: East Kilbride Arts Centre.

I To Have And Have Not (PG) (Howard Hawks. US. 1945) Humphrey Bogart. Lauren Bacall. Walter Brennan. lloagy Carmichael. 100 mins. Bogart and Bacall worked together for the first time in llawks' Hemingway adaptation. set in the (‘aiibbean dtrririg the war. where Bogar't's fishing-boat owner is drawn into the conflict by hrs 1real life) love for Bacall. lidinburgh: l‘ilnihorrse.

I To Wong F00 (PG) (Beeban Kidron. US. 1995) Patrick Swayze. Wesley Snipes. John legitizamo. 107 mins. Three extravagant drag queens find themselves iii :1 one-horse town. pursued by a homophobic cop. Without the upbeat musical bounce or thematic concerns 11f l’rr'u‘il/u. 711 ll'mrg ["1111 comes over like low camp for nan ow-mirrded Americans who want 111 treat drag queens as entertainers without mention of homosexuality. 'l'rite and dumb. and only Legitizanio looks remotely the part. Glasgow: Gr'osvenor. liife: Adam Smith.

I Ulysses' Gaze (PG) (Theo Angeloupoulos. Greece/France. 1995) Harvey Keitel. Maia Morgenstern. lirland Josephson. 180 mitts. Keitel plays an American filmmaker who goes to Greece 111 search 11f :111 early piece of undeveloped film. llis journey echoes the llomeric odyssey of lilysscs btit also moves its deeper into the troubled heart of the Balkans. Angeloirpoulos is a genuine master. and this ambitious film shows remarkable formal accomplishment and emotional power. The presence 11f Keitel and a script substantially in [English should open him tip to a wider audience. See preview and review. lidinbtrrgh: Filmhouse. I Unstrung heroes (PG) (Diane Keaton. US. 1995) Andie MacDowcll. John Tuitrirro. \‘athan Watt. 95 mins. Set in the early (10s. Keaton's feature debut as director is shot in sentirnentally faded tones and is peopled by off-beat eccentrics. MacDowell is the Jewish wife who comes down with cancer. 'l‘urturro her emotionally useless husband. Watt the isolated kid who's confused by his mother's ‘secret'

illness. brrt who finds solace with his wacky uncles. It's too goofy to really capture 111e underlying loneliness of life. Strathclyde: Motherwell.

I The Usual Suspects 1 18) (Bryan Singer. US. 1995) Gabriel Byrne. Kevin Spacey. Stephen Baldwin. 10(1 ruins. 'l‘here's a good sense of noir fatalism hanging over 7711‘ Uxmi/ Suspects. which is guessing game cinema at its best. A perfectly matched teatn of crooks discover that their chance meeting wasn't so random after all: they're being used in :111 intricate vendetta by legendary gangster boss Keyser Sose. So stylish. it sends :1 tingle down the spine: btit 111e ludicrous use of Pete Postletwaite's character almost undermines it all. Glasgow: Odeort. lidiriburgh: ()deon. Fife: New Picture llorrse. Stratlrclyde: Motherwell.

I Vanya 0n 42nd Street 1U) (Louis Malle. US. 1994) Wallace Shawn. Julianne Moore. Andre Gregory. 1 19 units. ()ver a period of four years. stage director Andre Gregory worked with a group 11f actors for irregtrlar ‘undress rehearsal' rtru-throughs 11f David Mamet‘s adaptation of (‘hekhov's Uncle linrvtt. Malle's film version is equally experimental: 111e camera moves in close as 111e litres are delivered in :1 naturalistic manner without props or costumes. L'ntitnately. however. the irnpeccible performances :11111 (‘hekhov's drama win 111e day. resulting in a good film. btrt excellent theatre. Glasgow: Gl"l’.

I Viridiana 1 IS) (Luis Buntrel. Spain/Mexico. 19(11 ) Silvia Pinal. Francisco Rahal. Fernando Rey. Margarita l.oz:1no.'l’eresa Rabal. 91 mins. A masterpiece 11f .larkly comic brutality from the Spanish master of 111e surreal. Pinal stars as a Viridiana. :1 golden-hearted 111111 who offers succour 111 :1 community of beggars. 11111 is ridiculed :11111 cheated. With a superb visual elari. Buriuel satirises the ingratitude and bai'barity 11f humanity; often verging 1111 blasphemy. with the result that the film was immediately banned in his home country. Glasgow: (1171'.

I Waiting To Exhale 1 l 5) 11‘11r'est Whitaker. US. 1995) Whitney Houston. Angela Bassett. Loretta Devine. Lela Rochon. 121 miris. 'l‘his soapy account of four African-Arricrrcan women engaged in a frustrated search for Mr" Right pushes all the correct buttons. birt seldom connects with reality. It feels like we're eavesdropping on :1 series of rnforriial self-help classes for women whose men done them wrong. and the cast squeeze more from 111e banal dialogue than it deserves. Glasgow: ()deoti. Edinburgh: ()deon. l‘Cl. Strathclyde: L'Cl (dydebank.

I West Side Story (PG) 1Robert Wise 1% Jerome Robbins. l'S. 1961) Natalie Wood. Richard Beymer. Russ 'l‘amblyrr. Rita Moreno. 155 ruins. Rmm‘u Illltfjll/ft’l revisited against a background of New York gangs. Great songs 11f course. 11111 the playing 11f the stylised dancing against a realistic background conti'ives to make it all look rather camp these days. Glasgow: (1171‘.

I When Night Is Falling 1 I51 1Patricia Rozcma. (.‘anada. 1994) Pascale Brrssieres. Rachel

('r'aw ford. llenr'y ('zerrry. 9.1 ruins. A strongly (‘hr'istian woman finds herself seduced by 111e relaxed and refreshingly libertine world of :1 female performance magician whorrr she meets by chance. Rolema (Hiram/7711'.llm'muitlx Singing) manages something more than :1 homoerotic take 1111 the traditional love-triangle plot by incorporating wider themes 11f faith and courage. but 111e film is a little too studied and tlisj1:rssi1111:1te. even if it is intelligent and poetic. lidrribiugli: l‘ilmhorrse.

it The Wicker Man 1 131 1111111111 llaidy. t'K. 1973) lidw :1111 Woodward. Britt likland. Diane (‘ilerito. Ingrid Pitt. (‘lurstopher Lee. 102 units. A devorrtly cclrbate policeman (Woodward) arrives at :1 remote Scottish island 11) rrrvestigate a schoolgirl disappearance and becomes

lttx'1)l\ ed 111 local pagan rituals. A llammer classic. with some extremely scary and erotic moments. lidrnburgh: l-‘rlmlrouse.

I Wings Of Desire 1 15) (With Wenders. W. Germany .1987) Bruno Guru. ()1111 Sander. Solverg [)11111111:utrir.Peter'l‘alk. 127 illitlx. Restless angel (ianz 1111 duty over Berlin takes :1 tip from Ariierrcan movie star and forniet angel 15111111111 the possibrlitres 11f crossing over. :11111 follows his mentor 's path to consummate his relationship with beautiful circus acrobat l)orrimartin. Gorgeous black-arid-white photography and :1 sensitive feel for the people and places 11f Berlin grace this thematically rich :11111 uricharacterrstically optimistic slice of Wenders enchantment. Highly recommended. lidinbirrgh: (‘ameo I Withnail & I 1 15) (Bruce Robinson. L'K. 1987) Paul McGann. Richard 15. Grant. Richard Griffiths. 107 mins. 'l'wo out-of-work actors surviving 19119 London giro squalor take a break in a picturesque Lake District cottage. where one of them suffers the attentions of the ageing homosexual owrret'. Reasonably entertaining British comedy with a tendency 111 rely 1111 the all-too-easy targets of drug-taking and gay stereotyping for its humour. Glasgow: (ll-'1‘. lidinburgh: Cameo.

32 The List 9-22 Feb 1996