I return to early form. it sweating copiously. m i more minimal than before. : I Various: Daniel Poole I Man With No Name: 'Hug' and its i World Sound Systems I The Wedding Present: Moment of Truth J interpretations by Stey e (Truelove) Inventor of the

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Mini (Cooking Vinyl) Did artyone see l)a\ id Gedge on John Peel's 'l'ln’i- /.\'

Your lift"? What a classic this is psychedelic dance 3 and almost tribal flay our. elztbber. renowned for incongruous TV moment music. maan: pumpin‘ and But strangely enough. it is I lix iiig it large and to the when‘the erstwhile indie bumpin' enough to drop . the second single. llt;l\. This (I). mixed by hero walked round the iiito arty half-decent ‘l‘loating \Voild . \\ high .\1i 0/. is pokey stutt' too. corner to greet his guru dancelloor be it in (ioa or E ['L‘;1)(-\‘gc[\(hc pipe- . itti “tough hum) mew-e and humbly deliveied his . , Greenock. ‘Hoot‘ swinging, and floor tit-Jew“ m ilk-t anecdote concerning the the wedding P'esem' same om 8m" Essence' arid the sound- I Eat Static: Bony Incus you iii the mood for a first time he met l’eelie beat arid close harmony early edition of the CD/ alike ‘livolution' stand ; (Planet Dog) and Dave iaaiieliy week-tint! on tho arid handed over his demo backing vocals. From mag )‘it/lllltt’ a out. helped along by extra 5 Clarke: Southside (Bush) tlditc‘clltnir

tape. Finally he paid laid-back melody to fast- splendrous track that rations of skywards i ,\ couple or hanging treats ' I Various: The House. simple tribute to the fact talking urgency. fourteen would have honoured any rocketing acid noise and 1 for those who like their COllBCtIOH ClUb ClaSSICS that l’eelie is a verv nice new tracks attest to the Fall album it fotittd its bubbling synth. 'l'here‘s ; teclttto tough. ‘liony (Fantazia) This three (‘lt man indeed and ' power of liazy-li's way on to. ()therwise. this slower stuff too on tracks i lneus‘ moves- splendidly, l)l llll\ eoIh-k (my, chant.) awkwardly took his seat. , influence from beyond the is for the cotttpletists only. lita- j\-,-y~mtitli' w-liieli has (iota !l()l\t_‘ it"l‘tll’ to ‘. '7i i ._ or!” 7 .-,:\ . I. ~ 3t”; .\ Anvway. all those years grave. Liberal white ' (Alastair Mabbotti a most bi/arie touch of tenser dark. tattc.‘ i. - .'\l ..ill‘. a '..:"‘. ‘l sii‘. -i:t'. i later. his battd have a new .-\tiierica can't sleet) easy l I Baby I): Deliverance the Dirt to) Win lll.'lllt' w ith a couple of wed ‘lliti :‘i..- .131 2::2 ~i; car-themed mini-LP out. yet. (.loriathan Trew) l (Production House) Dance tune to it. é sot-tut than; 'it' (use noose l‘.‘.7.\!c. firmitii i. same old stuff and only I the Fan; Sinister waltz music is massive. And it's I Various: Experiments mixes as a bonus. lift it k gets the ::i \l (l) to “‘9 “'"S‘l-‘lbh' 1”.“1' (Receiver) Being a (full getting bigger by the day. That Identify Change . . . ‘Sottthsitle' sees (Tar)..- m ehee k out 'h.‘ sounds llttill superfans (and l’eel) will annplcml mmfhc quite Check the tttainstream (Dragonfly) Keeping it top form witlt the sort of i‘Wtr‘)! | air: Hop (to I give a toss. (l-‘iona an NW mg. in mm m, {an chart success of Tricky. hot. ltot. hot. this lacks the 2 music that makes you then fill eii( 1) two riit: Shepherd) “ho “tame (he band‘s Leftfield. Tlte Chemical continuity of .tlrnnenr o/ t want to take off your top this 5 ears twg/‘H I'iile I Eazy-E: Str8 Oil The wide code and “(runs is Brothers arid evett Goldie. 'I'rullr. but explores and bounce around .‘\lik.- ( ostoi'tr takes a Street; at Muthaphukkin “mum. denied {m long As if we needed proof. exactly the same trancey I more current \ :ew o2 Compton (Ruthless) As s‘nir‘i-rér ll’tl/r.‘ is Another Bab)” “’8 debt" U’ ill‘w- “tilt-WC" vii-k0“! i (as ,- “WI-5 (“W W“- \l's'til‘ds‘ posthumous records go Fall (,‘ompilation, confirms the crossoyer. psychedelic trance acts as ( ., llse‘)l_

this is an accurate epitaph containing in this case With "WC “’l‘ ‘9.” “mill” “will. “‘9 “will” I g i I .LFO: Advance (warp) (or one or gangsta rap‘s different takes oftracks under their belt. including Protect and Axis Mirndi. ! i \tter ll\ e years. l it) are founding fathers. ()thers from li’enr/ Sinister tip to the slormittgly euphoric. There's the odd dtitl track t !.:t tioia stittei :Z‘._:' tzoiii can and will argue over the .S'lti/iit-nrle era. Not so piano-led hardcore Zodiac Youths is too I Stoned Roses se-eoiitt

the moralitv ofliazv-li‘s i much radically alternate anthem ‘ Me Be Your turgid by far ~ btit this ' .iliiiirii s}. lltlltttlll' 'l ll'\ views on street life but versions as . well. Fantasy". they've every benefits from some u .is ltt‘\ er g‘ttltti' to be .l\ leaving to one side the inferior demos. basicallv. (61180!) It) be COIllidClll‘ .‘m’llll-“l “HWVUW‘IL l influential or .is setiiirial charges of misogvnv and plus a sluppily-ltzttttllCtli The tracks follow the l’hreaky's ‘il‘ot'ttatio: istt .-.s their iii sl .tl'iiiirii

the undoubted h ' live airing ofthe classic same winning formula. :lill‘l‘lllolh display 01 spits} I , 3,: ‘l it-atieizeics . but her-.- i\ glorification of violence. ‘Wittgs‘. faded in without staying true to the happy breakdowns and hard I u = .1 mitt! lltal w ill alway s inusically this is a firte explanation or apology at hardcore pianos and "DISC. ( hat e :h.. .tl'lill} to take the album. Uncottiprottitsing the start of the second unashamedly dodgy old I The Bruin Club: Bug EP ; c'li'feitl zit-iris and stir». eit but infinitely listcnablcf verse, ()ne honourable rave samples that have (Finleml N“ lll's‘ by“! . - 5. ml :t:.::i';i:il..te lit: ti. into lhc mp". mn'cfl-mflcxsl}, cxccpmm is Arid Al's won e0 many hem-(S m the thing the Drum ('ltib have ( [JP dan’cewear now with I lilfil'i own y..ittietl \(‘.lc.‘. over the loose swinging i Dream' -- featured on art hast. Respect. (Jim Byers) ever done. but at least a its own soundtrack lhotn Unilmi

cred or what?) A rather I l:t‘illler-S llllTlCCl) lrile-S more established l,'K from three albums. plus country name, singer ( (iUL‘lS with Reba McIntyre I Son Volt: Trace (WEA) Raymond l‘roggat: also 11nd Dolly Pam)". The split tip of the late. has a new album. I "Urinal! Blake: 330k lamented Uncle Tupelo swim/av (Red Balloon). ( Home in Sulphur Springs has borne generous frtrit. in a more mainstream (300M!!!) Rounder giving us both Wileo. and vein. continue to re-release now Jay Farrer‘s excellent I Patty Loveless: The gems from their extensive Son Volt. The band's Trouble With The Truth back catalogue. and if gritty country-rock- is the (Columbia) Singer Patty they maybe ought to be antithesis of Nashville Loveless has returned to pitched in the mid- rather gloss, and everything you form after a bit of a loss than full-price range. they might expect from this of direction. and is now contain some fabulous source - if you are into i reaping the rewards. with music. This l‘)7l session the roots sound of Uncle ! last year's When Fallen from guitar master Tupelo or The Jayhawks Ange/x l’lv taking the Norman Blake and dobro (also sadly disbanded 'best album by a woman player Tut Taylor following the departure of artist' category at the combines country. Mark ()lsen). check this CMA Awards. ller bluegrass and folk out. and while you are . performances here are influences in brilliant about it. try lending an ear equally good. bttt on early fashion on a set of largely to Golden Smog's Down hearings the songs on this self-composed songs and By TIM ()lt/ r”(lfll.\‘ll'(’(llll new disc are less turtes which are as (Rykodisc). f’aturing memorable (Richard timeless as the day they various members of Soil] 'l‘hompsoii's ‘Tcar Stained were laid dowrt. Asylum. Wilco, Son Volt Letter" aside). Then again. I Merle Haggard: Various and The layhawks. all its predecessor was (Koch) Both as label arid pretending not to be something of a grower. distributors. Koch are themselves (strictly for and this may do likewise. bringing irt some of the contractural reasons). I Vince Gill: Souvenirs best country and roots I The Good Sons: Singing (MCA) The hits collections albums around. but they the Glory Down keep on coming. Gill get an extra big slap on (Glitterhouse) This waited a long time for his the back for their Merle English band are to be big breakthrough. which Haggard re-issue series. found iii much the satne eventually came with his which now stands at live. kind of Tupelo/Jayhawks switch to MCA. and a All date frotn the mid-60s: influenced musical more commercial his tributes to Bob Wills territory. and they make a approach to his music. His and Jimmie Rodgers are more than decentjob ofit. bluegrass roots still shine in “)6 "ill-“Phich Classi l M notably itt Mike King's through on sortie of the. and the remaining three a), 0), vocals and Phil Abram‘s high vocals. but mostly it are only a shade behind. twangy roots guitar work. l-‘fi‘momh "“chm WWW.“ Wllh Slm’lk'w'S imd Silks irom venue box oiiice, Glasgow JUSl lite Ul'llOfl while Townes Van '/..andt “'“h lllc élCCCItl 0” big Me Buck Hmnc'just . . . contributes a backing ballad“, lem'ened by shading .S'winging Doors. Vlrgln & Rlpplng Records did a” outlets C/C vocal on one cut (roots frisky uptempo stuff. It (Kenny Mathieson)

The List 9-22 Feb l‘)‘)b 41