MIKE FLOWERS POPS sashay into town on 3 watt ot beige acrylics after the surprise success of their supper-club version of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’.

What with a Burt Bacharach revival in full swing and Edinburgh club Going Places still packing ’em in to the sound at Perry Como, the cheesey- listening tad looks like dragging on well into ’96. Mike Flowers Pops are at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh on Fri 9 Feb.



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is lltc st‘ctitttl living composer to have work connnissioned and premiered hy the Royal Scottish National ()rchestra this season. ('hanged days lrom a levy years hack when no contemporary Scottish music was ever commissioned hy the orchestra. and certainly never by a young avant garde composer. Just turned 30. Mcl’herson has written for many leading ensembles. including the l’aragon which premiered his Hum/gum: xi Suite in Novetiiher. His new work arrives willi an equally provocative title » ()n If. which Mcl’herson says is actually his lavourite lltilc, tttil tlt'tlg. However [he llllc Hi the piece. which he describes as ‘lairly manic'. was chosen t‘or its atnhiguity and is based on the had trip experience ot' a literal in a llamhurg mghtcluh who hecame convinced he had become part ol a painting by llierony mous Bosch. \\'hatever nest at the RSNU splill‘s passed round the second violins'.’ (Carol Main)

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(iltls‘t’mt‘ Royal ('u/ii'er! Hall on l/IHI'.\' 23 um! (,'\/ier Hull. lit/in/imje/i on /’/'1'3.i’ l'i'li.

CHRIS EVANS new show Thank F=" It’s Friday will occupy the ‘weekend starts here’ slot that was previously occupied by pop shows like The Tube and Ready, Steady, Go. Channel 4 pretends the F:' stands for ‘Four’, but a crattily placed tabloid story suggested an alternative sequence of letters. The whole thing adds to Evans’ bad-boy image which was done nothing but good by his Radio 1 ‘carpeting’ alter tailing to turn up for his breaktast show. A DJ phoning in sick atter a bender the previous night suggests the ghost ot Simon ‘Simes’ Bates is finally being laid to rest at Radio 1.

TH Friday starts on Fri 9 Feb at 6pm on Channel 4.


The List’s at-a-glance guide to the “highlights of the fortnight ahead.

-7 “a.

I Film: Clockers Spike Lee's tale ol‘ :1 young drug dealer and a jaded cop is prohahly his most concentrated and gripping narrative to date. The murder whodunnit adds suspense. hut Lee‘s attacks on drugs and ghetto killings are as strong as ever, Sec l'eature. (ir’rir'i'iil i't‘ll use/rout l'i‘i V.

I Comedy: Parrot’s Comedy Church A madcap caharet style ol‘ comedy club is promised with l’arrot doing the cempere duties. Thc opening night l‘eatures The Howlers. a circus. improvisation and stand—up troupe who l’arrot has had shipped over l‘rom an unspccilied litn‘opean country. This way lies madness.

(it/e Ros/iii. (Jive/melt. Sir/1 II.

I Theatre: Of Mice And Men John Steinheck‘s wrenching saga ol~ aspiration ground to dust hy the clumsy hrntality ol' poverty. adapted l‘or the stage by the American novelist himsell‘. See preview.

Royal lanai/n lllt’rill't’. l'.‘(li'/Il)iii;e/i. (HI/ll Sol 2 .llur.

I Hip-hop: Atrika Bambaataa This man played a vital role in the development ol‘ hip-hop culture from the mid-70s onwards. Originally a member ol the notorious Black Spades street gang. liamhaataa turned away from the usual gang pursuits and put his energy into his music. The results have been as impressive as they are inlluential. See l'cature.

lllt’ \l'li‘r’l Roomy. (ilrivuriii: Slut //.' i’lte li’rim'. lz'rli/ilitirg/i. Mon [3.

I Comedy: Kevin Day and Lynn Ferguson The (iilded Balloon (‘omedy (‘ii'cnit kicks off another season with the laddish stand-up Day and the l‘orthright Ferguson who won "The Stage Award For Acting IZxcellence' last year {or her play Hear! .-lml Sole. an endearing love story about a girl called ('arol and her lover David. a lish.

[first Killn‘irlr' sir/s (kit/re. The 2(); I’d/sley sir/x (‘t’llll'tfl Hi’(/ 3/; (ii/(It'll [fill/mm. lirlinlmry/I. 'lliiirx 22.

I Art: 21 Days Dt Darkness Painting the gallery hlack in the manner of trouhled adolescents. ’l‘i'ansinission's latest venture is both gruelling and grotesque. Don't go in search ola pick-me-up. rather go to get a view of the darker side (ii We.

lTil/MI)!l.\‘,\‘l()ll (Jul/('1'): Glasgow; urilil Sui 24.

The List 9-22 Feb l996 3