I Echoes of Erin City l-lalls. Candleriggs. 227 SSI I. 3pm. £5. (£4). Comhaltas Ceoltoiri liireann presents its annual concert party ol‘ top class traditional musicians and dancers with uillean piper Padraig Donlan; two-row accordion playet‘s Sean Norman and Priscilla Connolly; concertina played by three times all-Ireland champion rony Collins: Breandan Meany and all-Ireland champion Aine Fitzpatrick play the wooden concert llute; Daire Bracken and Justin Toner are l‘itldlets: Aine lleneghan plays harp and piano accordion; Siobhan 0 Donovan plays hanjo; the sittgers are Kerry man Sean Breen arid Alice Fitzgerald ol‘ I)ttttgarvati; and there are hall a down champion dancers. A must for tans of the Irish tradition.

I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops Stratltclyde .-\rl.s Centre. Washington Street. 7.30 7‘).‘~I)ptn. L31 tilfilll InI‘ormation (Ho 1450. lain Fraser lc‘;ltl\' tlte SL‘Alstill Ul- \ytil‘ksllttps‘.

I Shancarragh SCtllltl liar. Smelt-welt Street. 552 SOSI. 8.30pm. Free.

I Hair of the Dog l-‘innegan's Wake. 7‘) St Vincent Street. 248 408‘). ‘)pnt. Ft ee.


I Edinburgh Folk Club I’Ieasance ('aharet Bar. (ill The l’leasance. 8pm. £4 (£3). lixpressive. eccentric tnelodeon. and an individual songwriting style have won lingland’s Keith Hancock many fans over the last few years.

I ALP Ceilidh Dance The Met-tin. Morningside Road. 8- llptn. £4 (£2). Weekly dance with caller and live group. Information from the :\l.l’ Scots Mtisic Group. 337 5-1-12.

I Prodigal Sons Finnegan’s Wake. Victoria Street. 220 3816. ‘)pnt--2am. Free.








I New Dawn Folk Club Glasgow Press Club. West Regent Street. 332 M74. Spin. £3—£5. Keith Hancock. See litlinhurglt. Wed 21.

I Shancarragh Finnegan‘s Wake. 7‘) St Vincent Street. 248 498‘). ‘)pm. Free.


I Absent Friends Finnegan's Wake. Victoria Street. 226 38H), ‘)pnt ~2atn.



The tollowing details are for regular weekly dates: see main listings for one- on shows. oigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Folk and World Residencies Listings compiled by Norman Chalmers.

mm:— Fridays

I Curlers Byres Road. ‘)pm. Free. Scottish ceilidh hand.

I Victoria Bar Stockwell Street/Bridgegate. 552 (>040. ‘)pm. Free. Scottish and Iriin session.

I Brazen Head 1 (‘atltcart Road. 9pm. Free. Irislt hands.

I I New Regano Paisley Road. ‘)pm. Free. Streams ot Whiskey.

I Park Bar Argyle Street. near Kelvin Park. 33‘) I715. ‘)pm. Free. Accordion and vocalist Donald Macllae.


I Curlers 256 Byres Road. ‘)pm. Free. Scottish ceilidh band.

I Clutha Vaults Stockwell Street. 3.30—5.30pm. Free. (‘ottntry and bluegrass.

I Park Bar Argyle Street. ‘)pm. Free. Songs and accordion in the favourite haunt oi the Glasgow Gael.

I Brazen Head Catltcart Road. ‘)pm. Free. Live hands.

I Victoria Bar Smelt-well Street/Bridgegate. 552 6040. ‘)pm. Free. live acoustic hands.

I New Regano l’aisley Road. ‘)pm. Free. Live hands plus accordionist in the adjacent lounge.


I Black Bull Hotel Main Street. Milngavie. 8.30pm. Folk club.

I Session Bahhity Bowslers. lllackl‘riars Street. ‘)pm. Free.

I Brazen Head Cathcart Road. Free. I.ive Irish music 3— and 8.30pm.

I Victoria Bar Stockwell Street/Bridgegate. 8.30pm. Free. Session. I Blues Band Scolia Bar. Stockwell Street. 552 868i 3.3()~5.3()ptn. Free.

I Jinty Mcointy’s Asltloti Lane. 3-7 opm. Free. Live hands.

I Park Bar Argyle Street. near Kelvin Park. 33‘) l7l5. ‘)pm. Free. lllltn'lllill lligltland music.


I Jinty McGinty’s Ashton Lane. ‘)ptn. Free. live bands. I Victoria Bar Briggait. ‘)pm. Free. Live

groups and soloists.


.. . {3,- gm .-*

Borne E 013


I Jinty McGinty’s Ashton Lane. 0pm. Free. Slip Jig. I McChuill‘s lliglt Street. ‘)pm. Free.

Session. Wednesdays

I Jinty McGinty’s Ashton I.ane. ‘)pm. Free. Slip Jig.

I Victoria Bar liriggait. ‘)pm. Free. Live group.

I Park Bar Argyle Street. near Kelvin Park. 33‘) [715. ‘)pm. Free. Session.


I Hebridean I)timharton Road, ‘)pm. Free. Scots/Irish music session. All traditional musicians welcome.

I Park Bar Arger Street. ‘)pm. Free. Accordion.

I Brazen Head (‘atltcart Road. 8.30an Free. live bands.

I Victoria Bar Stockwell Street. ‘lpm. Free. live groups.

I Ritz Bar North Street. 9.30pm. Free. Session.


I Whistlebinkies Niddry Street. ‘)pm. Free. Live roots/loll; hands.

I North Sea Gas lialtttortll llotel. Princes Street. ‘)pm. Free.

I Alan Hunter and Friends Waterloo Bullet. Waterloo I’Iace. ‘)pm. Free.

I Wally Allen linsign liwart. Lawnmarket. top ol’ lltgh Street. ‘)ptn. l‘il'L't‘.

I Sandy Bell’s Forrest Road. ‘)pm. Free. Scots/Irish session.

I Live Bands 'I'ltistle Hotel. Manor Place. 225 MM. ()plllr-lllitllliglll. Free.

‘Siheer celestidi 066' VI outstanding

in every way’ NME

The List 9-22 Fcb I996 55