T H E (‘oi'stoi'phine 'l‘heatre. ('lerwood 'l‘eri‘ace. The Monday “13"! Mon 13 Feb. 317 35.16. Spin—10.30pm. Tire Monday Lizard is A D A M Six Degrees of Separation \Ved Husar 1 hack‘ on the second Monday ol' each

l7 l-‘eh. 7.30pm. £3 it'll; El opening month. with an invite to Scottish

night. John Ramage directs final year i playwrights and their audience to get S M I I H (‘).\l(‘ students in John (mate‘s tale ol together :llltl jam in the relaxed. boho '

inventor who made him. i

alienation among the liigli-tlyers in surroundings of the Traverse Cale Bar. Dance performances and classes are

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . present-day New York. Fav’rite Nation Hi 9 Sat 10 lieh. 7.30pm. . T H I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay : £8 (£4 ). Sittall-scalc. out-on-a-litnh "5"“ W '3'", m" alphmflca'w “V E A T R E Street. 23‘) 0697. [.-\cess: l’. 1.. l-‘acilities: touring company linipty Space delye deep venm' nanca “Stings compiled by Ema


“C. \\'S. H. (i. (I '1'. Help: A. .-\.-\l into the psyche ol' unrequited [me with “on 19‘5‘“ 24 Feb Of Mice and Men Fri 9 lieh Sat 2 Mar. Robin Brook‘s dramatisation ol' the 30"“ company p'esents Mon-“Sat 7.45pm; mat Sat l7/\\'ed 2] Y stormy relationship hetweeii ()ctay'ia Hill. W

o o o 3 , V . .. . __ 6 u _..\(lpttl. cl- 9. l 5. lttttl .\lL(l()\L‘lll Stats .15 pioneering Sttclill l‘L‘ltltltlL‘l' til lltL‘ l‘)lll I (,1 Tum” m. §§7‘1‘)()" J (Range and Holt Barrett as l.ennie. iii the = ' ~“‘ “‘ ' "

century. and John Ruskin. lather ol‘ British [yak-Wee; pp‘t‘ g'p R I pkihlifl. “I.

contemporary dance and juggling trio really) to (ilasgow tor the lirst tiiiie. Directed by top Siolrlian Day ies dancer taiid chor'eograplier in her own right) (iill (‘Iar'ke.

('. Help: A. .-\.-\|

Onions Make You Cry Mon 12 sir t7 lieli. 7 JSpm. .\lon -'l‘hurs £5 tt‘lfilli; liri Sat £6 it} ). (‘tinihernatild 'l'lieati'e (‘ompany and l’:\(' cross the sectarian

from some best loved operas.

Tam O’Shanter sat In l‘eli. 3pm. L: M l.

A Burns treat t'rom lidinhurgh l’uppet Sat: 16 Mar (‘ompany. w ith 'l‘ani (l'Shanter as you're

European Ballet ney er seen him. Narrated by w eel kent

Jane Austefnls deliglcritful period comedy l‘.y'eeum company’syersion ol' .loiin . , socialism. “'5. H‘ (';. (f. “pip; _.\,.\l o ove an manners. hit‘lillk‘t‘hS ever-poignant modern classic , , , And Other curious Questions Tm. about a mismatched pair ol young men a -. w . .~ . Thu 14 Mar . ' * -ll Sill -4 l tli .\piii. lire mat l..s0piii chasing an t‘lll\l\ e Arrierican dream. i , m <() p g”. p ,l . I “nu.” Tmmu,‘ I Ktltlt'lllll. : y . I" ‘1'“ l”; H ‘lll ll‘l‘”\ L‘- 340 in); Hum.“ pp_\ 1 gr R l ('umhernanld. 01236 733887. [Accessz ; “_“”'*”'”1~'(’Jll‘llnl-lllggllllfl A dream of an evening with highlights “Kimmy. “(I (s; i ' ' I l’l’A. |.. R. Facilities: \\'(‘. \\'S. H. (i. MUN“ l""“:—' “W” “l‘l‘l'l‘tl “NH” “1.

Dundee Rep's Dance Co.

Director Stanislav Tchassov Scottish actor and singer Bill .\lc('ue l, ,1 . I l _ t. I. i smite Valentine t-mi m i.» « u r v r a - 7.30mi: Sat mat 2.3(lll‘m l"6 (ESLi'hiii'it V4 . Pm]mmc'lmxlmg cmm‘l-V‘ SW 'CV'CW‘ / ; SW EI-mnmu. ' 7 ' I MACRUBERT ARTS CENTRE L’niyersity I DANCE BASE Assembly Rooms. it Tue 28 Mar I PLAYHUUSE THEATRE (il'L‘L‘llSltlo |>llicc 0i Stirling. Stirling. ()l7S6 ~16|().\’l. (;.S”"1~'L'Sl"“'~'l-3:5 5535'- llilkli‘lll'”: 33”

Scottish Dance Theatre l 557 2590. l»\ccess: R. l.. l-‘VCL‘W l’. l’l’.-\. l.. R. l‘acilities: \\'(‘. 4;“‘19' . : pavilile “(2 “vs. (L (.l \\ S. H. (,1 SL‘L‘ lidc‘lsllsi lL‘dllll't‘ lttl' tlt‘ldlls til

The Phantom of the Opera t'iiiil Sat :0 For B'Ulsmg AVChangel/cybmg/Jacows WNW-“CH” \\”'l\l“‘l“ ""‘l 91””

April. .\lon Sat 7.10pm. Wed/Sat mat Membrane 8‘” ll) lid“ 730W” U) .,KING 8 THEATRE 2 [INN] Mlcciflz‘jii .

3.30pm. 25 £27.50. l.loy'd “chisel-‘8 (E-1.5());;ipt‘s ticket £5.50tt'4r. See l-lll. [.-\ccess: R. l.. l-aciliiies: \\( .\\ S_

Dance. : H. (I. Help: .-\.'\I

.. _ . a Nutcracker t‘iiiil sat in l'eli. 7.30pm; Sill i H ' gets lrallet \\llll lycra tigrhts and pink satin

I TRAVERSE THEATRE ('illlll‘l'ltlef SUM. This section lists shows that are touring ? slippers Mam.“ rm”. an. 31mm,“- (m.


Wed 17 Apr

The Counterfeit Stones

hlockhtisting musical

. “(ML DEW“: 1" lilmmwx: “(1 the central Belt' There is a phone l Ballet. ('atcli the last lew day s ol their BOX OFFICE l \\ S. H. (1ft . ' ' . numherlor each company shovid V00 i production or”l'eli;iikm\ky\ t‘tiiisiiiias l The que‘Mad? Chm“ “lll 3”” l l l Ll“ requ're more 'nmrmat'on- classic .ilront the little crrl who \\;llltlt‘l\ ( 1 5 9 2 ) 2 8 Sl‘m‘ U) (“L (’()"lll“;l‘l 'n'xc‘l"‘l"l'l.‘ I The RCSlStlble Rise Of Arturo Ui lik‘l'lt‘ll into a dream world populated liy giant H . . . ' Ctllllpélll)‘ Lung-Ha \\ till it \ch‘h)’ l'illl'y'lillk‘ Hrccht‘s wickedly funny gangstcr‘ talc l [mic .m I \UU.” )lu,“ l “MIN ' r kirkt'illd." “"1"” ( """U' l about a titan-tirade hoy who is rescued (WI-mm as a parody ot‘ the .\'a/i (ierniany- l I ST‘BéIDEfs‘ Chang ) f ,1” .1... W Leisure & Direct Seniees I ll'tltll a crtiiiihlirig. desolate house by the ' Ur his mm. is [Cue-Cd he mute 0r ' i H“ I “H I \ 11.“, H,\ [INST klél‘m'

Paradise 'mised alrility” 'l‘lreatre (‘ompany pug-mm“. “(I “e (L pl

in association with l’aislcy Arts Centre. Human Tales “m” '5 SM '7 pk.“ TUESDAY 20 TO SATURDAY 24 FEBRUARY using a suitably lireclttian mix ot' music. 7_.‘~0pm. £5 it} i_ The» trimv..;m‘rlm.d ,~.\._ \ll‘lc“ “ml mm'cmcm- lim' l'l'lll‘” ml” launch ot' Dundee Rep Dance Theatre


datice company. The new era kicks oil

Supported h} Sir Andre“ thl) (l “ehhcl’ Zl‘ml 3‘” '7 l’it‘l’ b'l’m. with the company changing its name to l ("’“W H’WH’V- (’I‘LV'sV’H' ll” 3”” l‘“'7\ Scottiin Dance 'l'lieatt'e and llll\'t‘lllll‘_' a 10'» a . a ~ . ~~ l Ll‘ l--‘(ll‘”“ l l' 3’ l Ll) ‘\l"”- brand-new programme. See preyiew.

; 'l'oui‘ continues.

3 l Shirley Valentine \Villy Russell‘s

l enduring lil'e-hegins-at-Jt) comedy gets a new lease of life from the Hr'tinton

; Theatre Company. For further into call the Brunton 'l‘lieatre ho\ ol‘l'ice: ()l.‘\l 665 3.340.

(MI Yirii'lr Hull. i'llirs'sr'l/rrrre/i [Tritrl Sal ll) l'eh 7.30pm; Sat mat 2.30pm.

Dunbar ('oni [Alliance 'l‘ue ifs/I‘litirs

' l5~Sat l7 l-‘eh 7.30pm; Sat mat 2.30pm.

} illuri‘m' l/nlt'l, Non/r li’i'rii'rr A Tue 20 Hi i 33 Feb. 7.30pm; l‘r'i mat 2.30pm.

Tour continues.

[m Shirley Valentine

0 M p A i. 5 by Willy Russell musstlIURGH 7February-2Marchl996

I MACRUBERT ARTS CENTRE l'niy ersity ol Stirling. Stirling. 01786 lolllhl. l:\cccss: l’. l’l’.-\. l.. R. l‘zictltties: \\'(‘. \\'S. H. (i. (‘I

For Bruising Archangel/Cyborg/Jacob’s Membrane Sat ll) Felt. Titlprii. £6 HASH); apes ticket £5.50 l E-l i. Dance tor the new generation tiom tuned-in. switched-on young l.oiidon cliorcographer \Vayne .\lc(ii'egor arid hrs tour-year-old company Random Dance.


DOWN TE ON v 7 - 10 Feb at The Old Town Hall, Musselburgh MAT SAT 10 FEB

i v 16 8T 17 Feb at Dunbar Corn Exchange MAT SAT 17 FEB ' v 20 - 23 Feb at the Marine Hotel, North Berwick MAT FRI 23 FEB 1 v 28 Feb - 2 March at the Town House, Haddington MAT SAT 2 MAR EVENING PERFORMANCES AT 7.3OPM

. f h , , I MATINEE PERFORMANCES AT 2.30m - - - “"e " F be“ Namm‘“ “mm 3 Tickets: £6.00 (Full), £5.00 (Concs) ALL MATINEE TICKETS ONLY £4.00


(iraig McMurdo in that Swing than}; - 'I he Valentines Surprise on H lei)

.Vlusie 'l‘heatre shows ever“. THE TIMES

EDINBURGH I’LLS! .\n evening wrth l’eter Morrison on 26 tel).

- For reservations, venue information or further details, please telephone the THEATRE Brunton Theatre Box Office on 0131 665 2240

64 The List 9-22 Feb 1996