I Derick May at Aqua Planet. Their first transatlantic guest. and what a one to start with. The master himself guesting with residents Mark. Simon and Cris. reflects just how quickly this night has become a must for those squeezing that last drop out of their weekend. They promise that this guest night will he a ‘deep voyage of discovery". Iii/(tint), Sun [I I’d).

I React Records Now that the Arena has won the hearts of the world‘s best techno DJs. let's see what the disco hunnies make of it. Rachel Auher‘ri ((‘andy (Jirls) and Blu Peter (House of (liod) bringing their own hrand ol' handhaggy house to this den of tcelinoquity. 'l'lie .’ll'<‘ll(l. Sat /7 I’d).


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é specialise in

:‘a'r'id_ryoung people‘ii'provid' g _ 7 ~ 1 I g"thronghééithelwortd I _ _ I. _ DUNDEE Tel: 01382 200 412 Dundee University Students Assoc. Airlie Place, Dundee, DD1 4HN GLASGOW Tel: 0141 553 1818

122 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RF

EDINBURGH Tel: 0131 668 3303 53 Forrest Road, Edinburgh, EH1 ZQP



Compared to London, the music scene in San Francisco seems quiet. And London has many more choice record shops, so Jonah Sharp - aka Spacetime Continuum is better able to satisfy his craving for vinyl that is ‘different.’ But, says the Scots-born musician/DJ, he could do without the freezing temperatures.

He’s been dogged by a cold since returning to Britain from his home in San Francisco, but with a new Spacetime Continuum album to promote, and a string of live shows to play, Sharp can’t afford to take a break.

‘I’ve played a lot of live shows in America this past year, and I’ve been DJing more as well,’ he says. ‘I’m really looking forward to taking my music out on the road.’

Although Sharp started out in the music business as a session jazz drummer, since his move to San

3 Francisco four years ago he has built a a solid reputation for producing and

DJing some of the most interesting electronic music around. Apart from a

series of collaborations with Terence McKenna, Bill Laswell and Pete llamlook, Sharp has completed two albums as Spacetime Continuum and raised San Francisco’s musical profile by starting his own label, Reflective Records.

‘Reflective are doing really well just now,’ he confirms. ‘This year we’ve put out ten things, and a couple of them ‘Subtropic’ especially - have done really well.’

The latest Reflective release is Sharp’s own solo project, Emit Caps. ‘The album is distributed through Astralwerks in the States, but I put the album out myself in Europe,’ he says. ‘I’ve changed the English release - it’s got different mixes and different songs from the American record.’

The distinctively packaged long- player testifies to the fact that Jonah Sharp wants out of the chill-out room. Known previously for his groovy

; ambient, he’s stripped out most of the ambient and pumped up the groove on Emit Caps. ‘I’ve moved on from the

chill-out stuff,’ he comments. ‘But I’ve

i been infiltrating the main dance-floor - I’m really interested in introducing

new sounds onto the main-floor.’ (John Richardson)

Jonah Sharp: pumping up the ambient sound for the dance-floor

lrlear those sounds for yourself when Sharp plays live at Pure on 9 Feb, DJs at Club Paisley an 10 Feb and plays another live set at a Rub-a-Dub Records party at Blackfriars on Sun 18 Feb.

I React Records at The Arena. llpm 3. £8. l7 l’eh. Rachel Auhern ((‘antly Girls) and Blu Peter ( llotise ol‘ (iod) hringing

3 their own hrand ol' liaridhaggy house to

this den ol technotpiity I Reds llpm 3am. £(i ( £4). A packed night specialising III mainstream (lance. l'unk. rap and house with DJ Skutl and

(_il"lll;llll Intimate. smart 'md lriendlv


Support in OVEF‘iSOOffid

I Rhapsody llpm—3am. £7 (£5). Rohin Burrows with an eclectic cluhhy mix. I Rotation Records at The Arena. llpm—3. £8. ll) Feb and monthly. Dave

, Angel of Rotation hack in the house ' again. this time hringing along Paul Haze]

[00. I Shoosh at R.C}.'s. Spin—midnight. Free.

DJ Chris with housey clloons l‘()l‘ the

Saturday warm-up session.

I Sub Club I().3()pni»-3am. £8. ()n the cusp ot'celehrating ten years of quality Suhhy clubbing llai'r‘i. ()scar and Dominic get deep and hard. l7 l‘eh. Kerri (‘liandler (Freetown Records. NYC) guesting.

I Toasted at the (‘).\lL‘. 9pni~2am. £2.5() (£2). DJ Toast popping up again (or chart dance and indie. Regular drinks promos. I Triumph at The Tunnel. ll)..‘~()pm-3am. £6 (£4). An epic voyage through Italian and L’K house. presented hy Colin

'l‘evendale and Steven .‘vleC‘reery. In Room

2 Kevin Meliarlane offers tip a different \ ihe with a mix ol'soul. funk and dance

classics. It) l-‘eh. Renaissance (shack in

town tonrglit featuring .loe ‘l‘. \"anelli.

Dave Seaman and Nigel Dawson. ()pen

until 5am. £10 (£8).

Derick May gets wet _ltlsl at the thought of joining the Aqua hoys on deck.

I Bennet’s llpm ~3am. £1. (iay All heers and spirits £l. DJ John liraier with commercial dance and pop.

. I Boogiemania at The .-\Illc.

I().3()piii~ 3am. £2 (£l ). DJ Graeme with a varied mix of cluh classics. Drinks DTUITJOS.

I Blackfriars Sunday at Blackl‘riars Underground. S.3()pni—midniglit. Free. RAD with their usual varied underground dance vihe. ‘rio strict music policy. strategy or style.‘ I I Feh. Jonah Sharp from Reflective records playing live. See panel.

I Bubblelicious at Reds. llpm—3am. £6

I Wild at (‘otton ('luh. llpm 3am. £0 (£4 students). (‘ommercial dance and pop. £l hottled heer.


' I Aqua Planet at The Volcano.

llpm -2..‘i()am. £3. Already an institution.

, Mark Ryall (I.'K (jold). Simon (foulson

: (The Sauna) and (‘r'is Rigu/zr (inst ahout

: everywhere) comhme forces for a night extolling the ‘tiuality underground vihe'.

I vain. lill\ .mti Rolling Ruck er. ll lieh.

(£3). (‘luh classics. disco anthems and all drinks £I all night. Ainiahle smart crowd not putting too much emphasis on hitting the floor.

I Fuddrukkers at Cleopatra's. l()..‘~()pni--2.3()ani. £3 (£2 with ticket). Disco, pop and (Ms party vihes.

I Heaven at The Hart Club. I lpm—Ram. £5 (£4). DJ Angel hringing the weekend to a close with house. garage. dance. trance and giveaways.

I loaded at l‘ury h'lurry's. llpm—3am. £3. All spirits plus mixer 99p. Pints of Coors £ l .5(). liui'y‘s stalwarts Craig and Jim with a hiin calibre night to close the weekend.

I lube at The l3th Note. Sprii~midnightlir'ee. Law. and Manu supply the drum and bass soundtrack for people whose weekend doesn't end on Sunday morning.

I Rat Trap (0.30pm -3am. £2. Rock.

I Shirley’s Temple at Arehaos.

llpm» 3.30am. £5 (£3). A trippy mix of camp theatricals and hard house soundtrack from the radiant .‘vls Alston and Huh.

I Sorted at the Cathouse. II)..‘i()piii--3arii. £2 (£I.5()). lndie/alternative vihe iii the new (‘athouse Drinks promos.

I Sunday Service ill .\ltl.\itlllllll. ()ltm-close. l-i‘ee. Ali C (that monk of Tank) with a dance-hased mix.

I Velvet Room 9pm- late. Across the hoard mix.


I Cleopatra’s it).3()pm--3ani. £2 (£1 with ticket). (iary l’nett and a mion mainstream pop and dance.

I Club X at (‘luh Xchange. It).3()piii-— £2. (lay. House and garage. £ | .25 all drinks.

I Slide at the Tuxedo Princess. I().3I)pm-3am. Massively popular commercial student night with floating cliih. rotating dancefloor and cheap drinks. I Speedracer at The Attic (formerly the (‘ameo Suite). l().3()—3am. £2 (£l). Gerry mixes up a few indie-dance classics and retro tunes.


I Cat in The flat at The Venue. l0.30prii-3am. £ I. Student and goodliiiie party grooves. Pints and bottled beers £ I.

72 The List 9-22 Feb I996