If you‘re completely new to the scene. there may well be a lot of questions you'd like to ask. But you‘re probably unsure where to get the most reliable answers.

11' so, there Is a wide range of local and national telephone helplines you can call.

They‘re very approachable and con- fidential and, what‘s more, aren't just there for times of crisis, but for all sorts of information and advice.

Some will be able to give you practical information about lesbian & gay community issues such as where the

best local pubs and clubs are.


()thers deal more specifically with

sexual health matters such as HIV*

AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

For example, for information on sexual health and HIV. you can call the National AIDS Helpline free on 0800 567 123 or the Terrence Higgins Trust on 0171 242 1010.

Alternatively. for more general advice (as well as advice on HIV and sexual health) you may like to ring the London Lesbian & (Jay Switchboard on 0171 837 7324 or the

Bisexual Helpline on 0181 S69 7500.

Both are good places to get reliable

information on safer sex and protecting

yourself and your partners. So you can choose which line you would prefer to call, whatever question you want to ask or issue you wish to illscllss.

Any of these lines will also be able to give you details or your local helplines, or the address of your local clinic or drop In centre. where you can talk face to face with health advisors if you would prefer.

So, if. you are unsure about any- thing, make a note or these numbers

and give them a call.

. «e int/(.1

After all, they‘re there ; O O

m C

to help you, no matter I z

. t . whats on your mind. H0“

The List 9-22 Feb 1996 75