Events are listed alphabetically by sport, then by day. Fixtures are correct at time of publication, but may be affected by weather. Sports Listings compiled by Brian Donaldson.

Saturday 10

I National Cross Country Championships Beach l’ark. .\lagnum leisure (‘entie Irvine. l‘irst event at noon as runners compete in categories ranging from under Us to senior men and women. l’hone the Scottish Athletics l‘cdei'atioli olt lll3l 3 I7 73:” Int tlc‘lttlls.

Saturday 17

I BP Combined Events Indoor Championships Kelvin llall. (ilasgovv. A ltlam start tor male Ileptatliloii and l’entatlilon events. I’hone the Scottish


Sunday 18

I DP Combined Events Indoor Championships Kelvin Ilall. (ilasgovv. 'l‘lie lt'lllitlt'S tom the tray at Illam tor more lumping. vaulting and the like. l’hoiie the Scottish Athletics liedei'ation till Illdl 3 l 7 ~33“ l-tll' tlc‘lttllS. SL‘L‘ lllI I.i.\l.

Saturday 17

I Macallan Scottish Championship Qualifying Rounds I)evvai"s lce Rinks. l’ei'th. 'l’liis two-day event lending Sun lSl sees the survivors l'roiu the District I’laydovv us joiisiing tor a place among the Scottish elite. l‘or lull details call the rink on (HTSS (l:~l ISS.


Saturday 10


I Falkirk v Celtic Hiockv ille I’aik. llope Stieet. la'kiik. ipm.

I Hearts v Aberdeen 'l‘vneeasile inn-k. (ioi'gie Road. I'idinburgli. 3pm.

I Partick Thistle v Kilmarnock l-‘n-lnll Stadium. l~'irliill Road. (ilasgow. .‘spin. I Raith Rovers V Hibs Starks l’ark. l’i'att

; Street. ls'irkcaldy. 3pm.

I Rangers v Motherwell lbro\. l-iilnnsron l)i‘ive. (ilasgovv. 3pm.


I Airdrie v Duntermline Hroadvvood Stadium. (‘tiiiibernauld 3pm.

I Clydebank v St Mirren Kilbovv re I’ark. Arran l’lacc. Clydebank. 3pm.

I Dumbarton v Hamilton laughentl l’ni-k. . Miller Street. Dumbarton. 3pm. I Dundee United V Morton 'lannadice

l’ark. 'l‘aunadice Street. Dundee. 3pm. I St Johnstone v Dundee .\lcl)iai'tiiid I’ai‘k. (‘iielt Road. l’erlli. .il‘lii. Saturday 17


I Airdrie V Fortar Hroadvvood Stadium. 1 (‘uinbei‘nauld 3pm. I Celtic v Raith Rovers (‘eliie l’ai'k.

Athletics I‘cdei'ation on IIISI SI / 733i) litll'

Kt‘i‘i'ytl;ilc‘ Street. (ilasgovv. 3pm.

I Clyde V Rangers Iiroadvvood Stadium. (’umbei'nauld. 3pm.

I Kilmarnock v Hearts Rugby l’aik. ls'iliiiai‘nock. 3pm.

3 I Stirling Albion v Aberdeen l-‘in'ilibank

' Stadium. Springkerse Industrial listate.

Stirling. 3pm.

Saturday 10

PREMIER LEAGUE I Fite Flyers v Slough Jets Kll'kc‘;tltl_\' Ice Rink. Rosslyn Street. Kii'kcaldy. 7. ISpm.



I Murraytield Royals v Medway Bears .\Iurraylield Ice Centre. lidinburgli. ().3()pm.


I Fite Flyers v Humberside Hawks Kii'kcaldy Ice Rink. Rosslyn Street. Kii'kcaldy. 7.15pm.

Saturday 17


I File Flyers v Durham Wasps Kn-kenlilv Ice Rink. Rosslyn Street. Kii'kcaldy. 7.15pm.

This week’s snowtaIIs should make for good skiing - it you can get to the slopes, that is


' (‘ltttl'lllg (d'tiss. (iltisgtivv litir llttii'e


at The Scaranioiiclie. lilderslie Street.

Sunday 18

I Tai Chi & Kung Fu Demonstrations Usher Hall. lidinburgli. 2—3pm. .L‘l. Special event to help celebrate the Chinese New Year. See Hit List.


I Scotland U21 v England U21 Kelvin llall. (ilas‘gmv. 2pm. The Scots'vvill be looking to keep up last year‘s t'orm (victories over Northern Ireland and liirei as they take on lingland. l’hone the Scottish Netball Association on lll~1l 334 3650 for details.

Saturday 10

I SVL Thistle Snowman Rally lttvet'liess.

Ninety—live drivers tpltis co-drivei‘sl set otit on a live-stage rally at 9.30am expecting to return to rally headquarters . around 4pm. Phone the Royal Scottish Automobile Association on OHM 7‘)I.‘~()7 tor spectator" information.

Tuesdays I Edinburgh Ski Bus 'l'liose without

transport can get to the slopes vv ith the help of the Ski Hus. which particularly encourages liamilies. groups ot live or more and people under eighteen (tor Youth Hostel deals). Trips continue through to April. leaving lidiiiburgh early Saturday and returning Sunday evening. (‘all Sheila on 'l‘uesdays 7.30 9pm on

()I 31 22‘) 8660 Mr details or tax 01%| 33‘) 2-156 any time.


I Glasgow Ski Club .\leiiibers new and old are welcome along to the club‘s regular meetings at 9pm every ’l‘huisday

intoriiiatim1 about the clubs events and \kI It'll“. L‘ttll Ill‘ll () ‘2 9763 or Ill-ll NS} (i605.

/"iil’ [lil'l/Ii’r i/t'lili/v it! [/I(' .\it iilllv/I \lii/ii'v, \t't' l)(l\'\ ()iil.

VOLLEYBALL ~ Saturday 10

I Royal Bank of Scotland National League (Men) 'lt‘ttlll l‘it'e v Kilmarnock. I"alku'k v l’aisley 'l'i'ailbla/ers. Rucanor Jets v (irange. Hellsliill (‘ardiiials v Dundee. ('in ottilasgovv Raga/n v BA .\lcUi'egoi' (.ila/ing. l‘oi' details. call the Scottish Volleyball .-\s.sociatioii on (IIRI 556 4633. I Royal Bank of Scotland National

League (Women) (ilenrotlies ()Iympiad v News Ayrshire Kyle. Rucanor Jets v Stirling Saints. Bellshill ('ardinals v l’entlaiid NUVUC‘. Clydevalley v (‘ooi's

Ila/leliead. Venue and times from the l Scottish Volleyball Association on tll 3| j 556 4633. I

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I Ten'nents Scottish Cup 4th Round Holders (‘eltic meet Raith Rovers tor the third time in two seasons in cup competition. while Rangers have a potentially tricky visit to Hroadwood to face Alex Smith‘s Clyde. lie of the round sees Hearts and Kilmarnock. the country's most improved teams. clash at Rugby Park. As we went to press. the full draw and fixture dates were yet to be settled. See Listings. MARTIAL ARTS

I Tai Chi & Kung Fu Demonstrations Edinburgh's I_'.sher llall plays host to a programme ot‘events to help celebrate the Chinese New Year. As well as including group demonstrations of the martial arts. the audience will be treated to a spectacular display of Lion Dancing and (‘lassical Music. For details call Stephanie Wong on UN] ZZI 4443 or (‘hris Inn on (ll SI 556 ll- 4 I. Tickets: Ll. (’s‘lii'r HUN. lit/iii/iiiije/i. Sim /t\'. ATHLETICS

I BP Combined Events Indoor Championships ’l'lns tvv o-il;i_v event sees the young and old strut their stutt in the long jump. shot putt. high jump, (Hill), (101]) hurdles. pole vault. 800m and l()()()m. Scotland's top ('onibined livents athlete is .lamie Quarrie with a best decathlon score of 7(rll) points. Ive/viii Ila/L Glasgow: [7 IS I’d).

Sunday 18

I Royal Bank of Scotland National Plate (Men) The tournament is at the semi-tinal stage with l)\' l’lioeni\ l clashing vvilli l’aisley 'l'railbla/ers vvliile I-innegan's Wake (il meet .-\berdeen. Venue and tiiiie~ limit the Scottish Volleyball Association on ()13l 55b 4633.

I Royal Bank of Scotland National Plate (Women) Battling tor a place in the tinal are .\l("l‘ Hi‘aimock vvlto lace 'l‘t‘llitll‘tl Vipers while (iiange take on the vv iniiers ot \"ol llala II and (Xivali'y I’aik I)L‘I.Ill\ trom the Scottish Volleyball Association on I) l .)l 556 My“.

lhe l.l\l \i-j.‘ l-‘elw two 77