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I THE PEBBLE AND THE PENGUIN (U) (US, 1996) Featuring the voices of Martin Short, James Belushi, Tim Curry and Annie Golden. 74 mins. General release. From the animation talent who helped bring you An American Tail, The Land Before Time and All Days Go To Heaven, comes a brand-new tull-Iength animation about, guess what. a pebble and a penguin. Producing for the first time (he was assistant director and associate producer on his previous films), Russell Boland has brought together a top team at voices including James Belushi and Tim Curry for this richly inventive tale of a shy, lovelorn penguin and his quest to win over the girl-penguin of his


Rain or shine, our at-a-glance guide will see you through. Events are listed under outdoors or indoors columns, and then divided by city. Kids listings compiled by Ellie Carr.


Activities and Fun

I Mugdock in a Box \liigdoek (Mutiny Park. (‘ratgallian Road. .\liltigavie. Ranger service: 0141 956 6100 Sun 11 Feb.2 3.30pm. Free \\'1iee1chaii' accessible. (.‘ieate fabulous .ill scenes of the park III a humble slioebo\. Biiiig your own box.



: I Celtic Banners Museum of liducation. 225 Scotland Street. 42‘) 1202. Until Sun

? 24 Feb. ll);iiii--5piii .\1on Sat; 2-~5i)lil Sun.

Free. lixhibition of 40 large-scale banners inspired by (’eltic myths and brought to you by' \yay' of an Arts and qucation ill'llylL‘Cl litt’ .-\i‘is l\ .‘slagic.

Theatre I Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre

, S 10 lialcari'es Avenue. Kelvindale. 33‘)

olSS. 2pm. L2Stit£15lii

: The Three Giants Stir in ten. Ages

5 adults. industrial strength entertainment from ('lydebiiilt Puppets yvitli a tall tale about Irish giaiit Finn .\la(‘oo1 and his

duel \\llll Scottish giant .\1c(‘otiigle.

Activities and Fun

I Big NOiSB Kelvingi'ove Ari (iallcry and Museum. [trio and booking (iiant Productions: 334 2000. Mon 1‘) Feb. 10.30am—4ptii. £3 tbooking essential l. Ages S-l2. Big-style carnival fun fioiii Giant productions vvith a day-long extravaganza of iiiask-making. drumming and dance for your younger party-goer.

I Mid-term Break Activities Museum of Education. 225 Scotland Street. 42‘) 1202. Sat lo—Tue 1*) Feb. 2—3pm. Free. No booking required. Join singer/songwriter Ewan MeVicar for songs of the sea.

Irish Legends Sal [7 i-‘eii. Ages Splits. Not one but tyyo traditional Irish legends brought to life by Philip Spellacy's atria/lag ‘l‘liealie oi Sltadoyvs.

I Tam 0’ Shanter Paisley Arts ('entre. New Street. SS7 lllll).'1‘iiui's 22 Feb. 7pm. £4 r£l 1. Ages (i plus. Words from Bill .\lc(‘iie. sounds from top folk outfit the \\'liist1ebrnkies and no less than 45 giant puppets from the lidlnburgh Puppet (‘ompany' bring Burns's best-loved poem ll) “it.

I Beauty and the Beast Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. SS7 1010. Thurs

22~Fri 23 Feb. 7pm; Sat mat 1pm. £4

(£1). Ages 7—1 1. Open Hand Theatre

Company the outfit responsible for the fun-filled Teri ill (1 Bell and Dari/iv i/re

Dinosaur return to Paisley with their own version of the traditional fairy-tale. Not to be confused with the ice-borne version in Edinburgh involving David Essex.

I Scott Lovat Paisley Arts (‘eiiti'e. New Street. SS7 1010. Mon 1‘) Feb. lpm. £2 (£1 l. A half-term holiday dose of traditional magic and puppetry.

I Pretty Paisley :\i'ls Centre. .\'eyy Street. SS7 10i0. Tue 20 Feb. £2 t£| 1. Top slapstick action for the half-teriii. with one of Britain's only female cloyvns.

I Magic Bob Unplugged! ! ! (‘ottiei' ’l‘heati‘e. 0‘» llyndland Street. 357 .iSliS. Sat 10 Feb. liaiii. £2.50 (£1501. Ages 4—12. Scotland's favourite kids' magician rides again with his l‘airious stepladder illusion and other iiiind-boggling tricks. Part of (ilant Productions Fingers of Fun programme.

I The Sticky Kids Show ('otiier 'l'heait'e. ()3 11yndland Street. 357 SSoS. Sat i7 Feb. 11am. £2 50 t£150l Ages 3 7. Aiiua Banana. Silly Cynthia and (ientle .lack rue here to entertain yott with songs. stories. slapstick comedy and lots of audience participation. Part oilizant P oductioiis Fingers of Fun programme.

I Mother Nature is No Fool (‘oiuei 'l‘heatre. 9.3 llyndland Street. ‘57 .‘yStiS. Sat 10 Feb. Spm. £4 t£2.Sl)‘i. Funky. (ilasgoyv-based youth street-dance outfit Projekt 11:92 present a collection of pieces made in collaboration vy ith dancers Rosina lionsu and Jane Simpson. musicians (lei‘ai‘do Halltisteios. (iary (irochla and Gabriel '1‘elleriiiaii and l.ochyvitinocli Peoples ()i'chestra.

EDINBURGH . Activities and Fun

I Plants in Pictures: Botanical Illustration Royal Botanic Garden lixhibition Hall. 20A lnverleith Rovv. 552 7171. Sun 11 Feb. 11am-1pm. £4 (£2). Ages S plus. Booking essential. Pencils and paper at the ready for this simple introduction to the art of botanical illustration vvith (‘hiel‘ librarian Dr Colin Will. RBGIi.

I Kids Carnival Assentny Rooms. 54 George Street. Ticketline; 220 434‘). Sat

17 Feb. 1»-4.3lipm (doors open 12.30pm). £1. See backlist for details.

I That Sinking Feeling Royal Botanic (iarden Exhibition 11all.20.-\ lnverleith Royv. 552 7171. Sat 17 Sun 1S Feb. 11.30am 2pm. Free. Build your own peat bog in this family yvorkshop yvith Rachel Smith R1i(‘i1{. Don't try this one at home kids.


I 0uest for a Pirate (‘iiy Ari ('eniie. 2 Market Street. 52‘) 39%. Hull Sun 12 May. Mon/Fue/Sat 10am 5.3l1piii‘. Wed—Fri llltililnt‘iplill Sun 11am-5pm. £3.50 (£2); family ticket £0. See photo— caption.

I Bioscience in Scotland Royal Botanic (iarden lishibition Hall. 20A lnverleith Roxy. 552 7171.13iitil.‘il Aug lllain- Spin lunlil Feb). Free. Huge eshibition featuring the science and technology exploits of clever: :uaioi research organisations iii Scotland. illustrated yyitli interactive computer display s. \ ideos. 31) models tincliiding a giant midget and hands-on exhibits to bring the subiect to lilt‘.


I Chinese New Year Celebrations t'siier Hall. l.othiati Road. 22S Slill'i. Sun lS Feb. 2pm. £1. Nevv Year is already a distant memory to most of us. but for the (‘hlnese population of lidinbui'gh it's only just begun. Join them as they celebrate the Year of the Rat vvith vyhai promises to be a spectacular event lor the vvliolc family including lion dancing. ('hiiiese dancing. ('hinese classical music. 'l‘ai-chi. singing and Kung Fu.

I Beauty and the Beast is’mg‘s 'i‘iiean-e. 3 1.ev en Street. 220 434‘). Wed 14»-S‘at 17 Feb 7.30pm; Thurs/Sat mat 2.30pm.

£2 £20. Feathers. fur and glitter-filled £3 million ice spectacular based on the tale of the ugly beast \vho vvins the heart of the gorgeous gal. Music and lyrics by one- time teen-dream David lisses’. Skating by super-duper ()lyiiipic-standard troupe the Russian All Stars.

‘golden age’ of piracy.

I GUEST FOR A PIRATE City Art Centre, 2 Market Street, 529 3993. Until Sun 12 May. Mon/Tue/Sat103m—5.30pm;Wed—Fri 10am—8pm; Sun Ham-5pm. £3.50 (£2); family ticket E9. Plunder the CAC for this world first exhibition at genuine pirate treasure discovered by professional treasure hunter Barry Clifford in 1983 on the ocean-floor of Cape Cod. 10,000 artetacts will be on display, with the gallery transformed into a pirate ship that will shiver visitors’ timbers by taking them back through time to the

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