I From The Edge (BBC 2) 7.3(l—8pm. Britain's only prime time programme dealing with disability looks at the problems which disabled people meet when trying to find a partner when many of the normal contact points such as clubs and bars are inaccessible.

I Public Eye: Reasonable Force (BBC 2) 8—8.3(lpln. No one denies that the police face potentially fatal situations as part of their job btit the force which they use to defend themselves or to restrain suspects has led to several well-publicised deaths. Who is to blame‘.’

I The Decision (Channel 4) 9—l0plll. Following on from last week's look at male-to-female transsexuals. the series which deals with complex medical and ethical issues tackles felliale-to-male transsexuals. A group from Britain travel to the Netherlands to meet a top plastic surgeon who tells them about the surgical options.

I The House (BBC 2) 9.30- l().2(lptn. More problems at the Royal ()pera House as the management attempt to find a happy medium between shows which have a mass appeal and put bums on seats and operas which push back the boundaries of the form btit appeal to few outside of the [we Shaw's audience.

I Men Behaving Badly (BBC l l

9.30— l()pm. Gary and Tony have problems with house guests disrupting their sluggish routine. However once it transpires that a free holiday may be in the offing then the fluffy towels are brought out ill force.

I The X-Files (BBC l) l()—I().-l()pill. Mulder and Scully hunt down a scientist who is literally spooked by his own shadow.

I Yellow line (BBC 1) l().~l()—l 1.35pm. Clampers and towers are spearheading the battle against illegal parkcrs and for many motorists they are overtaking traffic wardens as the people they would most like to see crucified. Andy is a tower who cycles to work and considers his job as sweet revenge for all the road hogs who mow him down.


I The 0 Zone (BBC 2) 6.45—7pm. Pop band MN8 explain why they have changed their image and musical style. The show also investigates fanatical fans and looks at the lengths to which they go to get close to their heroes. Good training for tabloid reporters. I Reputations (BBC 2 ) 7—8pm. Pope Pius XII was top dog at the Vatican during the Second World War. Some see him as having been virulently anti-semitic and pro-Nazi while others look upon him as being a fearless saver of Jews. This programme sifts through the evidence. I Here And How (BBC ll7.30—-8pm. Sue l.awley and a team of top reporters return to pose blunt questions to the Mol) and other shady characters. I Ken Hom’s Hot Wok (BBC 2) 8—8.3(lpm. The master of quick frying woks it the way he talks it. Tonight. comedienne June Whitfield is treated to a spicy fish curry. I Travelog (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Atldy Kershaw travels to Albania. Europe's poorest country. Five years ago. there were no private cars. now it has the largest fleet of Mercedes per head of population ill the world. I Under The Sun: A Time To Woo (BBC 2) 9.3()—l().3()pm. The Islamic Ail Haddidu people live high iii the Atlas mountains where they live a fiercely independent life. This programme examines their marriage customs which allow the women of the community an unusual degree of freedom. I Hey! - This Is Advertising (Scottish) l().40—l 1.40pm. Excruciating name for what could be an interesting fly-on-the- wall documentary on one of Scotland‘s top advertising agencies.

I Moviewatch (Channel 4)

l I.3()pm—midnight. The films under scrutiny comprise Jumuji. Ber! QfRoxex and ()r/lello. Meanwhile Johnny Vaughan tries some stuntwork in Bollywood.


I Ricki lake (Channel 4) 5-—5.45pm. Lake scrapes the bottom of the ideas barrel and bases a programme around finding dates for the staff of her programme.

I Alien Empire: Hardware (BBC I) 8—8.30pm. At any one moment there are over a billioil billion insects crawling. buzzing alid lurking around the globe and they have developed offensive and defensive techniques which the Pentagon call only dream about. (,‘atllera crews get up close to capture the weird and wonderful world which we step on every day.

I The Pulse (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. Tonight's programme looks at the state of the nation‘s sexual health. Having spoken to a number ofexperts they came tip with the blinding conclusion that regular sex is botll physically and mentally relaxing. More startling is the fact that loss of libido is shaping tip to be the decade's top sexual problem.

I The Detectives: The Great Escaper (BBC l) 8.3(l—9pm. Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell return to wreak comic havoc in the guise ofcoppers Bob Louis and Dave Briggs.

tI Food File (Channel 4) 8.3()-‘)pm. The magazine programme that celebrates food and nutrition returns for a new series that kicks off with a look at the nation’s disappearing vegetable varieties.

I Seasiders (Channel 4) ‘)—‘).3()pm. More real life HI-(/(’-Hf type frolics as the equivalent of the redcoats become frustrated that their cabaret show is not tip and running.

I N.Y.P.D. Blue (Channel 4) lil~lil.55[‘tll. There's a deperate search for suspects ill a robbery/homicide that's left two young children dead while. on the doliiestic front. Costa's morning sickness is worrying Sipowic7. All ill a day's work for the boys ill blue which makes you


I Sounds Of The Eighties t BBC 3) 7.30—8pm. The heavyweights are rolled otlt as U3. Boll .lovi. INKS. The (tilt and Bruce Springsteen are dragged otlt of the archives.

I Red Dwarf (BBC 2) Mil l(lplll. listct'. Rimmer and crew swing around to our solar system for a repeat show ing of the cult comedy set on an ailing space t ratt. I Fist or Fun (BBt‘ it it) to topn. lee and Herring return with more titlitky comic observations. snide asides and ingelluous pondering. Fortunately. their semi-mate Peter Bayllliaill w ill be on hand to dispense more advice on how to achieve (“UH/(HI Melt standard meals with items to be found ill every all-night garage.

I The Fly (BBC I) l().35piii 'l 2 tliaill. Jeff Goldblum and (,‘teeila Day Is slut in director David Cl'oliellberg's remake of Kurt Neumann‘s IUSX horror classic for its time the effects are remarkable hilt the film's true strength lies iii lls sympathetic portrayal of the monster. Puts you on" arili-wrestlilig tor a while as well.

I Predator 2 (Scottish) 10.40pm—l2.4()am.'I‘here'slio Schwarzenegger iii this sequel but the jungle setting of the original has been swapped for the lawless streets of his Angeles which makes tip for the lack of wooden acting to sliiggel' at. (let the beers ill for the perfect late-night lads' guns ‘li‘ gore fest.

I The Smell 0t Reeves And Mortimer (BBC 2) |l.45plli--l2.l5aill. Yet more repeats as the oddball couple rc-rtln their second series.

I Carnal Knowledge (Setittlslll l2.~l()—l.-l()alli. New series which looks like it's aiming to be all adult version of Mr (III(/ .1113.


I Divine Magic (Channel 4) 8— ()pm. More from the series which takes at Its ely' look at different aspects of belief systellis. I Prime Suspect III (Scottish) ‘)—l lpiil. More top cop capers and corruption from the pen of Lynda I.a Plante.

I Clive Anderson Talks Back (Channel ~I) l()-- l().35pm. lit a one-off special. Anderson has a crack at Stliig and Robin Williams. Should prove to be an interesting battle of wits.

I Bonnie And Clyde: The True Story (Scottisln llpiii—lZSSatli. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow blast their way into history and that area of public consciousness itiliabited by the likes of Robin Hood and the Great Train Robbers. baddies whom the general public quite like.

I The White Room (Channel 4) ll.l()pm—IZ. l()am. Radcliffe introduces Sting alid the boys from Bellsliill. 'I‘eeilage I:£lllcllll).

I Baadasss TV (Channel 4) 2.20. 3.50am. More tack from the extremes of black culture with Satisfaction. Britain's black answer to the (.‘hippendales.


I Board Stupid (Channel 4) l.lS>- l .JSplli. The Prodigy get a lesson ill freestyle snow boarding from British (‘liaiilpioli Steve Bailey.

I For Your Eyes Only (Scottish) 6.20—8.45pm. Secret Agent ()0? swigs the Dom Perignon. saves the world and gets a legover. Again.

I The Secrets Of Loch Hess tt‘llatiliel t. 7 Spill. .\ look at the history of the l oeli Ness tiioiistcr liiylli alid the ex LIL‘IICC to support the tales, 'l‘lliied to coincide with Ted Hanson‘s illoy ie about tlle beast.

I Wired World (( ‘liaiiliel J) b .\'..‘ittpiil. Peter ('tll'l'aii t‘\;lllltilt‘s l‘tutcii lootltall c‘Illl‘ .-\i.i\ w ltele playets axe glyci: specialist training in (it'alllly' with the pressures o! lll.‘ lllt‘tlld.

I My Generation: The Animals .t' ‘1:.:nn.~t .1) 5.3“ ‘lpttl. Ill: tits: o! to t. pioy‘l'allltlies Ito-.itwt at ti: ' l‘ar‘ds ill 1'. llla.'.e tile soundtrack m' :tt'j'rm l I; last looks at the c..teet ot ill" «‘\::,:::.:ts

IRubyWax Meetstlttii‘t it) to illi‘il'

\lttt.'\.‘:.".:!f‘‘.'tfl;‘lit"'ll'1c'‘.iltt1 ll}: ‘.'."I‘t|\‘

I Once Upon A Time In America .t ‘1. .; Ill \~;:s:~ll v.1... s ,y._ .

l~‘. til ll‘ it

I) \\t s i s t It lla.'tat=.«‘ly y':.;‘~,"lt. l‘at. Kym ._ \ll"\‘sl‘

limit; ozl .\lt-t: :‘t

MONDAY 19 ' '

I The Paranormal World Of Paul

McKenna-s‘eotnsh. \' ill ‘lpt'; \Iclseiata lillltltlllv':‘\.l11:.l11“.l.i‘..l7. {all .t lZ.liIl attached to Elliot‘s z". l.l- fill‘f‘l.“ while

a 'ttt't-ssl‘..- s;:':u~ .-s". ;s \-.lio il.:‘.t‘ lx‘ctt

o *pl'ly ed ot slcsp to: 'l‘.:.‘. days My stop llllill‘yif..ll1t3_;‘lfs’-lt. ? :2; ita: :all (tacks tlslftg' talpt'l Ta. is 'l' .t’ .isl soiiletlun; along s1". ;; .: ';;..~s

I Our Friends In The North BBt' 3

‘I’ ll), ltlpiti, More qtzotitlial: (llama. to; the (it'tll'tltt's.

I Island Of Dreams .(‘nannct -I) it ltlptll 'I'Ite tips and (low in o’ titazzied life on a (hecki lattd .1 “t

wine real life Shirley ‘.';i';eizti:le iii". littl'sl\. it's not all sun. sand and

I The BRIT Awards t Scottish) S30 ltlpiii.’

llig slap on tile back to those artists w ho

z'tttli \ v llt‘t‘M'.

he lllll‘ ic industry gives a

SIllliICtI llltlsl l'L‘t‘ttltls ilyz‘t' lllt' last yet”. I The House (BBC :wso to :(ipni. The Royal ()pera llousc lll (‘ovelit (idltiL‘lls continues to stuff both feet into lls lilouth tti what llinst be one or the PR glai'lt‘s (iii illt‘ decade.

I The X-Files (BBC 1) It) toiopni. It would seem that there r tlly'steriotis goings-on til lice-l ol



I Chart Bite (Scottishl ltl 5,~lllplt;. Mali and l{w.rn lell ll\ w ltat's hot and what's quite tlaiikly unlisteliable til the Scottish charts.

I Travelog ((‘lianncl -ll Slit) “pill. Sheila Paine heads off to the Yemen and practically travels bacl. lll tiltle. sticll is the untouched nature of the place

I er ((‘ltalltlt'l ll ill l atld fix-Lips ttollt {lie ctcw oi the ellleigency tooin.

I Moviewatch 1( hanziel ~l' ll..i(tpili l3 (lflanl. lite '1lti\lt's up tol colisileratioli include! '. .\'t l.’\t xii/.1

iitit'lttl Itl

ipin l-l-Are fights

Selitihh’ltv and. of cotzrse. I'llll/l‘flt[Hf/EU. 'l'lleie will also he a speczal l'c"‘tlli on the feeding fl’cll/y surrounding /l.l.'/l\y’./l'l'l'l‘e'. ls’ellieliibci kids. you lead it her;- first

Kllltl ill».


I Top or The Paps (Blit‘ ll 3t.

iI‘llL'llltl\L‘lS.\llltlct'l'\.t!l.l;;tl1tlvt‘l~ o! ’lt' charts niillle along ttlltl look vague". and deservedly etllbalrassed.

I Food File (Channel -I) B. it) ‘lptii \lali cannot live by bread alone so [his week the pl'ogranillle takes a peek at blew mg. I H.Y.P.D. Blue (Channel .1) to l(lfifipnt. lit all episode entitled ‘i)ii ty laundry '. Simone investigates a report of all old man flashing at a boy but he's not Convinced that it is a cut and dried case.

The List 9-33 licll I‘l‘Ni 83