I Cellist (competent) sought for friendly string quartet playing classical and lighter material for fun (and possibly more). Rehearsing Thursdays central lidiiihiirgli/Sciennes. Tel 01312231“);

WANTED collaborators in music- performance. I'm interested in all instruments. voice etc. Men and women. Let's make strange. passionate. intelligent. music together. Phone me.

Colin on 0131 555 0038.

FULL-ON GODSTARS WANTED lo ioin committed. creative. adxentuious singei/ guitarist iii maximum rock and roll subversion.

Tel: 0141 332 7810.

MONIKER REQUIRE DEDICATED RELIABLE DRUMMER l)enio recorded. plus good gigs. Next step the top. You can he itito anything as long as it's the hand.

Call 0141 552 5742.

AMBIENT STARSHIP NEEDS a skilled keyboard/ computer/satiipling/I)l kinda lileforni to join its crew.

Phone Ewan 0131 228 2789.

I Female singer/songwriter wishes to form/join innovative hand. Influences blues. soul and rock. Must be prepared to travel. Contact Louise (ll .‘il 22‘) Ub29.

FEMALE VDCALIST seeks coolest and committed musicians to blow the earth from here to hell. Influences: .IAMC. ('ream. Boss llog. Punk Rock. Stones. Box No 270/8M/1.

SOUND ENGINEER AVAILABLE for ‘live' work. looking for ‘serious' hand. Loads of experience. Phone me now! 0141 889 9893 or 0973 789 790.

I Guitarist wanted. Ambitious rock singer/lyricist with contacts. seeks musical kindred spirit for new and exciting collaboration. Influences: Hendrix. Krav it/.. ()as'is. Small I-‘aces. Must he: committed and


I Musicians sought by songwriter for original. literate and melodic rock baiid liiot indie/metal). Varied acoustic - and electric influences. Would consider involvement with existing hand. Contact Tom Ill-ll ()-II 5702.

DRUMMER, READER lit/.1. big hand. Latin. Cuban. swing styles. seeks hand or serious inusos to form hand.

Phone 01259 750176.

I Cheap publicity Posters. flyers. 'l‘-s|iirls. (‘l)/record artwork. ()uality design at very low rates. Also hand photography and press packs. Phone for a chat. Automatic Productions (ll-ll 22l ()(I47.

I Guitarist required Beatles. \\'lio. Small I‘aces. Jam. Raiiioiies etc. Original material. We'll he gigging soon. Iidinburgh area. Experience not essential. talent is. Phone Barry ()13l 558 ISIJ or Chris 01968 675488.

I l

I Charlie Don’t Surf are looking f

for a new manager. Contact (.‘harlie Don't Surf. PO Box 2808. Glasgow 064 3TH).

GUITARIST REQUIRED Influences: \‘elvets. Stooges. Nirvana. Pixies. Mudhoiiey.

.Call Darren 0141 248 8652.

I Glasgow based band seeks guitarist and bass player to join vocalist. piano/Hanimoiid player and drummer. Influences include Bruce llornsby. Toto and Paul Rogers. Ability. attitude and commitment essential. lll4l 7(14 (ISM.

I Singer/percussionist seeks musicians to form Jab-inspired hand. Influences: reggae. African. rhythmic-a cappella.

mellow. funky grooves. Contact

Iili/a lll3l 556 344].

I We need a drummer and a singer tability to play guitar or keyboards a plus) to form pop hand with experimental edge. Phone Richard on ()IBI 22‘) 4033.

SINGER REQUIRED to front top rock/dance hand The Cat’s Pyjamas. for well paid gigs throughout (‘entral Scotland.

enthusiastic. Phone Karen ()l4l Telephone 01505 441599. (134 8675. WANTED JAZZ IF YOU’RE SERIOUS INSTRUMENTALISTS about your music. you‘ll need

and/or singers to ctnnplemerit/augment band.

Tel 0141 357 1656.

a serious sound engineer with vast live experience.

Phone Tom 0141 889 9893.

I Musician/songwriter required for female vocal quartet. Music influences TLC. SWV and Janet Jackson. Mtist have reasonable equipment and ability. Tel: (IIRI 53‘) 5235.

EXTROVERT SINGER (M/F) required: Saints. Stooges. JAMC‘ etc. Original material.

some covers. Glasgow. Lanarks.

Phone Fraser 01698 424534.

I Singer/guitarist seeks iiiliers- to move upwards arid onwards nowll Bowie. Bunny'inen. TRex. Pixies. Smiths. (). Juice. Nirvana. Phone liwaii (NM 22‘)

FEMALE VOCALIST from Geriiiany'. seeks pop baiid for her time in Glasgow as an overseas student.

Box No 271/BM/1.

For one more issue bands/music ads are free. Just FLLL out the form on

page 92.

I Drummers We believe music is: liberation. salvation. elevation. enervation. Join the Rhythm Nation and drum for the Leon Trotsky experience. Phone ()13l 313 2677 for some rock 'n' roll communication.

I Dolly Rockers Pop with a wry smile and one eye on the avant- garde - require percussionist < character rather than proficiency please! (‘all Mickey Pakora on ()l3l (int ()552.

ORGANISING A DANCE? 'I‘raditional American music and dance with ()kefenokee

and experienced caller: square dances. hoedow iis etc.

Phone 0131 661 1655.

BASS PLAYER for The .loiiiiieyiiien urgently required. (‘uri‘ently promoting first alhuiii. preparing for recording of second.

Phone Archie 0141 777 8065.

I Singer required It) front gigging band with own PA. lights etc. Material based on whatever you are good at. An excellent opportunity toioiii an already established band. Tel: ()lSOb 44 l(i‘)‘).

BAND REQUIRE REHEARSAL ROOM Must have 24hr access. Basement. garage. workshop. anything considered. NW Glasgow. 3/() months. Recording album in summertime.

Gerry 0141 357 5819.

I Weird, experimental eclectic music wanted for forthcoming free compilation cassette. No money involved. just exposure. Send tapes (quality irrelevant) to: Stuart B. Thee Data Base. Box I238. Glasgow G I 2 RAB.

I Versatile musician iitiii Glasgow-based. seeks licsh creative opportunities. Skills: trumpet. writing. stage- presence. didgeridoo. computer- hased .\Ill)l sequencing. Also trombone. percussion. organisation. technical. J Simon van der Walt (II-ll 357 57.1%

I Cello and piano tuition See ('ourses/l‘uition section

I Tascam 388 eight-track and mixer; Atari Ill-ll) S'I'li and monitor; (‘uhase and manual; Midex Plus; Proteus 2'. Yamaha I)Nll; Roland R5; Alesis Midivei's II; £2000. Will

separate. ()13I 225 3452.

BASS PLAYER SEEKS rappers. musicians and composers interested in a hip liop/_i:i/./tii;it;i/./. stvle group.

contact Andy 0141' 226 5934.

ADVENTUROUS MUSICAL atid vocal collaborators sought for recording projects. Anything off-heat considered. linprovisors. outcasts and screaming Divas etc.

0141 638 8330.

I Edinburgh popsters \\'tlll bright future/fifteen original top tunes. need good keyboardist and guitarist to supplement line- up. Regular practices begin April. Sound/image vaguely 'leardrop lixplodes. Pulp. New Order. (ll 31 (16‘) 3390.





for details of ev enine

.iiid daytime classes in and .iiounil (ilasgow

Tel 0141 945 3931.

I Edinburgh Buddhist Centre .\Ieditalion. liudilhisiii and Yoga \‘I;l\\i‘\x‘i)tll\t'\ regularly. l’liis \\t‘t‘I\t‘llil t‘\t'lll\' 24/35 I'L'I‘. Introduction to .\l.isculiiie Archetypes and The .\Iylhie Power o! ('ineiiia' I’hone (llil (if): {I‘Ilfi litit ilelalls.

I Singer seeks piano player {or 3

piib gigs. Must be versatile and have a good car. Also needs to be able to itnprovise. Sinatra to Squeeze. (‘all John ()SBI (146289.

FEMALE SINGER SEEKS hand in lidinhurgh area. llas strong vocals. tlntluences) all indie. rock. ballads. Contact Maureen on 0131 477 9987 alter 6pm.

I Gigging in Glasgow? l-‘ree overnight aceoinm (well actually £5 .s/c breakfast). ()ffer only for limited period. To book tel (llsll 22l 7880 before event/conceit. Spaces limited. (.iroups/fans both welcome. (‘entral

I Versatile singer/irontman lol‘ Pub/club band. Able to handle wide range of sly les and leaiii new material quickly (‘all lll~l| 557 2‘)‘).\ or lllVil) (\(illltiN

I lmprovisor (soprano sax) would like to iiitei lace w ith other adv entiiioiis iiiipi'ov isois Styles: I)ei‘ek Hailey. lavan Parker. AMM. .loliii /.orn. lii‘ol/itlailn. (‘ecil Taylor. Lol

i('o\'hill. Steye Lacy. (’ontact .las ()I4l (cit) iiiis.

MUSIC IMPROV WORKSHOP working towards performance and/or recording.

Ref points: 'Iiicus'. AMM. lilectroiiica. avaiit-rock.

Contact J35 0141 636 1048.

I Newwave guitar pop band

seeks other acts to share single release with interested —- then call Gordon on (ll4l 946 7327.

DRUMMER REQUIRED for gigs and recording with indie/rock hand. lidinburgli.

Call Ian 0131 555 3970.


4 day foundation course 17/18 Feb & 24/25 Feb

lO—-6 pm £120



for l’aintiontrol Stress Phobias \Veiglit Problems etc FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION

TEL: 0131 467 2315

A member of the Academy of Carat/v9 Hypnotherapists

SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE -\ lull iange of dental li'eatiiient ailable including crow iis. bridges. \ciiecis. lIlI.l_\‘s_ white fillings .iii.l implants. ’l‘ieatiiiczits .l\ .:il.ihlc independently and l) lzlaine Goldsmith Ill)S it) l-iedeiick Stieet. ladinbingli.

Tel: 0131 220 4077.


A full range of restorative

dental treatments available

including crowne. bridges. veneere and implante.


39 Frederick St Edinburgh Tel. 0131 220 4077

90 The List ‘)-22 Feb I996