V I saw you \r.m Islands .11 .‘st'v. Year \1111 I ierzr. 1111‘ (icotee \\: 1.111.1-11. drank .1111! Iltllgllt'ti l".'. 1111) I11’1c'ii\ I.t‘!\ laugh some 1111111'11\;t (rillilllt‘ss 111 I -lIllI‘tll:_-ll Sl.::111e' Box \o

1 .. 1..

V I saw you I.111!1Ittlllt\ '1'1111111s. 5119/1 You


(r‘_1\3't“.‘. ..


K9111 ouch Iii'l'lsll1"111I‘1i1‘ltltlt‘ \Ii;tl.;‘~r‘e;:r«'! \I.'.a!.;1'l. liarrt‘ti 1‘:111.1.I1.;r..111111111311.itixrsie I'll:"11l\ \\ l‘liL' III‘\ \11

1 's

V I saw you < « \1111 workel at(il_1sgow Ii111\ .‘r‘srr‘. lriirar‘.‘ Issue dvsk I’\e11e\er

11s.". 1:!1 .11} .1s 111ml; 11: 11.}. ilii‘v‘ 1111 sure '.1';| lfl‘IIchi ‘11111 11.11‘511'11‘ '. 11.;11 .rlltI - yoga-1111 \oa Ie.‘1 1'1 s1;:_i\ Ili‘.zit'1\ .tliil lie-.111. '1t""11.:n'

" l xiv. but 1111 1.11.


short hair an.

I 11:11» 11* ! :e‘erni}, ‘r'urr 31.1.. ‘vorrre ‘sIIII

'i 321‘ 11111: j.o'1 .Iitlrt”

".1 11cc. 1)1\' I 1111111; l'!!;1\;-1rp

.11 '111\ {1113111' We. .\11 Ii":~ I‘ii! V I saw you s1.§.t-..\1.ryoi~1n<, Ia':


11'.;rt;1lr.r:1. \tttr 111‘

‘jztarr .2: Isttrdj. in}: .11

I'r.1\.-;s',1‘. 11; (ii;r~«'ovr.. How '.‘..1\ SI‘tlllt'i .\ttll‘\ LL" 1'} \tlltl '_"111\ll"_\c“l c'll‘.1'\.'1'tl Illc‘

,-\1t‘.r:'111111111;' 111 \lay


..11.l would ‘iIAt' lit \;:‘. Ilcilrt .tg‘aIfl IIIt‘Jsc' 'vr.r::.*'.1':.t\1..1re1111'31esteti121.1 .141”. No! .2"?!

I saw you I !.1\1\ 1‘ 1:7} :1 (lab \'

i‘rrznette w 11h wonderful smile.

Q \Ier'catlo 111‘. 22 Ian. tItri eyes I'ngeret! \\Il.‘12 you an ed my Mr‘c'. .\le.t:1';!. l'rench e\~.-c. dark. handsome. Box No I /2721’2. _

V I saw you Jan .21. 11:1111.

Roy .11 Cres. above Scotland Yar-I. You‘d been shopping. You 111.1;le111y heart jtrirrg‘ You

long black CHJI. .\Ie Itlgfg'cls woolly Irat. I’Iease call 1111‘ Box No 17/272’3.

V I saw you S.l’. :rrirtemg Illl'tl the 'I‘esctt :11~!.~s_ I w as all L‘!!ll‘;tt.t\\c‘.l szmles. You; flowery shoes and red striped hair. w ril w e trial: a social p.111" I'iirhl oat! Box .\'o I"272/-1

V I saw you 11/1/1111. nutrient-111 A. deadly look 111'.i1ecl11ppy.a stitiet!\1.;tve;t! thef'lrriiew Shop. and a 1111111011111 or pizza at 11111} ('orm-r. Is Ill‘.\ tourth trrne i.i1.‘l._\'.’ l’It‘L'AL‘ ‘v‘. 1‘llc. lit\‘\ \0 IV’I’T/f“.

V I saw you 12311:. tfi’lmo. \lj. slim-Eats.- 1s undone again. \‘1. he .\ spor'er is in tIl\111!.l\. Sq'h‘ 1111-. \Jo 12272.1(». '

V I saw you drop dead gorgeous. beautiful (but cold!) (irace 'Miss‘ Kookat' \Iontpeliers and Iguana. You're the 'sexy. orierttal babe'! Forget your ex. give this rugger a chance » try me and you‘ll be converted! Box No 11/272/7.

V I saw you Belfast-Glasgow- Iidinbnrgh. 6/ 1/96. We travelled m 11‘ 100111 and didn't speak. You: long. dark .eurly hair. stereo. wanted a direct bus. I was the shy. sickly creature. bl.t.k jacket. hat who helped

w rth your case. I have since recovered arid look much better! Can we meet.’ Box No lT/272/8.

V I saw you Boots the Chemist. St.l.1111es Centre. 22/1/96. You bought some Brylcreem. Let me \IIIUUIII 11 on that gorgeous. black hair. I was the one in the green fleece. Box No II/272/‘I.

V I saw you Physician attd Firkin. Friday. 26/1/96. You. stnall female. docs. black jeans. black leather with gtritar badge. lots of auburn/red hair. Me. bloke standing by jttke box who couldn‘t stop watching yotr. Would have been dressed like you if not straight from work. Please write. Box No l.’/272/I~I.

V I saw you around Napier lini.

Tartan trousers. baseball cap. Me. blonde hair. wearing black. You have said hello once. say it again. Box no [1/272/15.

V I saw you (lid. outside a tent at the Book Festival opening. You were with your family. I was in black. How are you'.’ Box No U/272/Io.

V I saw you eight years ago. You still look good tome. Please write Goldilocks. Box No [7272/13.


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V I saw you smouldering. Scandinavian. amongst throng or ginger jocks in Doctors on llartrrsh's stag night. Can I ride your long boat'.’ Say yes arid I'll be in Bristol ‘before sunrise'. Ah. Box No [3/272/10.

V I saw you 32/ 1/911. l-rlrrihouse. 6pm. watching Hurry. Me: blonde skinhead. trying pathetically to act cool in bar afterwards. You: cute in bltte check shirt with straight couple. I was crazy to leave! Box No

I 272/] l.

V I saw you I’leasance gym. 25/1/9o.-1prn. Aye bonnie lass. You: blond. blue top. black cycling shorts. Me: tall. dark. bee-striped top. I loved your tr1annerisnts (and your bottom!) Please get in touch. Box No 1'1’272/12.

V I saw you at the Cameo kiosk. 25/1/91». Your warm smile and dark eyes made my evening - I was unable to decide what l wanted except to know you better. Box No 17272/13.

V I saw you Rachelle? The Basement. 20/1/96. Waverley Centre. 23/1/96. You: 24. red hair. interior designer from Perth W.A. Me: ( l9) old looking. goatee beard. Maybe we could go for a drink. I‘ii‘iends’.’ Box No U/272/I7.

V I saw you 27/12/95 on BA flight London to Glasgow. We chatted about travelling and India. How was I-Iampi'.’ Fiorta. get in touch. dying to see you again. Andy. Box No U/272/l9.

V I saw you not just Saturday 20/l/96. Paul with the bleached blottd ‘going green' hair. Me orange and glowing. Why not compare hair colours again? Box No U/272/20.

V I saw you Maggie Dicksons. 20/1/96. Craig. you were watching rugby all afternoon. I was watching you watching rugby. Got to know each other pretty well by closing. From tall brunette ‘Happy Days!’ Box No [.1/272/21.

V I saw you I700 Edinburgh- Aberdeen train. 19/1/96. You: dark haired girl in green jumper reading Face. Me: gtry in suit sitting next to yott. who got off in Dundee. Get in touch. Box No [1/272/22.

V I saw you lain. Celtic Connections. Central. late Sat 20111. I rescued you from politics. yott thought I was frotn Dunkeld. Was that your girlfriend on Sunday‘.’ If not. let's meet. Ann. Box No U/272/23.

V I saw you Martin. Little Italy. 27/12/95. You recently moved to Glasgow from Iidinburgh. were drinking in the Cellar and bought four small pizzas. "I‘aggart' stood behind us. Contact me. Box No U/272/2-I. V I saw you twin doctor (or Dr) check-shirted plastic surgeon. The Granary. Shawlands. 4 November 1995. What about our game of Scrabble? Box No [9272/25.

V I saw you long blond-haired alto violinist in RSNU. You exhausted me. I'd like to know about you. I'm the brunette. curly-haired. Spanish girl who can't stop looking at yotr. Box No U/272/26.

V I saw you New Year's live. You; ‘Scotland' top. Me: in love. First in Kilkenny's. then iii the Square. Stick with tne. this year will be special. Box No I.‘/272/27.

V I saw you psychology Stephen. looking fruity at Citrus Club. 20/1. Me. over-ripe Alice. juicy for you. Box No [7272/28.

V I saw you at Robert Fish blond. beard. white shirt. blue- green kilt. 11o knickers and interesting design on one check. Are you dancing'.’ Box No [1/272/29.

V I saw you in Hair Mirage. I’artick. You handsome cutter. stvlist. haute coiffeur. Let your fingers . . . Hartdsorne guy down the road would like to cook you dinner. Please! Box No [1/272/30.

V I saw you again. Chris of Barony/Hart Street. at Barony Bar. end January. As before. we were with other people. Want to talk. just us'.’ Jenny. Box No U/272/3 l.

V I saw you and bedded you. after Bennet's. Fri 26. I'm the tanned. Iinglish guy with the dancer friend. who went borne to London. but I'm back to find you Dave. Box No U/272/32.

V I saw you drinking coffee on your own in Bar I0. drinking wine on your own in Dels. You’re handsome. fabulous eyes. Leave that crossword alone for once. xxx'.’ Box No U/272/33.

V I saw you in C.C.'s. You. gorgeous. darkhaired hunk with cute smile. Me. drunken. friendly sttid! Let your love handles engulf my thighs! Box No U/272/34.

V I saw you Subway. 20/1/96. You: Zoe. gorgeous. witty. intriguing. Me: amorous. fascinated. Thought we connected! Iixams over? Looking for fun? Take a chance. keep a promise. Call me! R. Box No U/272/35.

V I saw you Burns supper. 27/1/96. You beautiful and curvy. Me sad and far away. Show me your neeps and you can tnash my trttties. you beastie. Box No U/272/37.

V I saw you Miriam. we met behind the bar at T In The Park. You had just graduated in linglish from Glasgow. I'm doing a PHI) at Strathclyde. Fancy a drink sometime“? Rich. Box No U/272/38.

V I saw you QMU barstaff. then two years later. in my shop. You. wearing blue and eating chocolate. Me. the girl wearing brown. Want to shop in Harvey Nichols together"? Box No U/272/39.

V I saw you French. blonde and sexy girl in the liurolines btts from London to Glasgow. 7/1/96. Me: a French blond and blue-eyed guy not far behind you. Hope to hear from you. Box No U/272/40.

V I saw you Je t‘ai vu acheter des Camel (moi j'achetais 1/: Mum/e). puis les fumer au Mal! and S/IUH’I en eeoutant du jazz. Tu es Francais. 35—40 ans. Itrrtettes ovales. petite queue (Ie cheval nos regards se sont croises. veux-ttt qu'on prenne uu eafe'.’ Box No U/272/41.

V I saw you my ‘Valentin'.l send you all my love frorn France where I am waiting for you. I miss you so much. Lover kisses. your ‘Valentine‘. Pepette. Box No U/272/42.

V I saw you in the Basement. Sat 4 Feb. around 10—1 1pm. You: dark hair. dark eyes. green top. Me: short dark hair. black leatherjacket. red and black shirt. Was it me you kept looking over at. or was Damon Albarn standing behind me?! Want to meet up for a closer Iook‘.’ Box No U/272/43.

/ . {8}“?

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94 The List 9-22 Feb I996