v Floppy pig I love you more than ever. Happy Valentine‘s Day and Happy First Anniversary. You and me whatever the weather. With much love from your Sweet Pea.

v lucy at Target Can we talk'.’ Call me. I‘ll be around. Mino. v ‘Twice or thrice had I loved thee before l knew thy face or name.' Love you always. Do you feel the same? l know so. v To Hercule You ain't a Southern beau. But it's hard to know you‘ve got every quality. From Norma-Jean Rebellc.

v Andrew Hebden I miss your sexy voice. Scots lass. xx.

v Steve Mitchell an adonis in tweed clothing. Won't you tweet my woofers?

v John II You're a naughty. naughty boy. You deserve a spanking. Let me.

it Australian girl in Gustos You're like Venus de Milo. Except you’ve got artns. Can l butter you up'.’

it Slightly potty people of the world unite.

v K I want you more. because I can't have you. B.P. l.

v Benzie Make my Valentine dreams come true. Take a shower and blow your nose.

v Anybody. Marry me No time wasters please.

v To Solly Can we chase you again'.’ From Heidi and Pip.

v Kirsten l'tn "l'ayburn-ing up for you. Let's be bold and get condensed.

v Brian I. You are a Major figure in my life. Let's do it on the Esplanade.


8 AT



Alltickotsiitosomtneuppercircle Phonotheboxolflce 0131 2204349endeayyou're booldnglorthofloeFun Night‘

v Whilst on the corner I spied my Lorna. there were love hearts coming out of my head. She looked so nice. so l didn‘t think twice. about asking her into my stockroom. Mr Loverman. xxx. Pierre.

v Dear Dotty I love your pies. Your ever loving Tippi. xxx.

v To my little tootsie With love Big Daddy. xxx.

v P’PPA We‘ve been on the run too long. Meet me in the Sithy on Valentine‘s night for cakes and a critch. OK P‘ppa? Love B'BBA.

v M 'l'here's not a Shakespeare sonnet or a Beethoven quartet. that's easier to like than you or harder to forget. lf yott think that sounds extravagant. l haven't finished yet - I like you more than I would like to have a cigarette. .l.

v Apehead Monday nights pass too soon. long to be close to you. Lots of love and cuddles. Special Lamb. xxx.

v To Chutney Ferret Happy Valentine‘s Day from the one that can drink. xxxxxx.

v lley, serious! Can't think of anything better than cocktails and ‘Going Places' with you. Didn't know you could find love in a ‘chickenshack'! Love you lots. Stevie - Ms Hihbertygibbet.

v I loved you because you look like Jim Reeves. Things have been great lately. Would you like to try again'.’

v Custard You're ginger. you're fat. you smell. you purrbag. Love you. Mum. x.

v This message goes to Shirley. who has sent Jim iii a whirl. with her good looks and charm. she really is such a lovely girl. lots of luv xxxxxxx.

v KB or not KB? What do I get . . . you or a knockback'.’ The choice will soon be yours . . .

v Yo art lover Let's talk more than pictures sometime. Paint me with your brightest Colours


v 0 luscious one Let the bunny live! Let's go hang in Barbary Lane and cruise supermarkets together. How ‘bout it'.’ Huh'.’ Huh?

v Nicole When all those striating shirts get too much for those lovely eyes of yours. why don't you turn them my way'.’ I'm climbing the walls over you . . . Beaucoup d‘amour. Papa.

v Katie There comes a time when you meet someone you want to spend the rest of your life with . . . you are that someone. Hope you still like me'.’ Love Paul.

v I love you with all my 50 years; and if you‘re a microbe frotn Mars arrived here on a comet. then that explains a lot. my pet!

v Jive bunny I've saved your life!!! Be my Valentine.

v Jenny When lrish eyes are smiling. you really ‘lixcel'. Keep 14/2 evening free anything eould happen! (PS: NOT a wind—up. but hope it makes you smile. Lots.) A fan.

v To Boobie We both know this is a year for change bttt one thing will remain the same ~ I love you more than anything and always will. Tottie.

v Panzer You are not a baby. so don't act like one. even if you are so cute to cuddle.

v You Lookin’ at Me Taxi driver‘.’ love you Mr Latin. P].

v Corndog Your saucer eyes mesmerise and you're very clever. but even though you're bad tempered. we'll all love you for ever. Slug. Soon and Frankie your secret admirers. v Sharon We started as a fling. and now two years later here we are! You make my heart go ping! Please always be mine. my sweet beautiful Valentine! Sara. x.

v Betty I met a lady in the meads. full. beautiful. a faery's child; her hair was long. her foot was light. and her eyes were wild. love Womble.

v Girl Monster How many Valentines does it take to change a lightbulb‘.’ None. I ate them. Boy Monster.

v I. Do you know my heart? The one that you hold in your hands'.’ lt aches for your love. Let's make babies. N.

v G Your Quince was good. bttt I'd rather see your Bottom any day. A.

v B.S.M. You started ofl' being heliotropium. soon we were all we were seeing. A turning point that sunset became. I love you more each night l come hame.


v Thanks for being a big fan ol' your dad‘s. an exciting Cltristtnas. a quality New Year. linjoy fairytale of New York. as much as I will. An ‘Irish' admirer.

v To Margaret Anne Here we are again! Come on and love me now. (Wooh. yeah) I want it! ALASKA! Love. always. Keith.

v Tom Remember the summer of “)5. ‘Peace. enjoyment. love and pleasure.‘ in pursuit ol' The Stones. Close and loving thoughts on Valentine‘s Day. Jane.

v Hey Doll you‘re so hunky. can l pull your pint in the D & Monkey?

v To my wee teddy bear Love you forever. baby. From Ape Head. xxx.

v To my little sugar plum happy

Valentine's Day. Love always.

x. N. x.

v To my lovely Johnboy Though Q

I may be far away l love you. I miss you. I love you. I miss you and l love yott still. Deirdre.

V 0K Jimbo this is as romantic as it gets!! Slobber slobber. Love you lots. S. xxx.

v To my sleeping partner Wake up. you're a tiger. and there's a shaver unit needs fitting in my flat. Big love. If. xxx.

v Mr Nibbles Next time you do a bobo in your panties. I'm going to varnish it and keep it as a symbol of our undying love. Always yours Cheeky Monkey.

v Bubbly soft-left woman found more than she bargained for in these columns. .-\ case ofdivine misinterpretation. I love you I).

v Everything begins with an ‘L’ The lovely. the luscious. the long-suffering. the

legendary . . . later dude

v Deborah ()h. can't you see that you were born to stand by my side. and l was born to be with you. You were born to be my bride. you're the other half of what I am. you're the missing piece. and I love you more than ever with that love that doesn't cease. Amor Tom.

v To Carrie the Babe When will we be together‘.’ Until then. I'm up on my trotters singing la la la I love you! From your Dringle. v Basblul When you smile and kiss me i go weak at your knees. Love you to bits. Lochboy.

v Marie When I wrote to you of hamsters the words became a garble. This year. my dear. I'll make it clear You'rejust a little marble. (lt rhymes!)

v Weed my little liwok. Go on a diet and I will cuddle you even more. Don't let the boys bite you.

it To Senga and Doreen t't hall'way Harthill. l'll see one o yis on the way there an the other on the way back. Keep ma bacon rolls nice an hot. Big Dode. xxxx.

v 007 You tnust be dreaming it's Pussygalore. You're my man with the golden gun. Kiss. kiss. bang. bang. xx.

V lley Postie! What have you done with all my cards?!

v Fwoargh! To the owner of the sexiest haircut this side of the Clyde. whose eyes and lips could melt the coldest of hearts: I love you very much. C]. x.

v Louisa To my fiancee ti amo. Our wedding day is set.

we've only got six months to go

until we end our trips by jet! Love and Valentine hugs. liuan. v Attention WRC D.U.F.F Remember your handcuffs this weekend and I might treat you to a shot of my helmet. Love you. From liireman ‘l.ance'.

v To the Pitt St posse You are my cable TV. my chicken curry. my comfy sofa. my everything! Love you all lots. El. xxx.

v Poi-Lin, 1st year OS Unpredictable. friendly. gorgeous. intelligent and miles away. Your smile and beauty outshine any girl l've met. You've made this Zl-year-old medic happy. Love Scott. xxxx. v Kirsty You do something to me. Something deep inside. If every word I said could make you laugh. l'd talk forever. I love you. Your saucy sailor.

v “P Why not come dancing in ()6 and find the friendship that ()5 confused with amorous advances? Strictly corps (le ballet. no pas de deux required. Swampy.

v Mon coeur n’existe que pour toi. Tu m'a allume la vie aussi bien que tnon ame. l)eux femmes ensembles. un amour pour toujours . . .je t'aime.

v Sall February 29th can't come quickly enough for me. what about you? David.

v liz Give the Glasgow rather than the loM. Dan the chance to light the spark inside you anyway. modern love could get you to wherever you want on time. (David Bowie). Love Dan. v Morrissey/‘liam You're not bad for a boy (with a split personality) even ifl don't fancy you. Be nice or I'll get my spanking stick at the ready. The Ad Lady.

v To The listies Thanks for saving my skirt. The Bunny. x.

The List 9-22 Feb 1996 95