% British Art Show

The British Art Show in Scotland

The fourth British Art show is to be hosted in seven Edinburgh galleries. bringing what is being touted as the Best of British to Scotland for the third time in its eighte ‘11 years. Prepare yourself for the onslaught with this yenue—by-venue guide to the show.

City Art Centre Market Street. 0] 3] 52‘) 3993. Mon/fue. Sat l()am--5.3()pm: Wed—Fri |()am—8pm: Sun I lam~5pm.

Twins attd artistic double-act Jane and Louise Wilson. are shown on the big screen. filmed while under hypnosis itt Hypnotic .S'tiggt'srimt 505. (icot'gina Starr reconstrttcts a cltildhood memory A l'is‘il ’li) .-l .S'mu/l l’lum'i. using video and walk-in cubicles filled with paraphernalia.

l‘inally. from 'l‘acita Dean there is .‘l/(lI'It‘IY/(HH ()f

5/ Agar/ta (/11 Several Paris). a doctttttetttat‘y- like Video of the life and times of the female saint who had her breasts removed.

Collective Gallery :2~-3s (‘oekhut-n Street. ()1 31 22() 1260. 'l‘tte—-Sat [lam-5.30pm.

Gillian \Vearing’s video and photographic works are intense and telling. attempting to

reveal the thoughts and personal history of contemporary. everyday people.

Fruitmarket Gallery :0 Market Street. ()I 31 225 2383. Tue-Sat 0atn-5.3()pnt; Sttn noon—5pm. Sam 'l‘ayloi‘-\\'ood's video BID/l[USUHI'HS shows a tnan dancing naked and alone. out of sync with a soundtrack of Samuel Barber‘s Adagio For .S'Irings. There is more video work front Steve McQueen. with Bear and l'iil‘t’ Easy Pieces. while .\lark Wallinger exhibits his startling horse paintings and video work. including footage of dead comedian 'l‘ommy Cooper.

Royal Botanic Garden tm-et-Ieith Row. ()1 31 552

7l7l. Daily Ham—3.30pm until 1 Mar; l()am-—5pm from 1 Mar. Damien llirst‘s dead sheep pickled in

fot‘tttaldehyde Away I’m/ii T/ll’ l’lot'k is an obvious headliner. There are more variations on the theme of mortality from Glasgow-born Anya (iallaccio the woman who once filled a room with oranges and left them to rot again shows ptttrefaction in progress. with a suspended giant daisy chain of gerberas. Watch the petals fall over the weeks. Also on show is Mat (‘ollishaw‘s video images projected onto frosted glass. depicting a scene of winter wonderland kitsch that initially obscures a figttre of someone sleeping rough. Front Glasgow School of Art graduate Douglas Gordon come two video installations. Trigger Finger and /l_\'.stcrit'u/. See feature.

Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art Belford Road. 013] 556 892l. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm: Sun 2—5pm.

Works by eleven artists are on show here. There is tnore llirst: butterflies adhered to large painted panels. and from Catherine Yass come luminous backlit transparencies of institutional corridors. Chris ()fili is exhibiting paintings with the odd smattering of elephant dung: there is a dismembered chandelier from Lucia Nogueira and Black rl'lllM’lml is by Glasgow School of Art graduate Christine Borland. Sam Taylor-Wooth video installation features


8 The List 23 Feb-7 Mar 1996

Karaoke in reversal four individuals lip-mine

to Stt'auss‘s lilo/(rm. There is a clothes rack of

shirts stitched with human hair from .lordan Baseman and super—realist paintings of hospital objects frotn (ilasgow-based artist .lulic Roberts. Also on show. sculpture front Kerry Stewart. light projections by (‘eal liloyer and a life-si/e. laminated garden shed by John lirankland.

Stills Gallery 23 (‘ockbttrn Street. (H31 225 9876. 'l'tte---l"ri l lam-opm; Sat l lam—5pm. Hermione \‘s'iltshire‘s Sea/nun ll involves hundreds of paperweight-like scattered on the floor. A closer look reveals that each contains an image of an erect penis. Also on show. a computer animation (um/mitt. depicting the rise and fall of a souffle.

glass ovals

Talbot Bice Gallery University of lidinbttrgh. ()ld College. South Bridge. 0131 (60 2211. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm.

Created with brightly-colonred household paint. (iary llttme’s paintings on aluminium are on show. There are photographs of cinema curtains by Bridget Smith. and Marcus 'l‘aylor‘s semi- opaque acrylic sculpture. inspired by modern- day appliances. the fridge and the free/er. 'l‘iines gone by are remembered by l’erminda Kaur in

her conceptual pieces often including articles of


See Art listings for details (2/. [Hi/(S (lll(/ ll'())'/\'.\‘/I()/).\'. The British Art Show Web site is ltt‘!p.‘//tt'wtt'.i/ltmti/t.t'n.tiU/H'iIis/turl/

head over heals 1995, Anaya Gallaccio

Got 1994, Permlmla Kaur

Haltbrother(Uniuwaln-Nashwan)1994/95, Mark Wallinger