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Over the years. Kathryn Bigelow' has proved herself to be one of the best action directors working iti l--loll_\'w'ood. She tells Nigel Floyd about her latest big screen blast. Strange Days.

With filtiis like Near Dark. li/at' Steel and I’m/III lireak. Kathrxn Iiigelow has established herself as a gifted actioti director whose ‘\ iscei'al. cathartic. high-iiiipact’ style of filnimaking confidently matches that of her male contemporaries. .\'ow. with Strange Days, Bigelow has created an action- paek'ed science fiction filrn that tests the limits of the genre b_\ inxtaposing elements of filtn noir. techno thriller. political commentar} and onc stot‘}. "The challenge.‘ she explains. ‘was to create a hybrid tnox ie that would maintain the balance between two different stories. lissentiallx. it’s the story of these two characters. l.eniix and .\Iaee_\'. set on the exe of the millennium in a flash-point societ} w here a techtiolog} has been itixented that enables you to experience slices of (\IIIL‘t' [k‘tlpIes' II\L‘s ‘cIil‘si. ‘~‘- Ilic‘It are now being sold on the black tnarket What we wanted to do was to maintain

.. “t t»? ..

g, a

Kathryn Bigelow plans a shot for Strange Days with star Ralph Fiennes

the balance between that social earn as and the more intimate on'e stol‘}. which is something far more personal and ob\ itllls‘I}' far more emotional.‘

This mixing of genre elements is

‘As people move further behind their high-security tences, so their appetite for genuine experience increases.’

t_\pi.'al of lsigclow 's films. which.

' although oltcn operating w ithiti a genre

framework. haxe IIL‘\ er allow ed themselxcs to be constricted b} it. The

director is also fascinated b} tnarginal = groups or indix'iduals w hose peripheral

lifestyles throw into relief the moral

1 \ alues of ‘normal' society. a theme that



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| re—surfaces iii Strange Days.

Ralph I"iennes pla}s l.enn_\ \ero. an ex-x'ice cop turned scller of bootleg

dreams which others can then 'iaek‘

into' and \ icariously enjo}. Is’ccorded tising ‘wiie technology that duplicates the poinrof-xiew and adrenalin rush

I experienced b} the wearer. these “clips'


incite the same responses in the luck}

\ iew er. :\s l.ennx. the self st_\ led 'Santa ('Iatis of the Subconscious‘. so slickI} ptits it: "This is not like 'l'\' onlx better. This is life a piece of somebodx 's life. I’ure and uncut. straight from the cerebral cortex. You‘re there You‘re doing II. seeing it. hearing ll . ii.‘

The synthetic experiences that l.enn_\ sells run the gamut from crude home porno to real life crime; biit if his trade is dubious. so too is his anaesthetised



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was inx'olx ed. as main people w ci‘c. iti

incident and the riots that followed. l

ctistoniers' insatiable demand for authentic-sectiiirig ‘clips‘, ‘l’or instance.’ Bigelow explains. ‘l.ennx Nero st!) s. “We all need to take a walk to the dark end of the street sometime. but sex can kill you and the streets are a war rotie." And as people more further behind their high~securit} fences. which actuallx present them from experiencing raw life as we once knew it. so their appetite for genuine experience increases. But what the} don't realise is that the “wire” is not the lechnolog} to satisfy that cra\ ing. In fact. it’s a pacifier. it prexcnts tlietii from focusing on the social issues which created that siege mentality in the first place,‘

Issues such tts pox el'l}. lut'tttI discrimination and the abuse of political pow er. ()ne scene echoes the infamous hotite tnox ic footage of Rodne} King being beaten bx police officers. an incident which sparked the subsequent I.os .-\ngeles riots. These references are both conscious tittd crucial. saxs lligelow: "This script was presented to me almost four xcars ago. iust on the heels of the Rodnex King

the clean-up of dow ntow n l.os .'\ttches. Actually quite a lot of the images come born that experience. from being there and seeing part ol the CH} which xou lix e iii being destros ed. lrom seeing arm} personnel on the streets It was a wry tito\itig experience and I felt that we needed to take responsibilitx for that cultural history'

Strange /)a\.\ o/n II.\ (In /1.r i" .I/ar‘. Jamex ( 'ana'rint '\ xt'rt ( n/n'ai furl/1e ltlni l\ pri/r/Is/it t/ in Penguin at MUM


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