solittrde. The final part of Antonioni's unofficial trilogy of movies on doomed relationships (L'Ai-i'errrrmr and [AI None are the others). this again captures a restless feeling of human alienation and sets it against an unforgiving backdrop here the decaying beauty of Rome. Iidinburgh: I-ilmhouse.

I Ed Wood ( l5) ('I‘im Burton. I'S. I00-I) Johnny Depp. Martin Landau. I’atricia Arqirette. 133 riiins. Burton's fondly atrrrospheric homage to the so-calIed 'woist director of all time' is hrs best film to date. It‘s more than a biopic pastiche. however: the emotrorral heart of the film is found in the genuinely caring relationship between Wood and the dying. drug-addicted Bela Lugosi (a marvellous Martin Landatr). Depp plays Wood as a bundle of energy and innocent roiriariticism. capturing the spirit of dogged deterrirrnatrori that makes the subject such an appealing character. (ilasgow'; (il’l‘.

I El ( IS) (Luis Burruel. Mexico. I052) Arturo De (‘oi'dova. Delia ('rarces. Luis Beristairr. 0l ruins, 'I‘here's plenty of Buririel touches here to liven up what might otherwise be a typical Mexican irielodrariia. An older man (and a virgin) mimics a young girl. but becorries consurried by realousy. A fine black coriredy'

I Elisa ( I5) (Jean Becker. lirance. I00-I) Vanessa l’aradis. (iciar‘d Depardieir. (‘lrlothilde (‘our‘atr ll5 mirrs. A street-w ise girl moves from council estate to sleazy hotel to windswept lighthouse to exact revenge for her mother ‘s suicide, lecker 's liliii suffers an awkward change of tone from lrrrrny buddy action to father-daughter mind games. l’aradis isn‘t bad. she‘s just asked to cover too much ground (ilasgow: (Il’l‘.

I The Exorcist ( IS) (William l-iiedkirr. l‘S. I073) Linda Blair. I5Ilen Burstyri. .Max \'orr Sydow. Ill) mirrs. liairiest priest Von Sydow steps in to save poor little possessed girl in this huger effective scaretest. Dead good. dead scary. dead priest. (ilasgow: t)deorr.

I Far From The Madding Crowd (l’) (John Schlesinger. l'K. I007) Julie t‘hristie. 'I‘ererice Stamp. l’eter I-ineh. Alan Bates. I75 mins. Some of the Sw irrgirrg Sisties' beautifrrl people gather for Thomas llai'dy's tale of a girl from a sheep farm and the three men lighting for her affections 'I‘he Wessex landscape is lovingly shot by Nicolas Roeg. lidirrbuigh: I-ilrrihouse. I Farinelli ( 15) (Gerard (‘orbiatL I5r'arrce/Belgiurri. 100-1) Stefano Diorrisr. linrico Lo Verso. Jeroen Ki'abbe. I It) ruins.

074/ 552 X537 63 remade gmgow

32 The List 23 Feb-7 Mar 1996

with an arrtr~cIerrcal bent. Iidiriburgh: Iiilmhoirse.

Biograplrrcal details. period splendour and a frctiorialised narrative combine for an account of the life of ISth century castrato (‘arlo Bi'oschi. Dependent on his brother 's music for his stardom (while his brother is dependent on Irrrrr for an outlet for his compositions). his main desire is to sing the more emotional music of Ilandel rather than the custorii-writteri ornamental ditties his fans love. ()mate costumes. arresting vocal set pieces and a strong dramatic undercurrent rirake this a feast for the eyes and ears that doesn't ignore the mind. l-‘ife: New I’icture House. Strathclyde: Iiast Kilbride Arts (‘errtie

I Father Of The Bride Part II (I’ll) ((‘hailes Slryer. I‘S. I005) Steve Martin. Diane Keaton. Martin Slioit. It)? rrrirrs. As a plot development from w hat was probably the worst movie of I003. (‘reorge Bariks (Martin) not only has to face up to becoming a granddad. but also a dad again. as wife Nina (Keaton) falls pregnant. Srirug comedy with babies. (ieneral release.

I Glen or Glenda? ( 15) (Edward D. Wood Jnr'. LS. 1053) Bela Lugosi Lyle 'I'albot. Daniel Davis (aka lid himself). ()l mins. Also known as / Led Two I.lI't'.\ or even I ('liu/rem/ My Set this well meaning expose of transvestite life is a quite unique mess. A semi-autobiogi‘aphical work by Iid Wood. it swings from the bizarre to the surreal and experimental to the ludicrous and back again. (ilasgow'Z (il’l'.

I Goldeneye ( ll) (Martin Campbell. l'K/l'S. I005) l’ierce Bi'osriaii. Sean Beaii. lzabella Scotupco. I30 mins. A long wait. a new Bond. a twist to bring him up to the 00s. It's definitely worth II. because this is a solid two-arrdya-bit hours of fun. filled with all the old pirris and gadgets. biit with a bit of character development. Bi'osrrari is the best Bond since (‘onticiyx and his wry smile helps our hero through his trials as he tracks down the baddres who have hiiacked a satellite system that can wipe the world's coiriprrters clean. l'ile: Adam Sriiith.

I GoodFellas t IS) ( Martin Scorsese. l'S. I000) Robert De Niro. Ray Liotta. Joe l’esci. Lorraine Biaco. l’aul Soivrno, l-I5 mins. Liotta plays lleniy Hill. a real-life million). with De Niro as his mentor in crime. And while the bullets. fists and can irig kriives fly. Scorsese brings its back to that unavoidable question yes. it’s glatirorous and lucrative to live this way. but can anyone really live with the conseqtrerices'.’ Winner of BAI'IA awards for best film. director and screenplay. and a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Joe I’cscr. Strathclyde: l'(‘l Iiast Kilbiide.

I Great Expectations r Pt i) (David Lean. t'K. 1040) John Mills. Bernard Miles. l’iIIld)’ ('uiirc. llS mins Lean's adaptation of the Dickens novel remains crnerria's definitive version even after half a century. An orphan meets arr escaped convict and is introduced into a new world of adventures and finely observed characters. Photography and design at its best. lidinbuigh: l‘iliiiliotise.

I Heat ( I5) (Michael Mann. l'S. I005) Al Pacino. Robert De Niitr. Val Krlrrier. I70 mrns. Mann's star package cops-and-robbers tale is head and shoulders above the rest of the genre. thanks to an action-packed screenplay that fully explores its themes and gives depth to its charctcr's. I’acino is the dedicated detective whose home life is in ruins; De Nrio is the reclrrsrve criminal iriastermirrd. The two men's finely balanced sense of honour and mutual respect is well dissected. and the shoot-out set pieces are heart stopping. Biilliarrt. ('reneral release.

I Homicide ( l5) (David Mamet. l'S. l00l ) Joe Mantegna. William ll. Macy. Nataliia Nogirlich. Rebbeca I’idgeon. It): rriirrs. Dedicated cop Bobby (iold (Mantegna) begins to struggle with

98 West 8w, EJflititgh Elli Zilll Tel: 0131 226 7460

his conscience and reflect on hrs Jewish background when a murder investigation puts him on the track of an antrSeinrtic terrorist group and a coirritei-oiganisatioii of /.iorirst vlgilarites. Maiiict's third film is as much about faith in a lost society as racist tensions in New York. and is certainly head and shoulders above most conventional police pi'rx‘edirials. (ilasgow: (il’l‘.

I In The Bleak Midwinter i ii) (Kenneth Branagh. I'K. I005) Michael \Ialorrey. .lulia Sawalha. Richard Briers. 00 riiriis. .\ giotip of actors undergo individual voyages of self- discovery while rehearsing a low-budget version of l/(llllft'l. It sounds like luvvie hell. biit tlreie are some poignant irioriierits and plenty of one- liners to w in over the most hardened Branain cynic. I'ite: Adanr Smith.

I The Indian In The Cupboard (l’(i) ( Iiiarik ()z. liS. I005) llal Scardino. Litefoot. David Keith. 0o units. for his birthday. young ()rrur is given a magic cupboard that brings to flesh-and-lmrie life his plastic toys. principally Native Ariiericari Little Bear. Iiscellerit sfs bring Lynne Rerd Banks' novel to lrIe. btrt aside from that. ll doesna really develop. apart from some trite moral lessons about showing respect for the lives of others Borders' I’ayilrori. I-ite: (ilerirothes. Stiatliclyde: l‘('I Last Krbride. \\'Mls’.

I Johnny Mnemonic ( IS) r Robert Lorigo. ('5. I005) Kearru Reews. Dolph Luridgieri. ‘l‘akeslri. 0tr iiirris. (‘y berpuril. author William (iibsori's screenplay rtroiii his own short story) prov ides the basis for a Ilst century tirikey. Reeves carries stolen data rri his head. discovers that it contains the cure to a worldw rde disease. btrt has to dodge the Yaku/a tlllt/ dow riloacl the irilo before his head explodes, 'I‘eirrble acting. shoddy directrori. fill-the gap dialogue. The only hi~tech gadget you need is the off-sw rtclr. Izdrnbtrrgli:

l (I Strathclyde \lagiirrrii.

I Jumanii ( l I (Joe .lohristori.l S. I005) Robin Williams. Joriatlran llydc. Kirsten Drrrrst. llll iirrns. 'l tapped for It» years in a itriigle board game. Alan l’airrslr (Williams) is released only when two IIItKlL‘lIl-vld) kids throw the dice tlrciiiselyes. But they also unleash a stariipede of monkey s. crocodiles. elephants. rhinos and other unfariiiliar beasts into small town Ariierrca. The story riiariages to get beyond lls repetitive limits with a brilliantly original central idea and post- .l!!I(l\\f( l’rrrl corriprrtei effects that make Il state-of-the-art cinema spectacle (ierieial release.

I Killing Zoe t IS) (ls’ogei Avarv. l‘S. I005) liiic Stoltl. Julie Delpy. Jean~Ilug|res Anglade wt» mitts. An ace safe-cracker tStolt/r arriyes in Paris too carry out a ‘lob' for a friend. btrt too much partying means that the elaborate batik siege is doomed to failure (liven that Quentin ’l'aiaritirro's name is on the credits as executive prrxliicer. it's no surprise that the tilrri is a IllI\ of nihilistic attitudes and desrgrier y rolcrrcc. linked in with a tribute to the heist pictures of past decades. Iidinburgh: (‘ameo

I leaving Las Vegas t is, t .\llls‘e liiggis. (‘5‘. I005) Nicolas Cage. Iilrsabeth Shire. Julian Sands. I 10 mins. Sacked from his job. Ben r('age) drives to Las \'cgas w itli the sole intention of drinking himself to death. but during his descent comes across hooker Sera (Shire). another lost soul. I‘iggis's neon drenched movie captures the irresponsible euphoria and rrieiital pain of alcoholism from a subrective viewpoint. while the astonishing [)erioimances by the leads help it transcend the surface tawdirness and delve deep into underlying emotions. ('rlasgow: MUM l5i|rri ('entre. lidinbuigli: (‘arrreo

I lift to the Scaffold (I’(i) (Louis Malle. l’rarice. I057) Jeanne Moieau. Maurice Ronet. (ieorges l’oujouly. 0t) rriins. t‘onsrdered quite a gripping thriller in its day. Malle's first dramatic feature hinges on a perfect crime of murder that does not go according to plan. The cool iron elements are still effective. the Miles Day is score still sets a decadent tone. and Moreatr is still glowing on screen. (ilasgow: ('rl’l.

I A Little Princess (I’( i ) (Alfonso (‘iiar'orL l'S. I005) lileanor Bron. Liam ('uririirigharri. Liesel Matthew's. 07 turns. Young Sara rs forced to leave her privileged life in India for a New York girls" boarding school when WWI breaks out. 'I‘hings turn for the worst. however. when her father is reported rirrssmg-in-actrori and. penniless. she is srrbiected to the crtrelty oi schoolriiisiress Miss \finchrrr A riioy re w itli a sense of real riiagic and love of storytelling. that is beautiftrlly designed and intelligently acted. (ieneral release.

I Living In Oblivion ( IS) r‘t‘om l)r(‘illo. t‘s‘. I005) Steve Buscemi. ('atherrne Keener. Dermot Mulroney. 0S iriiris. The boom keeps getting into the shot. the male and female stars are sleeping with each other. the smoke riiachirie's on the blink. the dwarf objects to his typecastirrg all of the nightmares of low budget filrrimakrng seem to have descended upon the head of Nick Reve (Buscemi). l)i('illo's hilai roirs follow-up to Johnny Sun/e has a very cool cast. who all bring a human touch to their roles. This isn't just for film buffs. it's for anyone who Iias struggled to

achieve something in a group situation against the odds. lidrnbriigh: (‘ameo I loch Hess (I') (John Ilendersori. l'S. I005) Ted Danson. Joely ls’ichardsori. Kirsty (iraham. I()() IIIllIs. -\n Ariierrcari scientist comes to Scotland to disprove the existence of Nessie. brrt is charmed by the pl ice and the people So far. so [mt/l I/em. But iii its later stages. this family movie leaps into action. keeping you or) the edge of your seat. Better than you might expect. btrt riot icriiarkably special (icrreral release I Madagascar Skin r I5 ) it‘iros New by. t is. I005) John llaririah. Bernard Ilrll. 03 riiins His face disfigured by a biithiiiaik. llariy (llariiiahi flees from the London clrib scene to the coast. where he meets l'lIIIl illrll). another man escaping his past. The dialogue glitters. the twrfoiriiances charm. the iriiagery is a cavalcade of the absurd and unexpected. l‘reshly Iree oI btrddy and romantic cliches (ilasgowt (ill. I Miami Rhapsody ( l 5) (David l‘I.llIk‘Cl. l'S. I005) Sarah Jessica Parker. Antonio Barrdeias. Mia l‘aiiow. 07 units It's not often that Hollywood rriariagcs to pull off a romantic coiiredy that comes at you consistently from a woman's point of \ rew '\\])IIIII;' comedy writer (iweir decides to settle dow ii and get Illdlllk‘vl. only to discover that all or her family are having aIIaris Despite this rather different approach to roiirarrce. the tone isn't necessarily cynical. more open and honest for the 0")s (}|.is:'ow' (il- l “are: a... s* y]

I les Miserables t l_‘) t( ~Iatrdc I.elorrch. l'I.II)v't'. I005) Jean Paul Belrriondo. \lrchel Borrieiialr Annie (irradot. l"-

7 turns. A vastly eriroy able 30th century updating of the llugo novel. which also c\ariiriies the effects of trial. tribulation and coincidence on a single man (Belrriondo). lts unflinching depiction ot I'rance's treatment of the Jew s under the ()cctrpatrori puts iron in the movie's abundant soul. lidirrburgh: l‘rlirihoirse. I Monty Python’s Meaning or Lite r is) r‘i'c-r ry Jones. (K. I033) John (‘Iccse. (iraham (‘haprrian. Michael I’aIiri. liiic Idle. |().l ruins. Ragbag of occasionally gross l’ythori sketches loosely follow trig this rriortal coil from world) to grave. \Vatch otrt for the exploding Mi (‘reosote Life: New l’ictuie House.

I Murder In The First ( I 5 ) (Marc Rocco. ('8. 1005) Kevin Bacon. ('hiistian Slater. (iary ()ldrriari. II? irriris. After three years of mental torture in solitary corrlirieiiient. lleriri Young (Bacon) kills the fellow inmate who landed him there. I'he case looks pretty one-sided until tyro lawyer Slater reckons that it‘s really the harsh Alcatraz adriiiriistration that’s guilty and puts the LS prison system on trial, A w eIIrrrieanirig (but at times over-erriphatic) movie. w rtlr career-best [wifoimances‘ from the two leads Iirfe: Adam Smith.

I The Neon Bible ( l2) ('l‘erence Davies. l'K. I005) (lena Row lands. Jacob 'l‘reirrey. Diana Scarw'id. 03 mirrs. I'he setting may be different ~ the LS Southern Bible Belt in the l0-I()s. lifted from the novel by John Kennedy 'l‘oole bill the concerns are rderrtrcal to Davies's previous works ll)f\!(IIll lit/rev Sit/l Liver. The Lone l)tl\' (7mm) A boy 's memory is forever marked by his violent. absent father. his overly sensitive mother and his lIaiirboyant night-club singer atrnt. Strong women. weak men. pain and tiny moments of Joy: Davies has made the same film again. albeit beautifully. particularly on account of Mick (‘oirltei 's w idescreerr photography. (‘eritial: MacRobert.

I New Jack City ( IS) (Mario \"ari l’eebles. liS. I001 ) Wesley Snipes. Ice-'l‘. Allen I’ayne. (‘hrrs Rock. Mario \'aii l’eebles, I()| mirrs. Rapper Ice- ‘I‘ plays an undercover cop dedicated to smashing a powerful gang who run a drirgs empire. But when his cover is blown. a series of violent confrontations follow. Director \"an l’eebles delivers a gripping work of fiction based on a frightcrrrng world of fact. while packing in an impressive quotient of l’li fire and hot babe