2. Jumanii (PG) 2pm. 5pm. 8pm. Casino l l8). 2- HomiCide l '5) 3P”)-

Sce also Glasgow Lures. Sense And Sensibility (ll). Desperado IX) 4- lslllll‘ “JOIN”. I MGM FILMCENTRE Snuohichnll Street. Jumanji (PG). La Ballon D’Dr (l’(i) 8.45pm.

333 1592. Heat ( l5). THURSDAY 7 -

Expected programme approximately as Loch Ness (m ),

follows. Call cinema for times. Father or The Bride 2 (l’(i). m Casino i is ). A Little Princess (U).

Trainspotting ( 18). Seven ( IS). WEEK TWO A Little Princess (U). Babe (L3). ' _ Heat ( l5). Suturng Kids Club (L‘l ): Frlday 1 ThurSday 7 Desperado i l8). The Three Musketeers ll’t'i) . , _ Loch Ness (PG). lllnm- I 3.30pm. 39,3 "mm W?“ 1 '0' “calls,” "Cl‘et Leaving Las Vegas ( l8 ). See also (ilnsuim' l.illL‘.\'. prices, opening hours, lacrlities etc. Babe (U L

Carrie l l8); lThe Thing ( IS) Sun 3 _ GLASGOW CINEMAS ”“ GLASGOW FILM THEATRE

(le. lpni,

'. . . .. 3 “aoqlnq - ' ° _ Possible 0 \eninu. i'o ‘lllClllLl mic ol .ilim c. l- Rm“ Sllk‘l' “- ~‘ ~ Provrswnal programme details only not i . l . mum“

confirmed at time of going to press.

I CANNON (’lnilatun Runil. \liiii'eiitl. (CG 3123.

Jumanji ll’( ; ..

Trainspotting l l.\').

Loch Ness rm).


A Little Princess ( l ).

I CITY CENTRE DDEDN Remit-til Sll't'el. 332 370).

Expected programme approximately as follows. Call cinema for times. Trainspotting l 18).

Jumanji (U).

Sense And Sensibility (U).

Loch Ness (PG).

Father Di The Bride 2 (PG). Seveniixi

Babe (U).

1. Othello i ll) 3pm. 5.45pm. 8.15pm. 2. Desperado ( 18) 1.30pm. 3.45pm. 8.30pm.

Elisa ( IS) ()plll.


1. The Singing Ringing Tree (U) 1.30pm. Dthello l 12) 3.|5pm. 5.45pm. 8.15pm. 2. Schindler’s List l 15) 1.45pm. with inli‘uiluctinn.

Elisa I IS) (ipili.

Desperado ( 18) 8.30pm.


1. Braveheart l 15) 2pm.

Dthelloi I3) S..15piii.t~'.15pni.

2. Desperado l l8) 3.45pm. (1pm.

Elisa ( IS) H.3(lpm.

1. Braveheart ( 15) 2pm.

l. Othello i ll) 3pm. 5.45pm. 8. ISpm. 2. La Ballon D’Dr l l’(i) l.3l)pin. Desperado l IX) Llfipm. 3.30pm. Elisa l l5) (ipm

_ Othello I II) 5.45pm. .\'.l5plll. I CITY CENTRE OOEON Reiil'iclil Street. Bfaveheart l l-‘l- . V 2. Desperado ( lb) l..“lll‘vlll. ‘wlFinn. H3 XML Possible opening. replacng one ul nluwc: Elisa l 15) (1pm. Fri 1/Sat 2: When Saturday Comes l ‘5 )- Miami Rhapsody l )5) S-lfipm. Phone cinema for details. Sec ulw Glil-‘SUW l-ulcs- _ TUESDAY 5 I GRDSVENDR who” i .mc. 33» .12)»: I GROSVENOR Ashton Lune. llilllienil. .., r y 1. otheflo i [3) 3pm, 5.15pm. 5. l 5pm. i-‘li i/g‘” 3; 33‘) 3398. Strange Days ( l8). 2. Elisa l l5) HSpm 1. Trainspotting l ix» ‘Hllpm. PFOVISlona' ngramme only can I MGM PARKHEAO The Forge. I’ni'khcnd. Desperado i la) Rump.“ 5.15pm. 2_ phone for detans. Cinema ‘0 cofltlml- 55(1-1282/43-13. Mexico: That’s The Point ll’( 3 ’. spin. I MGM panHEAn 'riii- in”... intuit-rid 1. Trainspotting ( I8) I‘Ii/Silli Itlplll. Expected pfogfamme approximately as 6 4 g” doe-21,”; 1 ;_ t 4.45pm. 7.15pm, 0.30pm; Sun—Thurs: fonows. can cinema for times. 1. Othello ( 13, 13.4%,“. ;_ ; SP,” 5'. i slim “Sat 2: 2-l()l““- 530W“. x“)Pm- Trainspotting ( 18). Elisa l l5) 5.45pm. Phone cinema for details.

Hepatitia B (hep B) can be either a minor. or a very aerioua inbection. It can be paaoed on in a

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Health Clinic (ST!) or GUM). Make aure you complete the courae ob vaccination.

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and details of local serVioes; National AIDS Helpline yeara ago. you might need a

free 0“ 0800 567'23' booater. lt'a the (salieist way to FOR MORE IN FORMA'HON protect yourselb againot hep B. for further Terrence Higgins Trust advice. call one ob the ITPIleilPA oryou can 0'7' 242 'C'C- LOPGO” phone the USPS helpline on Cl7l 24/, 65w, K WW Lesbian and v3 . 1 Gay Swuchboard between 7 and iopm. E N71 837 7324. o'mm“

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