DAMIEN lllltST is one at a bunch of young artists who could be described as Brit- art. "list has already torged links with the music equivalent of Britpop after directing the video for Blur’s single ‘Country House’; now his notorious pickled sheep is on tour as part of The British Art Show which has packaged together work by the Ult’s trendiest conceptual artists, including our own Douglas Gordon and Christine Borland.

See British Art Show feature for details.

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SUPERGRASS had quite a year in 1995 when their speed-fuelled album ISIiouId Coca unexpectedly topped the charts. New material has already been recorded, and judging by the slow-burn appeal of their new single ‘Going Cut’ they have left the teen-anthem sound of ‘Alright’ and ‘Caught By The Fun’ behind them. The sideburns remain the same, however. .

Supergrass play Glasgow

Barrow/ands on Man 4 Mar.

WHEN SATURDAY COMES. the lads like

nothing better than cracking open a can of

bitter and diving into the communal bath after is an afternoon of hard graft on the football w " pitch. And after filming this new football a" . movie. it seems that Bond baddie Sean Bean 3. is no exception. ‘Making (in/(It’lllfl't‘ was the \l. biggest thing I‘ve been involved in. but it was fig an incredible thrill to pull on that shirt and t

“it ‘4’

play in front of the crowd.‘ says the lifelong Sheffield United fan. ‘When I was at the RSC

I appeared before l5()() people. but nobody sis. shouts at you there. I've never experienced anything like playing in front of the Kop at Sheffield and it took me a long time to come down off that buzz.‘ Bean stars alongside limin Lloyd in this sporting drama about a working class lad who makes good. eventually. on the football field. ‘A lot of directors say they wouldn't touch a football film because you can't reproduce the actual matches very well. you can't get the atmosphere.‘ Bean says. who trained with United to prepare for the part. ‘80 as well as putting a few fancy moves together. we concentrated on communicating the spirit of the game.‘ The result gets pretty close to doing for football. what Lindsay Anderson‘s gritty realist film This Sporting Life did for rugby. (Anwar Brett) When Saturday Camus npenx mt I’ri / Mal: .S't't' Film .\'(’('If(lll for details.

2 The List 23 Feb-7 Mar I996