GEORGE HAMILTON IV goes back a long way with legettdary country singer l’atsy (‘line. who died 1n :1 blane crash in l‘)(1_‘~. Hamilton's role as the narrator ot /’(ll.\'_\' (line (Ii/11' .llmir‘u/ gives him ample scope to recall those days. They lost met on a teleyiston show in \\'ashington. and ended 11p together on .\'ash\ illus (irand ()le ()pry. 'l sing a couple ol‘songs. but my role is mostly reminisctng about her life while Sandy Kelly. who plays l’atsy. sings the songs.' says Hamilton. ‘lt's quite something to sit there and hear Sandy bring l’atsy back to lilef Hamilton sees (‘line not simply as a singer ‘with a God-given gil‘t'. but one who was able to transcend categories as the lit‘sl real country-pop crossoyer artist. ‘lior tne. her great songs still sound contemporary. but she was also a pioneer in another way.‘ he says. ‘Back then. women were supposed to come on and look pretty in gingham. then get out ot‘ the way and leave it to the men. Patsy wasn't the kind to take that. and she pttt hersell' 11p there. lront and centre, She made it a lot easier for all the women singers who lollowctl her.‘ (Kenny .\lathiesonl

l’rt/n' (line - ‘li/n' .l/ttxit'u/ is (H I/It‘ l’lll‘l/lrIll. (i/useou: .llon 4-5)” ‘2. (1111/ King 's 'l'lteum'. Iz'rli/t/mrg/r, .lIo/i //--.\.(ll //) .l/(lll

TRUUS BRDNKHUBST is the evocatively named choreographer behind this shameless display of male daneg bits. She describes Wonderful World by Dutch dance company Stichting van de Toekomst as a ‘beautitul dance piece about love and eroticism’, but round here we call it the old ‘get your kit oil for a publicity photo’ routine.

Wonderful World is at Glasgow’s Tramway on Tue 5 and Wed 6 Mar as part of flew Moves. See Dance listings for details.

[ATE EDITION, the show that reinvented sports presenter Jim White as Cowcaddens’ answer to Terry Christian, returns for another series of twentysomething-orientated chat. Alter Kirsty Young’s departure to become Barry Norman’s roving reporter on Film 96, Jimbo now gets to flirt on the couch with former Scot FM presenter Alison Craig.

Late Edition is on Thursday evenings on Scottish.

The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Film: Trainspotting lt'yine Welsh's cttlt noyel about junkie life in lidinbtn'gh hits the big screen at full speed, .\ last—paced riot of laughs and despair l‘rom the makers ot‘S/ru/luw (June, it is being hailed in some quarters as the film of the decade. lndge tor yourself; the hype will be inescapable anyway so you may as well succumb early. See review: (iv/tem/ l'<'/('(l.\'(’./l‘rllll l'irr 3.1’.

I Dance: New Moves Across Europe 1996 ('ilasgow's annual international t'estiy al oi bright. young. dance things springs into lite with seventeen companies l‘rom far flung corners of the globe lighting to show exactly where the cutting edge or dance will be tomorrow: Sec ft’tlllllY’.

lid/Hurry. (i/tls‘gmi‘, lllr’ 27 l't’b—i/llt’ 37.1111):

I Books: Fuhrer-Ex: Memoirs or A Former Neo-Nazi lngo Hasselhach rounded l-Iast Germany's first neo-Nazi party. fought for its legality and indoctrinated teenagers who went on to 111111'de1'l111'kisl1 women and children in a tire-bombing. Hasselbach has since renounced his liascist yows. In this book he blows the lid off [he savagery ol the nco-Na/i 111oye111ent. See fulfil/1'.

/’11/)/1\/;1'1//1\‘ ("Int/lo 11ml Him/us.

[/H ‘W. i/ltm's 33 I'll).

I Art: British Art Show 'l‘wenty-six young British artists take [{dinburgh by stotm. lilling sex e11 art yenues throughout the city with the best of contemporary art lrom media art man Damien Hirst with his pickled sheep to \ idco installations by Sam Taylor-- \N'ood. See /(’(lllll'('.

litrmm l'('llll('.\‘, lit/III/Hll'lg'll.fill/)1 Sal 3-1.

I Theatre: Maribou Stork Nightmares Adapted and directed by Harry Gibson. the man behind the sell out stage Version of 'Ii'runspoilt/1g. lt'yine Welsh's second noyel claws its way onto the (‘iti/ens' stage in what Gibson describes as a ‘panto from Hell.‘ See [tier/('11:

(ili'lft'll is llteulre. (i/(ts'i‘wni'. //'(mt iii/tints 3‘).

I Music: Supergrass lisuberant youth says 'Roll over and die. gt'andad' to - anyone oy er the age ol' 3] and hannners out some fine. reel-good ttutes to proye their point.

[furrow/mill. (i/usgon; Mon 4.

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