Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our oitices at least one week beiore publication. Folk and World listings compiled by liorman Chalmers.



I Ceilidh Dance The l'erry. (’lyde l’lace. "Pin. to tf-1i. 'l'ickets at the \enue or in adyance t'roin the Ticket ('entre. (‘andleriggs 237 55 l I.

I Dance RiVL'l'sltlL‘. l'il)\ Sll't‘c‘l. ol'i‘(‘lyde Sll‘t‘cl. 3‘13 .3 l-l~1. “Hill‘s ttl‘c‘ll Spin. music at ‘)pni. £5.

I Lavelle l‘innegan‘s \Vake. 7‘) St Vincent Street. 3~1.\' -1‘)S‘). 0pm. l-ree.


I Guid Crack Club \Vayerley Bar l'psiaiis. St Mary K Street. 7.3tlpiii. £3. Storytelling ('luh with special guest Sibylle Alexander.

I Prodigal Sons/Marcy Darcy l‘illlicgttllK Wake. Victoria Street. 330 38H».

‘)pin 2am. l‘ree.

I Mutineers Scruily Murphy's. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 325 ms l. ‘)ptii. l‘i'ee. (iraetne l’earson‘s lidinhui'gh folk/rockers.



I Tonight at Noon Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 5.53 368 l. 3.30pm. l‘ree. The l\\'() l.iyingstonelectrol'olkpopbrothers.

I Ceilidh Dance Rch‘l'SitlL‘. tm s‘ii-eci. oi‘t'L‘Iyde Street. its 3 l~1-1. Doors open .S'pni. music at ‘)pni. £5.

I Emerald Country Finnegan‘s Wake. 79 St Vincent Street. 218 -1‘)S‘). ‘)pin. l‘ree.


I ALP Music and Dance Workshops Bruntslield Primary School. Bruntsl'ield. Two days. Tuition in Step and Social Dancing; PA Systems; l-iddle Music lot" Dancing. lllltn‘lliiillm‘ 337 54-12.

I Ceilidh Dance Daniel Stewart‘s and .\lelyi|le College. ()ueenslert'y Rtiiltl. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). Tickets from 325 JOSI. liye dance hand. .\lel\'ille Memorial Pipes and Drums. Highland dancer. ral'ile.

I Tron Folk Club 'l‘ron ('eilidli House. Hunter Square. 221) 1551). S.3<1piii. £3.

I Hair oi the Dog Scrul't'y Murphy's. (ieorgc l\" Bridge. 335 1681. ‘)pni. l‘i'ee.


I Mitre Folk Club Biunswick Street. ol’i' .-\rgyle Street. 3 -(ipin. l'ree. lnl'oinial.

I Slip Jig/Irish Dancers l‘innegan‘s \Vtikc‘. 7‘) Si \"inceni Sil‘L‘L‘l. 343 493‘). ‘)pm. Free.


I ALP Music and Dance Workshops Bruntsiield l’riiiiary School. Brunisiield. Two days. Tuition in Step and Social Dancing; l’.-\ Systems: l-iddle .\lusic i'or Dancing. Ini'oi‘ination 337 5113(‘eilidli today at l.3tlpin.

I Sinaig l‘uinegan's Wake. Victoria Street. 32o 38H). ‘)pni- 2am. l‘ree. Irish pub liolk.


Glasgow I Ceilidh Dance Class Ri‘.'ei'sitle Club.

l-‘ox Street. ol'l'Clyde Street. 218 31-14. 7.3(lpiii~~l()pin. Doors open 7pm. £3.50. Bat. Regular caller Karin lngram and piano-acctirdionist Freeland Barbour.

I Prodigal Sons l‘innegan's Wake. 7‘) St Vincent Street. 215' ~1‘).\‘). ‘)l‘in. l‘rec.

Edinburgh I Yard of Ale Finnegan's \Vake. Victoria Street. 226 3810. ‘)pni 2am. l‘ree.

W Edinburgh

I Penicuik Folk Club .\'a\aar lloiel. Bog Road. l’enicuik. .\'_,‘~()piu. L11 m3). Singaround.

I Cranachan l'innegan's \Vake. Victoria Street. 336 3816. ‘)pm 3am. l‘ree.

I The Mutineers \Vlnstle Binkies. Niddrie Street. Ilpni. l’ree. (ii'ungey l'olk/t'ockets.


Glasgow I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops

Strathclyde Arts (‘entie \\'ashington Street. 7.30 ‘).3()piu. L31 (£1.50) lllliH'llidliUil (r30 1-151). lain Fraser leads the new season ol' workshops on Scots tilid (‘ape Bt‘cititl liddle styles. loi' llltll'L‘ advanced players; other tutors lead the heginners and intermediate leyels.

I Blo Ha Gael Scotia Bar. Siockwell Street. 552 S08]. S.3t)pin. l'i‘ee. \\'ild ('eltic women.

I Hair of the Dog l-innegan's Wake. Victoria Street. 326 38 lo. ‘)pin 3am.



I Edinburgh Folk Club l’leasancc (‘ahai‘et Bar. (it) The l’leasance. Spin. L11 i£.3i. (.ireai three-part \ocal harmony. strong traditional song. and all ill good humour t'i-om l-il'e ray-minus Sangsters.

I ALP Ceilidh Dance The Mei-tin. Morningside Road. S llpni. L11 H32). Weekly dance with liye music and caller. hilormation limit the .-\l.l’ Scots .\lus'ic (iroup. 337 5113.

I Prodigal Sons/Marcy Darcy ltititlcgatt‘s Wake. Victoria Street. 230 38 lo.

‘)pni 3am. l"ree.



I New Dawn Fle Club (ilasgow Press Club. West Regent Street. 332 167-1. 8pm. £3 £5. Sangsters. Quality \ocal threesome. See lidinhurgh. Wed 28.

I A Homage to the Four Tops (‘enire i‘or (‘onteniporary .»\ris. Sauchiehall Street. 332 7531. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Brilliant

l ondon-hased drummer and percussionist Ansuman Biswas l“ lit) also plays in Steaphan Hannigan's new hand Sin ii) leads a niulti-layered. niulti-tnedia extt‘ayagaii/a. exploring ritual. alieti Visitation. inner space and cultural icons a\’ part oi the (‘(';\'s Phenomenal series. Three nights.

I Urban Gypsies l‘lillllcg'dlhs Wake. St Vincent Street. 218 4%"). ‘)pni. l-i'ee.


I Absent Friends Finnegan's \Vake. Victoria Street. 336 3Slo ‘)pni -3atn. l‘i'ee.


I Bert JanSCh l’l'c‘\\ (‘ltllX ‘H \V'c'sl Regent Street. 332 10241. Spin. L7. .-\ new monthly residency tor the Scottish guitar hero now based in l.ondon. \Vitli John Renbourne (playing in lidinhurgh tonight) he was one of the i‘ounders oi l’entangle. See Music preview.

I A Homage to the Four Tops centre for Contemporary Arts. Sauchiehall Street. 332 752 1. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). See (ilasgow.

Thurs 2‘).

I Ceilidh Dance The Ferry. Clyde Place. ‘)pin. £6 (£4). Tickets at the yenue or in adyance from the Ticket Centre. (‘andleriggs 227 55! l.

I Dance Rl\L‘i'sitlL‘. hos Street. Ulil‘ Clyde Street.

248 3 I-1-1. £5. Doors open 8pm.

I Slip Jig Finnegan's Wake. St Vincent Street. 248 4%“). 9pm. Free.


I John Renbourne and Jacqui McShee 'l‘apsters‘. 2 Howden Street. ()67 0328. 8pm. £7 1L5 ). Tickets in advance from the Music Shop. Victoria Street. (irassniarkei. :30 (tom . New yenuchosts an excellent evening oi acoustic folk/jazz. by the guitarist and singer l'rotn l’eniangle. See Music prey iew.

I Shelter Ceilidh Dance St Brides. ()rwell 'l'errace. l)alry Road. 7.30pm. U) 151. Tickets from 313 1550. Music by the Robert Fish Band.

I Borderers Scrui‘i‘y Murphy's. (‘ieorge l\' Bridge. 225 test. 9pm. Free.

I Hooleys l-‘inziegan's Wake. Victoria Street. 2263816. ‘)pni~2ain. l‘ree.



I Bert Jansch liast Kilhride .-\rts Centre. l-iast Kilhride. .S‘pni. See (ilasgow. l‘ri l. I A Homage to the Four Tops ('entre l'ot‘ (‘onteniporary .-\rts. Sauchiehall Street. 332 752|. 7.30pm. L5 t£3l. See (ilasgow. Thu 2‘).

I Broads Scoiia Bar. Siockwell Street. 553 8681. 3pm l5ree. Blues. (ientle. acot's'tic/electric folk rock.

I Ceilidh Dance Riyerside. Fox Street. till (‘l-VLlL‘ Street. .3le .3 l-H. “(this open 8pm. music at ‘)ptn. £5.


I 22nd Annual Scottish Accordion and Fiddle Championships Bt'ttiiioil Hall.

is” iii

9L2 Wirrsica/ I

Mon 11 4 Sat 16 March Tickets £8.50 - £14.50

conc available

Box Office. 0131-220 4349

Starring George Hamilton lV‘and Sandy Kelly as ‘Patsy”

A City of Edinburgh District Council Venue

Musselhurgh. 665 2240. ‘)am. L‘l (50p), Bar. Snacks. (Kile. livening Concert.

(i. l5—S.l5pni. £2 til 1: Grand Dance ‘)pni—-l3.-15ani. {.3.5t)t£l.5ill. With Ian Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band. I Tron Folk Club Tron ('eilidh House. Hunter Square. 331) I551). 5.30pm. £3. Launch oi" Deal Shepherd‘s new alhuni. with a concert by the young Scots liye- piece band.

I Howlin’ Gael Scruliy Murphy’s. (ieorge IV Bridge. 335 1681. 0pm. l-ree.

I Live Irish Band l'innegan‘s \Vake. Victoria Street. 23o .‘xSIo. ‘)pni 2am


Glasgow I Mitre F0lk Club The Mitre. Brunsw ick

Street. oil. Argyle Street. 3 (7pm 1 tee. lnl‘ornial

I Macushla Finnegan‘s Wake. St \"incent Street. 215 4%“). ‘lpni. l‘rce.


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