Adapting Trainspotting! for the stage was easy. says Harry (iihson. Mum/mu Stork Nig/itmmcs gave him a lot more trouble. but makes for more satisfying theatre. he tells

Andrew Burncl.

l'nlcss _\ou‘\c itist .ii'i'i\ctl ll'tllll .\lars. you'll ll;l\ c iioticctl a lot of talk rccciill} alioul 'I'i'uriii/io/Ii'ug' and its crcator |r\'inc \Vclsh. Scotland‘s bookshops curi'ciill} hax c llii'cc l'L‘lls’tllls to lic chccrl'ul about that thc olhcrs licing :lm/ Hmm antl .lltlru/mu Shirk .\iclllnltuv'i‘. ll;ii'i'_\ (iihson has Illhl raisctl his total to l\\o. 'l‘hc man \\ ho sci'iplctl lint/tsp:ill/Hg lhc play. and tlii‘cclctl all but lhc first of its incarnations. lias shrcmlly lurnctl his altciilioii lo \\'clsh's sccontl

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[TiL‘L‘Lfi' .\ l‘ragiiiciilctl. suri'cal .sltll‘}. .llrim/mn Stork Rig/Hummis is scl among lhc iiiciiioi'ics aiitl l‘k‘s‘illl‘k' .‘"” 9”” NMI‘W "\l'h‘k “li‘li'lV‘lL

hallucinations of Roy Slrang. a i‘cl‘ornictl loolhall casual in a coma. 'l'lic iualcrial poscs oli\ ious l

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Something nasty in the boy‘s head: Harry Gibson contemplates the Marabou Stork

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innumnnumemnll The party’s over

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Misery guts: Roger Blin as Hamm in the first production of Fin de Partie

Main stage productions of Samuel Beckett are still rare in Scotland. despite its obvious affinity with music hall, which tends to be cloaked by a po-faced, over-academic approach. Last year’s Lyceum production of Waiting For Godot, which emphasised Beckett’s sheer hilarity, redressed the .ialance somewhat, and proved to be a .iit. Now at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre :omes Endgame, Beckett’s second performed play, originally written in French under the title Fin de Parfie. Set in a wasteland (natch), it features a blind cripple named Hamm, his legless parents Nell and Nagg who pop up from the dustbins they call home ~ and a lame slave called Clov who has to tend to them all.

Late night television addicts may have come across an Open University production featuring, of all people, pint-sized comic Charlie Drake. Fine if you can’t sleep at night, but the play might seem an odd choice for director Michael Boyd’s own curtain call as artistic director of the Tron, before he

heads south to become an associate director at the RSC. Boyd though sees it as the latest in a line of theatrical preoccupations which began with his dramatisation of Ted Hugties’s poem Crow.

‘They’re both a kind of tiny dance on a pinhead of nothingness,’ says Boyd. 0h aye? ‘There’s a ghastly kind of show-must-go-on-ness in Crow, and Endgame too has an intense theatricality. The people on stage are very much aware of the audience, and the characters will only survive as long as they keep their conversation going.’

Boyd sees connections too with the soon-to-be-revived Tron mega-smash The Trick Is To Keep Breathing. ‘They’re both dramatising the fight to keep going, and what it’s like to be alive, just to put one foot in front of the other. Once you fall out of normality you have problems, and they have to be thought through and looked at through new eyes. They’re not necessarily gloomy eyes either.’ To

this end, Boyd describes Endgame as ‘horribly hilarious’, a phrase which makes Charlie Drake seem like quite a goodidea.

Charges of the whole Absurdist movement being dated or irrelevant are dismissed by Boyd, who sees Beckett’s plays as pertinentto any age. ‘So much British theatre is discursive and rational, but I believe we need to rediscover non- naturalistic, poetic drama,’ he argues. ‘We in the theatre have to realise our strengths. Naturalism works best in films, and theatre’s not going to rival that. By the same token, when TV and film plays with its medium it feels pretentious, but that’s theatre’s lifeblood. We know we’re pretending, and we need to enjoy that artifice more. For an audience, the experience of going to the theatre doesn’t have to be a familiar one. Rather, it should make them feel things they’ve never felt before.’ (Neil Cooper)

Endgame, Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 1—5’at 23 March.

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