BBC TV's hit serialisation. tottring outfit tlte (iootl Company join the bonanza with their stage version. adapted atid directed by Sue Pomeroy arid starring Cornelia Hayes ()‘Herlihy and Mark llealy as Darcy. See review.

La Sylphide/Mark Baldwin Ballet Thurs

7 Sat 16 Mar. Mon-Sat 7.15pm; Thurs l4 mat l.30pm/Sat tnat 2. l5pm. £3 -£35. See Dance and preview.

I TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. 227 55l l. {Accessz P. PPA. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C].

Woyzeck Tttes 27—Wed 28 Feb. h‘pm. £6 (£2.50). See Dance attd feature.

Every Word A Gold Coin’s Worth Fri 1 Mar. 8pm. £6 (£2.50). Part of New Moves. See Dance and feature.

Know Your Enemy Sat 2 Mar. 8pm. £6 (£2.50). Part of New Moves. See Dance and feature.

Howzat? Candini Juggling Proiect demonstrate ball control in


. . . And Other Curious Questions at the Tron

Wonderful World Tue 5 ~-\\'eti () Mar. 7.30pm. £0 (£2.50). Part of New Moves. See Dance and feature.

Cricket In The Fist Tue 5-wett O .\tat-. 9.30pm. £6 (£2.50). Part of New Moves. See Dance and feature.

I TROH THEATRE (>3 'l‘rongate. 552 42(i7. [.Access: Pl’A. ST. R. l.. Facilities: WC. WS. H. C. Help: AA]

. . . And Other Curious Questions l‘nlil Sat 24 Feb 8pm. £2.50—£7.50. See Dance. Endgame Fri l—Sat 23 Mar. 8pm (not Mon); Sun 3. l0. 17 Mar 7pm; Thurs l4 mat 1.30pm. £8/£7 (£4); preview nights Fri l--Sun 3 Mar £3. Satnuel Beckett's classic follow-up to Hit/ting Fur (imlut is performed by the Tron cotnpany an appropriate choice of title for director Michael Boyd. this being his last new production as the 'l'ron's artistic director.

See feature and preview.

I ADAM HOUSE THEATRE Chambers Street. 650 8200 (after 6.30pm). Tickets available on door or from German Department. 9th floor. David Hume Tower. George Square.

Eiszit Wed 28 Feb-Fri 1 Mar. 7.30pm. Call for ticket details. A play from Contemporary German writer. Tankred Dorst. performed by the drama group at Edinburgh Uni‘s German department.

I BEDLAM THEATRE 2a Forrest Road. 225 9893. [Access: ST. Facilities: WS. G. C. Help: AA]

0:1 Fri 23 Feb. 1.45pm; Sat 24 Feb. 8.30pm. Fri £3 (£2.50/£2): Sat £4 (£3/£2). The first play ever to explain the universe. everything in it. and all the tnaths. Geddit. No neither do we. but it's a brand-new play by David McCreight and it‘s part of Febfest the Bedlam’s annual new writing festival.

Ballad of John Wilkes Booth Fri 23 Feb. 8.30pm. £4 (£3/£2). Christopher Young's new play about the frustrated actor who assassinated Abraham Lincoln at a theatre itt Washington. Part of Febfest.

Find Your Perfect Man Sat 24 Feb. 1.45pm. £3 (£2.50/£2). The l.ambrusco- fuelled antics of the office Christmas do are centre-stage in Allan Radcliff‘s new play. Part of l-‘ebfest.

Eve Fri 23 Feb. b.30pm. £4 (£3/£2). The world frotn Fve‘s perspective is the subject of this collaborative venture from like-minded performers. directors. dancers and musicians. Wltat would language sottnl like if it had been spoken by live'.’ Here's your chance to find out. Part of Febfest.

Speaking in Tongues Sat 24 Feb. minim. £4 (£3/£2 ). New drama from Angie Johnson that looks at what happened to the 250.000 women who lived in religious orders before the Reformation of the linglish Church. Part of Febfest.

Crap Gags, Dirt Cheap Sat 24 Feb. llpm. £2.50 (£2). Crazy Fdinburgh-based improvising comedy troupe. 'l'heatresports. with a promise of environmentally unsound. late-night revels fuelled by alcohol. cholesterol. tobacco and all sorts of other favourite things. Part of Febfest.

Billy Liar Tue 5~Sat ‘) Mar. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£3/£2.50). lidinburgh University Theatre Company with Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall's gentle comedy about the yottng. working-class Northerner Billy and the fantasy world he invents to escape the clattstrophobia of his ()0s home-life.

C tch the best theatre this fortnight. ., f" E t... \


I Dance: New Moves Seventeen companies from Slovenia. Scotland and points between flood Glasgow with choreographic innovation for a month. See feature. Tramway. Glasgow.

I The Architect All eyes are on 27- year-old Scottish reputation-builder David Greig as his latest play is unveiled. Will it live up to fevered expectations? See feature. Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh.

I Marabou Stork Nightmares With Trainspotting still alive. kicking and failing to kick the habit. Harry Gibson. the man behind the stage adaptation. bites into a more complex slice of Welsh rarebit. See preview. Cit/hens" Thea/re. Glasgow:

I Pride and Preiudice Good Company's sparkling adaptation reaches Glasgow on their national Austen rove. See review. Theatre /\’()_\‘(ll. Glasgow

I Five Guys Named Moe Welcome return to Edinburgh for Louis Jordan‘sjumpin'jive musical. King's Thea/re. lit/inbtn'gh.

I Endgame Outgoing artistic director turns his attention to one of Beckett‘s gloomiest moments. Forbes Masson stars as Hamm. a cheerless old fellow in a wheelchair. Tron Theatre. Glasgow:

I Comedy: Jenny Eclair Pouting. peroxide. Perrier-pinching peril. See feature. Queen is Hall. Edinburgh.

be found in the listings above.

" reiterates"; Friday 1

(Mambou Stork . . . ) ; Marabou Stork . . .

Merchant Of Venice Merchant Of Venice

saturate ' Sunday 3

Merchant Of Venice _

Marabou Stork . . . _

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow’s and Edinburgh’s main theatres, more information can

For events at Community Centres and other venues, see detailed listings elsewhere in this section. For details of cabaret and music events see appropriate listings. Performances shown in brackets are previews.

Mondayd Tuesday 5

"‘weanestt‘a‘y‘s‘i 'Thutstia’it'T—~

Merchant ()f Venice Merchant ()f Venice

Merchant Of Venice

Marabou Stork . .

Marabou Stork . . . Marabou Stork . . .

The Architect The Architect

or Mice And Men “or Mice And Men I or Mice And Men

The Architect ! The Architect

lnThe Bar. . . -lnilhe liar . . . In The Bar. . . I _ __ __ _ lit The Bar . . . l in The Bar. . . _ in 'liig.l_3_21:.._._:_m__ The Human Voice The Human yum; The Human Voice _ ~ l The Human Voice The Human Voice The Human Voice - .._ .. .. . . . ,. -—- --—— - —— - ———-——-—~— ~t “m Pride And Prejudice : '__Pride_Avn_d_ Preiudice . Pride And Prejudice ~ 5A §s‘9.l?11'i’s‘c_ 56': DUHCC 369 Dance _ 39" D‘mCfi-.____ Dance - See Dance V___ f___\________ 500 Dimw sec Dance ___ _ _______---__.___£_ - lindgame Endgame lindgame lindgame Endgame Endgame SccOptmt a H ~ a _ Folk I i liock _ Sec Rock See Rock ___-_V See Opera 7 Opera _ See Opera r V n Five Guys Named Moe Five Guys Named Moe Five Guys Named Moe Five Guys Named Moe -.___-____.~-_._.__.__-i.. 7 £._....-..-.w_ -r ----——--'~ -—"“—' Phantom . . . t g _ ~Phantom . Phantom . . . “litigation... g. Phantom . . . Phantom . . . 7 Phantom . . -

The Architect


The Architect The Architect

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