Swings and roundabouts

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Tranquility at Tramway: work bylsabeth BalltSaiiiiSamore and Richard Wright in Sugar Hiccup

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Dynamic ; kicks

‘28 Positions in 34 years’, doesn’t that sound like the line from a Prince song 22 positions in a one-night stand? says Chila Kumari Burman, acknowledging the sexual allusion in the title of her current exhibition at , Street Level, ‘but I thought, yeah, why 3 not be really cheeky and really rude!’ i Burman’s pleasure in being outrageous and irreverent carries through into most of her work, an attitude not usually associated with ! so-called ‘political art’. But for Burman, the political and the personal T are inseparable. As an Indian woman, l

Kicking the stereotypes: Chila Kumari


Burman‘s self-portrait

born in Liverpool to working-class parents. she has a rich background of issues to address, from racial inequality to cultural perceptions of Asian women. In a recent BBC documentary, on show at Street Level, she jokes that our understanding of Asian women is shaped by tea bag and airline adverts, which propagate a stereotype of passivity and meekness. Burman argues, ‘we’re not what people think we are. . . we’re wild and

In most of her work, Burman’s way of

; fighting prejudice and addressing issues is positive and unsentimental. Chi/a '5 Dynamic Kick, a large photocopied photo of herself doing a

karate kick into the camera, is both powerful, sexy and tongue-in-cheek.

Her collaged copies of old pictures of

her family, her father’s ice-cream van and portraits of her mother are a celebration of her cultural background

mixed with humour, nostalgia and respect. By drawing upon both Indian and British aspects of her background, she pays tribute to her own multiculturalism, fusing street culture and 705 retro patterns with exuberant Punjabi decoration. Unpretentiousness and compassion characterise Burman’s work of the last seventeen years. She chooses to use very basic materials, such as coloured photocopies, as they provide what she calls ‘a kind of democratic image’ which is rough, streetwise and infinitely reproducible. She is the principal subject in her work, many of her playful guises symbolic of issues which she fights for. Often labelled as radical, Burman’s attitude to her art is refreshingly accessible: ‘lt's really just about personal politics, general politics and life.‘ (Ianya Stephan) 28 Positions In 34 Years is at Street Level, Glasgow until Sat 9 Mar.

53 The List 23 Feb-7 Mar I996