Until 3‘) l‘eb. l’ortraits. drawings and still lite paintings by artist June ('anieroii. described as being “awash with insight and knowing'.

Caroline Hunter and John Hunt Mon 4 :4 Mar. :\'I exhibition ot' liiiiiiatiist paintings. including some amusing portraits ol' animals. See photo caption.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 7F— 7” (‘rimberland Street. 557 ltl3t). .\Ion l-‘rr ltlani (rpm; Sat Illam—Jpni.

Drawings And Illustrations From Hong Kong litttil b Mar. .-\ '\'isu;il l)iai'y" by ill'llSI I’L‘IL‘I‘ S. .lones. \\ lIti \pL‘IIl ll considerable amount of time li\ irig and working in the Ian liast.

Recent Works .\Ion 3b Mb -37 Mar. Intricate and unusual jewellery by John ll. Field. rising such exotic materials as amber. turquoise. al'rican blackw'ood. cocobolo and labradorite.

Glass Forms l'ntil 7 Mar. Interesting new work by Max Jacquard. including a large lead crystal bowl with l‘ossil detail.

Oil Pastels And Watercolours t ‘niit 7 Mar. .-\ collection or pictures by artist Christine .\lc.-\rthur. featuring a wonderI'trl still life ol two I’aw l’aws.

I PORTFOLIO GALLERY JR (‘andlemaker Row. 33(l l‘)l l. 'l‘ue Sat noon »-5..‘x()pm. Transitions: Contemporary Art From The Republic or South Africa Sat 24 l‘eb-vfitl Mar. Photographic work by lien liotlia. who explores contemporary and historical icons ol' the .-\t'rikaaner history. and Santa Molokeng. who doctiiiients lil'e III the Soweto township born the turn ot the century to present day.

I OUEEN’S HALL (i‘leik Street. (ms 3-156. Mon -Sat ltlam Spin.

Immediate Responses t‘nrit 2 Mai: I.t\'ely and colotri'l'nl paintings by Michael l)roop. inspired by the l’iericli Impressionists and l’ost-lriipi'essronists. I ROMANIAN CULTURAL CENTRE loo High Street. (r67 33‘)? Tire -Sal ltl;irii~o..‘\t)prii; Sun 35pm. Contemporary Romanian and Scottish Art Until 31 Mar. l)|\'L‘I'.\t‘ work from two cultures by loan litirlaco. (’ai'ola C‘liariibers. 'l‘lioi'a (‘ly ne. ('ostel lli'eamala tllltl Marcello Ney.

I ROUTE 55 GALLERY lidinburgh Lesbian. Gay iy Bisexual (’entre. 5S lii'oiigliton Street. Sit» oISZ.

Stanley Reilly: Celebrity Photographs Until 30 Apr. l’iom l.irlu to laberace. Dick and Betty Burton to Bond guys Roger Moore and Sean Connery. Stanley Reilly has snapped them all. .-\lso on show. contemporary photographs highlighting lidinbiirgh's gay nio\ement oyer reci tit years. See l‘t‘\1r‘\‘. I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN llt\eI leitli llt)ll\c. lIIVL‘l'lL‘IllI Rink. 553 T l R l.

Mon Stiti l lam 3pm,

The British Art Show sat 3-: let» 3s .-\pi‘. Damien llirst's inlariious toimalilehyde ol-l'er'ing slurry I-ir'urrr 'lir'n l‘r'uil is on show here. along with an equally deliglitt'ul demonstration or I‘Illlt‘ldc‘llttll in progress by (ilasgow -boi'n :\ny a (iallaccio. .\lat Collisli;iw"s snow stoi III \ tileo prii_iectriiri might help settle your stomach .iiter' those two. while (iS.-\ graduate Douglas (iot‘tlott presents two \ tileti installations Irre'e'i'r' finger and //\‘\.'t'/Ii’il/. See leattiie and Lectures.

UIOSGIENCE in Scotland l'ntil il .-\ttg. It you thought the world ol science and technology was boring. think again. inter- actix e computer displays. \ tdeos. .i‘l) models tineludmg a giant midget and hands-on exhibits make tor a lascmating exhibition.

I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE BAR (ii iridlax Street. :29 «min. ' Games Willi Colour l'ntil 0 :\pi, (‘oloiii'l'ul mixed-media paintings by Sara l)ownliam, Work by the artist can also be yiew ed at the lilecli ic l-iog on ('ockburn Street and (‘oiiimori (iiounds on The Mound.

I ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. I()() Princes Street. 335 l5lll. Mon -Sun 10am -(rprii.

Ashley Greaves t'niit 3t) l‘eh. Recctil

paintings by the London-born artist who challenges perceptions of right and wrong. pi‘el‘eri‘iug instead to create characters who "exude their instincts without coripunction‘.

Nick Walker Mon J Mar l7 :\pr. \\'alkei' draws on the traditional still lite genre to create \ ibrant paintings which explore modern perception and experience.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY l’t'tllc‘cs Street. 335 oo7l. .\lon~ Sat Illani 5pm t3~~."-pm Sat 3 Hat )1 Stiii 3-5pm.

The RSA Students’ Art Exhibition Sat

3 13 Mar. .-\ yibrant exhibition ot work by talented young students l‘roni the tour Scotlisli .-\i't Schools and l'niyersrty Depai tments ol' .-\rchitecture.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY to l)irnilas Street. 55S l3t)(). .\lon l‘ri ltlam (rpm: Sat 10am-4pm.

Brian Foicik l‘ntil 3‘) l-‘eb. ()ils and works on paper by Duncan ol' .lor‘ilaiistoiie graduate Brian lioicik. leatuiing swirling neon iriiages ot' the ‘\\'ait/er boys‘ at installation by Lucia ;\'oguerra teattiring (i000 pieces of glass chandelier. See t'eature and Lectures.

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 803 |. .‘xloii-Sat Itlaiii—Spin; Sun 3 ~5piii.

The John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award l‘ntil 30 Mai". listablisheil three years ago. the Kobal award arms to promote portrait photography and encourage aspiring young photographers in the genre. The exhibition teatuies 73 ol the best entries in l‘)‘)5. including the ls'irkcaldy‘ l‘air. portraits ot a I'eniale clown. and surreal still lites.

The Breakfast, lunch And Dinner Party l'ntil 3‘) l-‘eb. lliglily iriiaginatiye contemporary tableware by (Bray s School of Art graduate Morgen llall.

Mixed Exhibition Mon 4-37 .\lat‘. New paintings by (.iordon lii'y ce. ceramics by lisl‘cran/a Romero and a selection or .\'orth American jewellery.

I SCOTTISH NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART liell'oid Road. 556 5'93 l. Mon-Sat l()am~«5pni; Siiii llarn- 5pm. The British Art Show Sat 34 l‘eb- 3S .-\pt‘. One or seyeri venues around the city playing host to the fourth British .-\rt Show. The work ol' elex'en artists is on show here. including l)aniren llirtst‘s iridescent butterflies. ls'eri'y Stewart's stereotypical ligur'e sculptures and an

w inning photograph by (Elasgow -boiri Kate lilhgow.

I STILLS 33 ('ockbut'n Street. 335 0870. Tue liri llam (rpm; Sat llarii 5pm. The British Art Show Sat 24 l‘eb 3s Apr: Sensual photographic work by ller'iiirone \\ tltshii‘e. who enhances images through the use of additional materials such as glass and plaster. ()ri show as part ot‘ the tottrth lli’ilish .-\rt Show. See lt‘dltll'c and l.t‘L‘llIl‘L‘.\.

I TALBOT RICE GALLERY t'nix ersiry ot' l-idriibur'gli. ()lil (‘ollege. South llridge. (r50 33ll. Mon-Sat l()ani 5pm.

The British Art Show lush colour photographs ot‘ the insides ot' cinemas by llridget Smith. which capture not rust the interiors. but the lantasies created there. ambiguous and intriguing sculptures by Marcus Taylor. an installation sculpture by l’er'minda Kaut' exploring cultural fragmentation and work by Gary lliime. one ol the t'ew painters ex rdent in the lirrtrsh .-\i't Show. See leature and l.L‘L‘ll|l'L‘.\.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 3-1 Ilartiilton Place. 335 7043. Mon Sat

‘) itlani 5 .‘stlpm.

Urban Fragments: Images or Hungary l'ntil 3‘) l-'eb. l'sing a mixture or painting and simple photographic techniques. Duncan ol .lor'daristone graduate (‘olette \y'oods has created a series oI images depicting ex'eryday lite lII llirngary. where she recently spent eighteen months on a scholarship.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 39b l)unilas Street. 556 (i366. Mon -Sat I lam (rpm. Nicola Morrocco Mon 20 l‘eb 9 Mai. Recent paintings by the artist.

Top to tail: Ruth Greer's Fishes at Glasgow Print Gallery until Sat 23 Mar

I HUNTLY HOUSE MUSEUM 1.13 (lirioiigate.53‘HI-13. .\lori Sat

10am (rpm. l‘i'ee Packed with historic artelacts. this museum tells the story or lidinbtrrgli‘s past and its people.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 43 Iliin Street. 53‘) -Il~l3. .\lo;i Sun ltlam (rpm. liree. .-\ll manner or archry e material and old toys relating to childhood through the

I PEOPLE’S STORY lo.‘ (Xinongate. 53‘) 4057. Mon Sat ltlam opm. l-iee 'l‘lie sights. sounds and ex en smells ot' lidinbin‘gli I'olk liotti the lStli century onwards.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND 3 (‘liaiiibers Street. 335 753ml. .\Ion.

\\'etl Sat Illam SPIIIZIIIL‘ ltlam Spin: Sun nooii- 5pm. l'i'ee.

Heavenly Scent Sat 2 .\I;ll' :1 .-\pr. Take a nose dry e into this sweet-sriiellrng exhibition exploring the history ol perltmie. trom basic ingredients. to pretty bottles and containers.

I SCOTTISH UNITED SERVICES MUSEUM lidinburglr ('astle. 335 353-1. .\lon Sat 0.30am 5.‘\tlpm; Sun llam 5.30pm. l-‘r'ee. btil there is ati admission charge tor llIt’ (‘IISIIU

For Your Freedom And Ours: Poland, Scotland and the Second World War .\laiiy l’olish soldiers catne to Scotland in tlie -Ills, IllL‘ll’ mark is lel't iii this c\htbition ol' tinit‘or'ms. insignia and equipment. as well as drawings. prints and other personal materials.

I WRITERS MUSEUM l.ady Starr‘s (lose. 53‘) -l‘)tll. .\lon Sat ltlam (rpm. l-ii'ee. .\ treasure-house oI items relating to three oI Scotland's most tamous writers; Robert

I oins Steyenson. Robert limits and Sir \\'.iliei Scott.



Viewt'ielil 'l'errace. t) l 383 73 IS l-l.

.\loii Sat llam Spin.

Belgrade: Dunlermline tfniit I3 Mar. l’owerl'rrl and eloquent work by members or the Belgrade Printmaking Circle. some of whom are in exile. including intaglio prints. lithographs and i'eliel~ prints.

East Kilbride

I EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE ()ld (‘oach Road. liast Mains. ()l355 3()l()()(). .\lon--l‘ri ltlani —l()pm; Sat/Sun

noon - lllpm.

Picasso: late Etchings l'ntil t7 Mar. Two suites ol' etchings created by l’icasso during his late Stls. 'l'lre .llire/ir/ii'en! (‘rri'A'ii/il. featuring mythological characters. and The li’rirr'ir/ ()_/'(,'oim! ()reir: based on the paiiititigs ol l-II Greco.


I SMITH ART GALLERY & MUSEUM l)iinibarton Road. ()1786 J7l‘)l7. Tue -Sat lt)..‘s()arii~5pm; Stiii 3-5pm.

A Sense or Place Until 14 Apr. \\'i)t‘k by members ol the Society of Scottish Artists addressing the idea or Scottish heritage.


Lectures are listed by city, then by date.


Seeing is Believing ('( '.\. Tue :7 tit-tr. 7.30pm. £3 til i. (‘tilt magician l'ay l’r'esto. l’sychology lecturer Robert Morris. Head or l‘lllt‘ .-\rt at (iS;\ l’ax'el llirchlei' and artist and crop circle maker Rod Dickinson look at hoax and illusion in it's many torms. including photography.

Contemporary Norwegian Architecture (ilasgow School ol .-\r't. Tue 37 l-'eb. Illani «-l..§llpiii. ('onipanies at the t'oi‘el'i'otit of Norwegian design and building technology grye a day -long seminar entitled 'lziiergy lil'ticiency and

lirix iroiimenti. m coniirnctron w rth the current exhibition at the WW) liil'oriiration ('eiitre.


Cimon and Pero National (iallt‘ly at Scotland. l‘ri 33 l‘eb. I345pm. l‘r'ee. l‘atil \ltil't‘t‘lxt‘ lt)tlls.\ ltl llli\ work It} l'il'ilIIL'k'S lliit'lcllo.

Sex, Lies and Videotape: An Introduction to the British Art Show seoirlsli National (iallet') of Modern .-\it. .\lon 3o l5eb. l3..15pm. l‘r'ee. Siobhan llouglierty talks yoti through this maioi' l{dinbui'gli-based art ex'ent.

Gillian Wearing (‘olleciixi- (iltllt‘l'y. Tue 37 l‘eb. noon. (iallery Director Sarah Munro giyes a tour ol the current llr'iirsh Art Show exhibition.

Tacita Dean, Georgina Starr, Jane and Louise Wilson ('ity :\ll ('etitre. \\'eil 3S lieh. ll..‘s()ani. The gallery stall giye a tour oI'the current British Art Show exhibition. Adam Ferguson Sci-irriin Narioiiat l’ortr'ait (iallery. \\'ed 3.\' lieb. l3..l5t‘ni. l'ree.

l.y riila Stephens discusses .loshua Reynold's work,

Steve McQueen I‘I'lllllllalkt‘l (iallery IIIIIIS 3‘) lieb. o..‘~tlpm. .lason li. llow man tntetx rew s one or Ilre gallery 's exhibiting

Virgin and Child with Saints Sarina-.1 (iallery ol Scotland. I'll l .\I.-.!. 23 l<;‘fll l~ree l.ynda Stephens ;'r\es a tail. oi: the \\iill\ Ill I.tllt‘ll/U l,I‘III‘

The British Art Show Scottish \at'aiual (iallety ol \lodetn .o\tl, Sat 3 .\Ia:.

ltlaiii l3.~l.‘pm. L5 r Bill». Ilrree speakers ptrt the lirrtisl: .'\Il Show into L‘tilllL‘\l \\ Illl ;l \c‘Ilcs \lI‘ siiilt' lL‘c'llllt‘\. Outcasts from Lite‘s Feast scurriin National (ialleiy ol .\loilein .\rt. .\lon J Mar. l3.-15pm l'iee. l’etei Schallei gryes a talk.

Open sesame Royal Botanic Garden lecture 'l’heatre. \Ved b Mar.

lllam .I .illplll -\ conlcrence organised by The I'IIIIlIIlJlle'l (iallery loi’ teachers. artists and gallery educators. (‘ontact ’l'he l't'irttritarket Ill .‘il 335 3.133 lor lirrther' tIL'IdllS.

John Bartholomew, Cartographer scurriin National l’ortrait (iallcty. \\'ed o .\lar. l3.-15ptii. l'iee. .-\ilsa IUI‘IICI looks at the work ol li. .'\. \Vallott.

An Introduction to the Scottish Home (’entral library. \Ved (i .\Iar. ,3 Spin l‘i’ee Annette ('ar‘rutheis gryes an illustrated talk on the history ol' the abode. l'iorii cottages to city slums to palaces.

Forum 4 (ieot'ge Siiuaie ‘l‘lieatie. l'niyei‘sitx ol' lidinburgli. ‘l'hirrs 3 Mar.

3 Jaitlpm L35“. 'l‘ickets l'i'om Stills (iallei'y. ('rrtics. curators and artists discuss the themes. issues and debates raised in tlie liirtisli .-\rt Show.

72 The List 23 Feb-7 Mar l‘)‘)()