Back for Moore

He sold his soul to the popsters when lte was top boy with S'Express hut. Mark Moore tells Rory" Weller. he‘s now back on a DJ track and ready to rock the daneel‘loor.

How they get atyay yytth it nohody knoyy s. l’rodueers

who kiek it on Vinyl and turn ottl to he less than impressiye iii the eluhs. hut get top ol the hill status

heeause ol' \yhat tltey”\‘e teeorded Soap stars. singers

and even \torld eltatttpiott ho‘tei's ltaye atletttpted to erossoy er into eluhland to ply their trade on the deeks,

So is this true lot‘ .\lat'k \loore. tlte tttatt helttnd

S'E‘tptess‘s alhunt (It.{;~;1t.'/ Spinal/rial attd tlte

singles "l‘heme lrom S'l{\;ti‘t‘ss'. 'lley .\lusie l.o\et'~

and ‘Superl'ly (iuy ‘1’ Happily no llls appearattee on last years /’o/i 'litrrt‘ Hi this alhuttt \\as a proud return to l).ling rather tltatt a \oeil'erous first outing. Mark ltad heen l).littg long hel'ore lte hetame .‘\11' Pop. At tlte age ol' I7 lie \yas l‘).ling in the seeond room ol London‘s Mud Cluh yylten it opened lll S-l playing 7tls attd ltaliatt eleetronie diseo. ltigh energy and mad lraeks like the Rupert the liear theme. The punters adored his irreyerent \ lll_\l iangling and il lte went too ol'lheat they v. ould hounee up and don ii iii

unison until the reeord jumped. llis anues at the Mud

Club soon \yon ltittt a slot at the seminal night ’I he Pyratttid at lleayen \y here he llled u itlt sueh illustrious Ills as ('olitt layout and l‘.\'il liddte Richards. 'l‘he ltiglt energy tunes ere still on the plzlylist. hut lte \\as starting to souree a neys ktitd ol Ameriean musie and diseoyered ll had a seene aitd a name. .-\.s Mark says ‘lt yyas prohahly the lirst house

eluh lil linglattd attd house \ery quiekly heeame a hig

7 he eonlesses theie \\ as a part ol ltittt that ho ed the popping llashhttlhs arid the lael that going [or ilroeeries heeame an e?” trip: "l'het'e's all the stull

part ol' ttty me.

He s\\ iltly diseo\ered that this \yas musie that eottld he made ill your hedroom. attd preserying ltis punk traditions. he didn‘t \\ant to eopy what was eotitittg

out ol('ltieago or Detroit httl make a 'more littglish' sound. 'lltkittg elements limit the musie he on ed: house. diseo and eleetro. he ereated ‘something that \yas more me. not a l‘llttltte‘t‘ll}". 'l‘lte outeome ol'

eout'se \yas S'lixpress.

With the .sueeess ol tlte hand. l).ling l'ell hy the wayside and the ioh ol l‘eittg a major eelehrity took

‘l \yas a produtt lot .l le‘-\ f-eat's'_

you hate. l‘ut you get all the pluses too You get a sltit

'I didn't hay e a lite any more~ he rememhers.

3k '


Ex-S'Express frontman Mark Moore: catching the fast train to clubland

list. He kept his ltand iii the musie .seene hy remixing

and produeing under yarious ttottt de disque

ineluding Styloloam on ltis Stylolietion lahel. IQ and Holly 'l‘oy: ‘aeid hag. tto.

. . aeid diseo?‘ as he

laughingly' deserihes it. Yet \yhat meant most to him. he realised. was the [Ming attd a year ago he returned to the eluh eireuit lull time. To eelehrate ltis rediseoyet'ed passion lot" the ioyous \yorld oi eluhhing he‘s giyittg it a present. "lilteme l‘rom

S’lixpress‘ is to he t‘eieleased later this year remixed

Seet‘etly hoyy e\ ei'.

Mark Home l)./\ (H /.ot'(' lloultqm.

hy 'l‘ony de \'it. Aquarius and (all ('raig plus the original speeded up to plus 3. "l'he original sounds no good at normal speed’.

The question is tltouglt. ean this pop tart still lll .’ ‘l may he eluhlands‘ higgest seeret. hut l'ye roeked ll e\ery time [We Illed.’ eontes the ansyyer.

//l(’ slit/H's.

load ol money and all the other perks . . .‘ lots ards l‘t‘slll .\lark needed a hreak attd thus made

a eonseious deeision to remoye Itimsell l'rom the :\-

(i/(tsuutt on So! 3 .l/(lli "Hie/He [rum .\"/;t/‘n'\\' {lie "/6 rent/H's ' IV (Ill/ /(l/(’l' lll l/l(‘ _\'('(ll‘ 'l’o/t lot/V 1.x rum iii/y tit‘rtl/ub/e (Ill It’mtt‘l /\)(’('(ll'(/\'.

Nudge nudge, , wink wink

If your feet have so much as touched down in clubland in the past year you’ll have danced to a tune by Josh Wink, but for the top US DJ such dance-floor distinction has been a long time coming.

Wandering into his local Philadelphia radio station at twelve years old, Wink got to know the owner who also ran a mobile disco. Pretty soon he was setting up for him, learning the trade

Pacing himself: Josh Wink

BRIAN SWl-filiNliY

from the fuses up. He later eased his way through college by DJing and in 1990 made a track with King Britt, a guy who worked downtown at Tower records. This track was released on the dance label Strictly Rhythm and became huge in UK club country. Since then he has consistently released tracks on numerous labels from Kicking to Ovum to Strictly Rhythm to Nervous to R&S: ‘The list kinda goes on for a bit,’ he says. Indeed it does. But it was only last year that he made it into the charts with ‘Don’t Laugh’, ‘How’s the Music’, ‘Size 9’ and the biggest of the lot: ‘Higher States of Consciousness’. Wink finds it hard to understand. ‘lt’s weird for me to see all these tracks

that I did last year becoming so big because I didn’t set out to make chart-topping records. It just happened. I was releasing tracks that I thought were underground and cool. It’s like it’s taken six years for it to happen overnight’.

Aware of the fickle nature of the dance industry, Wink is wary of being seen as the man of the moment. ‘l’m very picky about the press I do,’ he asserts. ‘Right now I’m pacing myself. Everything I’ve done before is simply a representation of myself learning and growing as a producer’. (Rory Weller) Josh Wink will be [May at Slam, The Arches, Glasgow on Fri 23 Feb. ‘Winc- Thoughts of a Tranced Love’ is re- released on Limbo later this month.

74 The List 21 Feh-7 Mar 19%