breakdowns. impeccable mixing. good crowd and the occasional high quality guest DJ. Busy. busy. busy.


I Elevator at Wilkie House. l().30pm—3am. £3 before midnight. £5 after. Weekly hard house. nu-nrg night with guests. 3 Mar sees Steven React (Heaven).

I The Feelgood Factor at The Cavendish. ‘).30pm-3.30am. £2 before llpm. £3 after. Weekly student session with heaps of drinks promos between ‘).30pm and

l lptii.

I Masterplan at The Lane. 10pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Acid jazz. funk and hip hop.

I Modain at Club Mercado. l0.30piii-3am. £5. Fortnightly. 25 Feb. Glam. dressy house with residents lan Thomson and AJ.

I The Mothership at The Basement. ‘)pm—lam. Free. Chill out. jazz-funk stlye. with residents Gitio and Fryer.

I Pickled at the Moscow Bar. 3pm—2.30am. £ 1. New weekly chill out night.

I Bed at The Music Box. l0.30pm—3am. £5. Ambitious weekly Sunday nighter from the team behind Horney Monkey. This weekend is a residents night followed by a visit from Tom arid .lerry Bouthier (Paris) on 2 Mar.

I Spice at The Tap ()f Lauriston. 8pm~laiii. Free. Weekly techno with residents Bill and Jan.

I Sunday Night Fever at Century 2000. llpm—3am. £3. Drinks at 70p. 80p and ‘)()p. appropriately accompanied by music frotn the 70s. 80s and ‘)()s.

I Taste at The Venue. llpm—3am. £5.

Infamous weekly hard house and nu- energy madness from Fisher and Price. 3 Mar is a benefit night with all proceeds going to Milestone House. Scotland's only AIDS hospice. Don Grant from LA iii London will be the guest DJ. Members and guests only. Details of forthcoming Taste events on the 24 hour Fvent Line 557 4050.

I Three Bag Brew at Negociatits. l0pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Three Bag Brew on the mix with hip hop. ftitik. jazz. soul. Latin and Brazilian soundtracks.

I Timewarp at The Rocking Horse.

l lpm-3am. £2 (free before 12.30am). A very w-i-d-e playlist indeed: 00s. 70s. 80 and ‘)0s.


I Asbestos at The Music Box. l0.30pm-3am. £2. 20 Feb. Fortnightly. Punk. goth. industrial and alternative sounds and all the usual drinks promos. I Digital Biscuit at Negociants. l0pm—3am. Free. 20 Feb. Fortnightly. 'l‘rans-techno sounds.

I Listen at Wilkie House. l0.30pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Live set from Nick Wotig (Listen) plus a set from DJ Dar.

I Mocca at Negociants. 10pm—3am. Free. 4 Mar. Fortnightly. House and techno from Chris and Dill (Sonia). plus guests. I Trainspotter at The Subway. l()pm—3am. £l (free for students with matriculation card). 70s. 80s and ‘)0s dance plus indie faves.


I Free Party at Wilkie House. 10pm—3am. Free. 27 Feb. Free party with DJs l-Ih‘.’ Wtiti and Well Stirred (3 Bag Brew) playing hip hop and loads of other stuff. from house to jungle. Plus cheap drinks.

I Hay Algun Problema at Negociants. l0pm—3am. Free. 27 Feb. Fortnightly. Latin jazz.

I Insanity at The Subway. l0pm—3am. £l (free for students with matriculation card). Pop. chart and indie sounds.

I Jazz 3 la Carte at Negociants. l0pm—3am. Free. 5 Mar. Fortnightly. Top quality jazz night.

I Nice at The Citrus. llpm—3am. £2.

30 The List 23 Feb-7 Mar I990

Drinks promos. Mixture of Britpop and classic indie right through to 60s soul. I 708/808 Club at The Rocking Horse. 10.30pm—3am. £2 (free before 12.30am). 70s and 80s chart hits. as the name suggests.

I Shango at the Wee Red Bar. l0pm~3ani. £3 (students and guests). Residents lili'.’ Wtiii. Fawaz and Daddy Kool playing jazz. soul. reggae and hip hop.


I Dolphin at The Subway. ‘)pm—3am. Free. Student night with loadsa drinks pt'oillos.

I Dub Department at Negociants. 10pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Spiritually uplifting reverbs and depth-plumbing tltibs courtesy of the rather wonderful Rude boys. Check it otit.

I Fishbowl at Wilkie House. l0.30pm—3aiii. Weekly session for local DJs who think they're good enough to have-a-go for themselves. with the winner playing in the tiiaiii hall at the monthly Fishtank (see 'l‘hursdays).

I Horizontal at Century 2000. |().30pm--3atii. £3 (£l students with matriculation card). Vodka. whisky. tequila and peach schnapps. 50p a shot. Lager and S0/-. £l a pint. Aptly named student night with all-night drinks promos.

I The Industry at lidinburgh University. ‘)ptii—3aiii. £7.50 with matric. £8.50 guests. Students and guests only. 28 Feb. Another spectacular one-off this time featuring the talents of Norman .lay and John Kelly. See Hit List.

I Rubble at The Rocking Horse. l0pm»-3am. £2 (free before l2.30ani). Drinks promos. Busy. student-orientated night mixing tip the sort of pop. dance and indie sounds you'll hear at Katch or Shag. I Silver Sound at The Music Box. l0pni—3aiii. £2. Weekly. Quality techno night from John (Thee Process) and Nick (Sativa).

I Teasage at The Citrus. llpm—3am. £2.50. Beers and spirits all ‘)()p. Very busy midweek club. playing indie-orientated dance sounds alongside punk. disco. 80s and ftiiik.

I The Transporter Room at The Attic. l0piii—3am. £3 1 ). Veteran jazz. hip hop and ftitik club with regular live bands (Captain Shifty. Freshly Squeezed. Papa‘s Magic Beard. etc) and hard bop avant- gardc grooves creatively cut tip by- DJs Scotty and Stiltt.


I Aquarious at Wilkie House.

l0.30pm-3am. £3. 7 Mar. Monthly. Funky

dance with a live band and DJs and a decent party atmosphere.

I Century 2000 llpm—3aiti. £3. See Fridays.

I CooCoo at the Honeycomb. llpm—3am. £5 (£3 Taste members). 22 Feb. Monthly. New night for the garage DJs from Taste. Martin Valentine and Neil Byers.

I Delicious at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3am. £3. Weekly. A top quality indie-ish club where happy people groove to anything from Aretha Franklin and The Mike Flowers Pops to Pulp and The Bluetones. Great flyers. even better poster campaigns and awesome slides too. Check it ()lll.

I Fiction at La Belle Angele. llpm~3am. £5 iii advance from 23rd Precinct. Underground Solution. Witidup and Ultimate Mix. £0 on the door. 2‘) Feb. Fortnightly. London‘s legendary Colin Favor (Kiss FM) joins Dave Defoe (Wobble) and resident lvan for some

serious banging techno. Check also Mr

Smith doing jazzy drum 'n' bass in the corridor.

I Fishtank at Wilkie House.

l0.30pm—-3am. £3. Monthly. 22 Feb. The best DJs from Wednesdays Fishbowl get the chance to prove themselves in the

main hall.

I Fresh at the Venue. l0.30pm—3am. £4 before midnight. £5 after. Groups of four pay for three. 2‘) Feb. Uplifting house night.

I The Grind at Club Mercado. llpm—3am. £5. 2‘) Feb. Monthly. Soul. swing. ftitik and hip hop with resident Stewart .-\lexatidcr.

I Incantation La Belle Angele. llpm-3am. £5 (£4 with tlyer). 22 Feb. Fortnightly. New night of acidic. trancey techno with residents Dica and Perks.

I Koochie at The Citrus. llpm -3am. £2. Shameless chart hits all the way: from the 70s. the 30s and the ‘)().s. Pre-club drinks and free tickets available frorii Christie's round the corner.

I Litetorm at the Attic. I lpm—-3ani. £3. 22 Feb. Monthly. New trance night on the Goa/acid tip.

I Madchester at the Music Box. l0.30pm—3am. £3. 22 Feb. l-‘oriiightly. Big. baggy night featuring Manc talent from The Happy Mondays to The Stone Roses.

I The Mambo Club at The Cavendish. l()pin—3am. £4 (£3). Midweek edition of Sir ()ssie's eternally popular Mambo: expect the same uptempo sounds as Saturdays: Latin. salsa. reggae. ftiiik and soul.

I Messenger at the Venue. l0.30pm. £5. 22 Feb. The legendary Mikey Dread checks in with MC Simba. plus the usual roots 'n' dttb reggae souiidclash. Highly recommended.

I Pants at Stones. l0pm--lam. Free. Weekly indie session with spirits at 50p-a shot.

I Planet Alice at the Attic. 10.30piii—3aiii. £3. 2‘) Feb. Monthly from 7 Mar. Second birthday party for Planet .-\lice. Playlist is very upfront in a kinda Prodigy/(‘heiiiical Brothers/l.eftlieltl way. I The Pleasure Beach ill the Honcycoitib l().30 -3am. £3 itieiiibers arid students. £4 others. 2‘) Feb. Fortnightly. A healthy selection of datice sounds from jungle to house and hip hop to jazz. with l).ls Andy Williams. Alan Dundas. Andy Ford iti Room ()ne and lili'.’ Wun

I Street Knowledge at the Venue. llpiii-~3atil. £5. 7 Mar. Monthly. KMC spins jungle upstairs with hip hop downstairs. Was very popttlar last year

I Thelonious at The Basement. ‘)pll‘.~l;lltl. l'TL‘L‘. The 'l'lleltililtitls posse jam it jazz-funk style in the Brougliton Street bar.

I Universal at The Music Bo\.

llpm— 3am. £4. 2‘) Feb. Fortnightly. The folk behind Ml5. FBI. Madchester and livol come together to provide what promises to be a top night out. Check the ’space age. decor.

I Unknown at The Tap ()f Lauriston. ()plll --l;llll. l‘il‘L‘L‘. “t‘c‘kly. l‘t'ce lt‘cllltti.

I The Unspoken Thing at Negociants. l0piti--3aiii. Free. The Merry Pranksters host this weekly shindig with a lethal cotiibiiiation of trip hop. techno. ambiencc and general wired weirdness.


All clubs listed above take place at one or the following venues, which can be contacted for further details.

I The 13th Note St) (ilassfoi‘d Street. 553 l(i3.S.

I Archaos 25 Queen Street. 204 3lS‘).

I The Arches Midland Street (off Jamaica Street). 22l 9730.

I The Arena IS 27 ()s-wnltl Street. 22) 30“).

I The Attic (enter through The Garage). l4‘)0 Sauchiehall Street. 332 1 I20.

I Bar 10 H) Mitchell Lane (off Mitchell

j Street). 22l

i I The Bedsit | Park Drive. 33‘) 0432.

t I Bennet’s 80-90 (Hasst‘urtl Street. 553

l 570 l.

i I Betty’s Mayonnaise 37 Queen Street.

g :2) 5034.

= I Blacktriars Underground (below Blackliiars). 30 Bell Street. 552 5924.

I Caledonian University Union 70 (‘owcaddens Road. 332 ()(iSl.

I Cafe Bar 5.5“ Sauchiehall .Sll‘t‘t‘l. 332 7804.

I Cleopatra’s 50s (it'eal Western Road. Keli tnbridge. 3340500.

I Club Xchange 25 Royal lixcltatige Square. 204 459‘).

I The COTDBT 2/4 St Georges Rtilttl. 3.52 1025.

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Street. 333 0712. I Fury Murry’s 90 Maxwell Street. 32l ()5 l l.

I The Garage 490 Sauchiehall Street. 332 l l2().

I Glasgow School of Art 107 Renfrew Street. 332 ()(i‘)|.

I Glasgow University Union 32 University Avenue. 33‘) 8007.

I Hatt Club 228 Clyde Street. 220 5().'5. I Maxaluna 4 l0 Sauchiehall Street. 332 I003.

I Moio’s Bath Street. 33l 2257.

I Nico’s 375 Sauchiehall Street. 332 5730. I October Cate Top lloor. Princes Square (tiff Buchanan Street). 22l ()303.

I CMU 22 University Gardens. 33‘) 9784.

I The Cathouse l5 l'nton Street. 248 0000.

I Rat Trap ‘) Brown Street. 22l 7233.

I Beds 37‘) Sauchiehall Street. 33l I035. I R.G.’s 73 Queen Street. 22) 3200.

I Rhapsody 240 Ball) Street. 353 2300. I Rocksy’s Basement 40 New Snetltlun Street. Paisley. 5.5.2 57‘”.

I Rooftops ‘)2 Sauchiehall Street. 332 Ssss.

I Strathclyde University Student Union ‘)() .lUlili Street. 5.52 lb")5.

I Sub Club 32 .laitiaica Street. 24s 4000. I The Tunnel st Mitchell Street. :0) I000. I The Velvet Room Sauchiehall Street. 332 0755.

I The Volcano l5 Benalder Street. 337

l 100.

I Voodoo Room Cambridge Street. 332 3437.

I The Whisky Bar Caitibridge Street. 332 l032.

I The Attic Dyer's Close. Cowgate. 225

3382. I The Basement Broughton Street. 557 0097. I La Belle Angele ll llasties (‘tuse 225 2774.

I Cate Dante, Frederick Street, 226 1950.

I Cavendish \\'esl Tollc‘l'os‘s. 228 3252. I Century 2000 31 Lothiati Road. 22‘) 7070.

I The Citrus (irindlay Street. 22‘) 00‘)7.

' I The City Cate Blair Street. 220 ()l25.

I The lane 7 Queeiislerry Street Lane. 226 (i323.

I Club Mercado (l-‘ormerly Buster Browns) 30/3‘) Market Street. 220 4224. I Minus One (Carlton Highland Hotel) North Bridge. 550 7277.

I Moray HOUSE llolyl'ootl Road. .550 5134.

I The Music Box ‘)c Victoria Street. 325 2504.

I Negociants Lothian Street. 225 (is l .‘i. I The New Calton Calton Road. 553 3770. I Riccarton Student Union, Heriot Watt University, 451 5333.

I Rocking Horse Cowgate. 225 3320.

I Spiders Web, 256 Morrison Street, 228 1949.

I The Subway Cowgate. 225 0700.

I The Tap or Lauriston, Lauriston Place, 229 4041.

I The Venue Calton Road. 557 3073.

I The Wee Red Bar at Edinburgh College Of Art. Lauriston Place. 22‘) 1442.

I Wilkie House Cowgate. 225 2935.