pagan saint. The journey takes six days over dangerous mountains and when they get there they are tnercilessly fleeced by the shrine‘s keepers. Each year they return iii a remarkable demonstration of faith against all the evidence.

I er (Channel 4) 10—! lptn. A car accident adds to the body count in the gruesome hospital drama.

I Stir Crazy (Scottish) l0.45pm—l2.50am. Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor get busted for a crime they didn't commit and end tip in the clink.

I The Trouble With Men: No Hard Feelings (BBC 2) l 1.20-1 l.50pm. With a title like that. this show could only deal with impotence.


I Alien Empire: Battle Zone (BBC 1) 8—8.30pm. This in-depth focus on the insect world looks at creepie-crawlies’ defence and offence methods. Apparently one beetle cart shoot explosive chemicals out of its backside at temperatures ofover 100 degrees centigrade.

I Africa Express (Channel 4) 8—8.30pni. African-based correspondents tell the real stories that are happening in the continent. Tonight's features include the wreckage of Zaire's collapsed economy. Uganda's top female pop group promoting feminism and safe sex. and the fierce and bloody war which has broken out over control of South Africa‘s minibus taxis.

I Food File (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. The show which examines all aspects of the food industry reports on the effects ofcost cutting on the dietary provision of residents in old people's homes. the delicacies ofChinese cuisine and asks why the Spanish are getting hot under the collar about a small time apple brandy maker from Somerset.

I Seasiders (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. The summer season at llaven's Primrose Valley Holiday Centre finds the staff in a less than happy mood.

I The Trouble With Men: STos (BBC 2) 9.40—9.50pm. 'Go and get a sexual M()T’ is the message tonight. Contrary to popular belief. syphilis. gonorrhoea and AIDS are not the roost common sexually transmitted diseases but genital warts. herpes and chlamydia. This programme aims to peel away the shame attached to the conditions.

I NYPD Blue (Channel 4) l(#l0.55pm. The detectives investigate the murder of an East Indian woman and Simone‘s feelings for Russell almost interfere with the investigation.

I oasis - By The Sea (Scottish)

l2.25—l .25am. The band most likely to break America are captured live at Southend Cliffs Pavilion in April 1995. Watch out for ‘l.ive Forever‘. ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol‘ and ‘Some Might Say‘.


I Sounds Of The Eighties (BBC 2) 7.30—8pm. The last programme in the current series includes music from both the Z-tone ska revival of the early 80s and the New York hip hop movetnent. Look out for performances from U840. Beastie Boys. Salt ‘n‘ Pepa and Public Enemy.

I Channel 4 continues to plunder from the London stand-up circuit with Mark Thomas, a comic who has been around for years though never really made it to the Mist of hot properties. This new show looks promising, however, with his stand-up act recorded in front of a pub audience, intercut with camcorder footage with Thomas doorstepping politicians and others in the public eye.

The Mark Thomas Comedy Product starts on Fri 23 Feb at 10.30pm on Channel 4.

I Top or The Pops Special (BBC 1 ) 8—8.30pm. The hunt is on to find a song to represent Britain at the next Eurovision sotig contest with viewers having the chance to ring up after the show and vote for their favourite. You lucky things.

I Rain Man (BBC l)‘).30—l 1.40pm. Dustin Hoffman gives an ()scar-winning performance as an autistic savatit in this ftmny. touching human drama.

I Rising Damp (Channel 4) 0.30 -l()pm. Ati engagement in the Rigsby household sees guests gather for the wedding of the year

I Red Dwarf (BBC 3) 9.30-d0pm. More cult comedy as the computer generated Kryten catches a virus and the rest of the space crew have to enter his sick mind to cure him.

I The Mark Thomas Comedy Product (Channel 4) |0.30—l 1.05pm. The sharp- as-glass comedian gets stuck into Yorkshire Water and McDonald's this week. To help out with the self-inflicted

drought ill Yorkshire. he enlists the help of

a group of Ethiopians to make a Batid Aid style record. He then goes on to interview a McDonald's spokeswoman who tells Mark how much fun it is to work for the company because you never know what is going to happen next. Mark promptly visits the burger masters iii a tank. dressed as a clown and accompanied by two cows and a punk band.


I Chart Show (Scottish)

1 1.30am—12.30pm. More hits from the contemporary charts and horrors from the video vault.

I Grandstand (BBC 1) lZ.lS—5.3()pm. it‘ you don‘t have a ticket for the game at

M urrayfteld and you don't want to be crushed to death in the pub then the armchair will be the only place to watch the Scotland v England match.

I Bookmark (BBC 2) 8.05—9pm. In her first ever film biography. Dame Muriel Spark. author of The Prime ()fMisx Jean Brodie. gives a rare glimpse into her private world when she speaks to journalist Alan Taylor. The programme is filmed at her home in Tuscany and in the Edinburgh haunts of her childhood. She recalls her doomed marriage. her poverty as a struggling writer. her time at The N 'w Yorker and the eventual publication of her first novel at the age of 3‘). First shown in Scotland in [iv-S.

I The World or Lee Evans (Channel 4) l0—l().35pm. The former boxer. Perrier Award-winner and now film star brings his unique. physical comedy skills to the

small screen it] two short comedy dramas: ‘The late Shift’ about a petrol station attendant and ‘Meet The l-‘olks‘ in which some poor unfortunate has to meet his girlfriend's parents for the first time.

I Too Hot To Handle (Scottish) l0.lSpm--l2.25am. Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin star in this romantic comedy.

I Beat Specials (Channel 4i 2.3()--3.3()am. Set the video for a performance from Dublin nutjobs. the Sultans Of l’ing and the current kings of Cool. l’ttlp.


I Board Stupid (Channel 4) l.lS-- l .JSpm This week‘s show reports on the liuropeat: Snowboard Championships. rides with top British board stars and listens to British soul fiend. ()tnar.

I A League Of Their Own (Scottish) 6.35-8.55pm. Madonna. (ieena Davis and Tom Hanks star in this blockbuster movie about the struggles of an all-female baseball team.

I My Generation: The Small Faces (Channel 4) 8.30 9pm. Having practically led the Mod movement. The Small liaces collapsed in a tnire of bad management. psychedelic drugs and personal tragedies. Their music has had an influence that has lived beyond the band and in this programme Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher. among others. explain what the Small Faces mean to them.

I Aileen Wuornos: The Selling or A Serial Killer (Channel 4) 10.45pm-1220am. Aileen \V’uornos is on death row for the murder of seven men. Dubbed the ‘world‘s first female serial killer" her story is worth big bucks to film companies and journalists alike. Director Nick Broomlield joins the media circus and questions the morality of paying for stories and the public's hunger for the outlandish and the grisly.


I Classic Ships (Channel 4) 8.30—9an Along with all other forms of transport. walercrafts' capacity for speed has increased dramatically over the last century. Ninety years ago a boat that could travel at 30 miles per hour was considered fast. Jitn Noone has just built a hydroplane which can cover 200 miles iii an hour. ls there any limit'.’

I Ex-S (BBC 1) 10.10 l().-10ptti. In a brogramme entitled ‘Rendelvous At The Roxy' the Scottish arts programme celebrates 100 years of popular cinema in Scotland.


I Motor Mania (Channel 4) 8- 8.30pm. The first programme in a new documentary series celebrating a centurv of British motoring looks at the start of" motoring iti Britain frotn the specific clothes worn to the setting tip of organisations such as the AA.

I In Search Of The Holy Foreskin (Channel 4) 0- 9.30pm. Miles Kington sets ottt to find the prepnce ofChrist after it was stolen from a jewelled reliqttary iii a Roman Catholic Church just north of Rome. ()n his quest Kington also comes across milk from the .‘\ladonna. a letter from St Francis of Assisi. the incorruptible body of St Rita and a feather frotn the wings of the Holy Spirit. Allegedly.

I Equal But Ditterent Tony l’arsons delivers an essay about the latest developments in the sex wars and raises a few hackles on the way.

I Scottish Reporters (Scottish)

l0..‘~0 llpm. The hard-hitting reportage programme returns \\ ith a new series to get deep inside the news stories of the moment.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 5. I0 5.40pm. Off the wall presentation and chart sounds frotn a fun-loving duo.

I Travelog (Channel -l) 8.30 ‘)pm. Brian Sewell journeys to Albi ir. southern l-rancc. birthplace of'l'oulouse-l.autrec. home ofcopious calories and the site of a magnificent 12th century cathedral.


I er (Channel 4) l()-~l lpm. Greene disagrees with the hospital's lawyer about admitting responsibility for the wrongful death of a pregnant women earlier on in the year and the Christmas season brings in a variety of unusual patients as well as a disturbing gang incident.


I Africa Express (Channel 4) 8--8.30pni. More in—depth reporting on African news stories from correspondents who live in the areas they report about. This week sees a report about the growing relationship between traditional African medicine arid western medicine in the new South Africa.

I Food File (Channel 4) 8.30- 9pm. Sally (iray wonders if she has discovered the latest taste sensation to slide into the public's consciousness when she visits a snail farm iii the Scottish Highlands and asks (ilttsgow commuters to take the consumer taste test.

I Champions: Hard-Hitting Women (Channel 4) HS -3.15;.:n. Dangerous Deirdre frotn Dublin is preparing for her world title fight in Kansas City in this examination of women's boxing.

85 The List 23 Feb-7 Mar I996