place. l-lis newspaper column allows W lliaasen to let off instant steam. but is . really just literary aerobics. keeping him iti trim for his other job as the funniest writer ot'crime fiction around. satne reason that everyone else comes to Horida.’ he says. "l‘he weather‘s _ _ . great arid they hlend iii with the local FZISI becoming AIUCHCU 5 rill-rail so well.’ lliaasen puts the . . tropical climate. Though New Yorkers Curl Hlmlscn has lcminCd "1 kill each other at twice the rate iii hot [hing 01‘ two from his day and sweaty August. the continually - L - v - - , ' perspiring l-‘loridian can barely keep his toh as an myestigatiye ~

‘('ritstinals come to Florida for the

pwourilc CI-ilnc WI-iICI- 5 corruption and yiolence down to the

linger oil. the trigger all year round.

reporter. He speaks to illicit there's the sludge lactor. ‘ll‘you Andrc“. Ntlccchan “hum ptit .\oith America oiia geometric ' plane and then tipped it. all the sludge lllS l'cllL‘Sl HUVCl. i would drip down to Florida’s ' southermnost tip.‘

'ilillls is a work of l'iction' liegitts the l’or Stormy ll'euI/ier. lliaasen has disclaimer at tltc opening ol' ( ’arl assembled a cast of llogartltian swamp lliaasen's new no\el..\'tm'ti1\' ll} ul/H’I'. things as they hatch duhious schemes -- ‘:\ll itaities and characters are either l'ew of them legal. most of them lll\'L‘lllL‘tl 01' used t'ietitiotisly. 'l‘he c\ettls criminally unhinged - amid the chaos deserihed are purely imaginary". it and deyastation caused by Hurricane , continues. lk‘ltll'L' taking a .-\ndrew. which hit Florida in the cliaraeteristieally lliaasetiesttue swerye. summer of WU]. ‘.-\lthough the accounts ol a hurricane The key lliaascn ligure iii Storiin related tourist lioom. monkey lli’tl/llf’l' is Skink. a kind ol'ct'aled eco- . . infestation and presidential yisit arc l.ear draped in weeds and swamp grass. I ca” H'aase": soc'a' bamme‘" based on real oeetirrenees.‘ who li\'e.s in an abandoned Plytuouth 5 and l’. l. ()‘Rourke are all admirers. ' Ulll. “'llill “‘4‘.‘ llll‘k llkk‘ \“llk'illl‘l

South Florida as the frontier of slea/e. station wagon. dines on roadkill, and 5 Now there's Sir/p 'l'mst'. the lilm ol humour to non-l’loridian readers ollett as' the proving ground. the petri dish. 'wrcaks guei'illa havoc on those 5 llizlélscn's‘ hook. starring Henri Home looks like social realism to natix es the playing lields ol’ liion tor the VI-L-eptmeihlc [‘01- the (teen-UCth of 3 as lirin (irant. a hunter l‘lil secretary lamiliar with the ‘.\leti'o‘ pages of the l‘lrotean genius of the .t\merican :l'lorida's wilderness. “ll” le‘ “ll “W-‘lll‘lg 'li‘kk‘d l” 11“” “l ‘U’i‘l’m‘ [IN-“M Pull“. “0' “\im' hm" slea/oid imagination this is the The dcprayed pleasure he takes in creamed corn to pay legal tees for a \lls‘ll :1 lllill'\s‘ll”ll\ lllléllllllilllflll- \Vllk‘l'k‘ recurrent theme iii all ol'(’arl lliaasen‘s ‘ghi'tmicljng[hie[311]”141'CCjnfcrmy‘lhc child custody battle against her tlUCN ll WING lil'lllll'i” l w." "l 11*“ “‘0 work. And. as one of the most aw ardcd. dark antipotles ol‘ Disney Worlds 3 sociopatliic. drug-addicted ex—hushand. VIN/HI 1/("l'¢1/¢/k'\&"'.\ flit} H 7 aggressiye reporters on the .lli‘tmi/ ‘l'antasy land. has nde Hiuglgcn the ; who steals wheelchairs tor a li\ ing. ; Hem/t/‘s inyestigatiye SWAT team. he ‘oliject ot‘ a growing transatlantic cult of l “‘5‘ ll lint Ul. Work so lat” l‘etclied it has sun-mt- ll'ui/lier l\ I’ll/t/M/lt't/ /v\' should kmm' :1 lltlllfl 01‘ N0 illlt‘lll llls‘ readers". Salman Rushdie. lan Meliwan l l“ M ill'thmlC- “"11” “hill-W“ Win“ .llut‘iiill/tm (ll HEW.

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