MUSIC IMPROV WORKSHOP working towards pei‘t'ormance and/or recording.

Rel points: ‘lriciis'. .4\.\l.\1. l‘ilectronica. ayant-rock.

Contact Jas 0141 636 1048.

I Newwave guitar pop band

seeks other acts to share single release wrtlt interested then call Gordon on (ll-ll 946 7327.

DRUMMER REOUIRED l'or gigs and recording with indie/rock hand. lidinhurgh.

Call Ian 0131 555 3970‘.

WANTED collahor'ators ill music pertormance. I'm interested in all instruments. y'oice etc. Men and women. I et's make strange. passionate. intelligent. music together. Phone me.

Colin on 0131 555 0038.

FULL-ON GODSTARS WANTED to ioin committed. cr'eatrye. .idy.:ritttrotis singei/ guitarist in niaxrnnrm rock and roll suh\ ersion.

Tel: 0141 332 7810.

I Musicians sought hy songwriter for original. literate and melodic rock hand tiiot rttdie/tttetal i. Varied acoustic and electric inlluences. Would consider iny'olyernent w itli e\isting hand. Contact Tom ()l4l 64l 579.2.

DRUMMER, READER ia/x hig hand. l.atin. (‘iihan swing styles. seeks hand or serious musos to t'orni hand.

Phone 01259 750176.

FEMALE SINGER SONGWRITER seeks musician/s to create new sounds. lnlluences: Dylan to Bjork. l'olk. _ia//. hltres and funk. Will trayel.

0141 334 4157.

I Guitarist looking roi- enthusiastic (prelerahly iax/i musicians interested in

1 jamming. liayourites: Ronny .lordan. 'I‘IIL‘ (lilll'tl. Miles l);t\'l\.

Young Disciples. and any music with cool grooyes. ll. interested tel (H41 334 9336.

ARE YOU BERNARD BUTLER? ()rjust the nest one'.’ 'l‘o‘ioilt (ilasgow's only harid that don't sotrnd American. call Bohhy or ('allurii on

0141337 6805.

I Singer lyricist wanted l’hotte Day id (ll-ll Slll 4(l7l for details.

I Female singer seeks musicians. guitar. keyhoards. percussion in lidinhurgh area tor niusrcal liaison. 'l'hink ('apercailiie. l)ougie .\lael.ean. .\lary Black and things ('eltie.

'l’elephone (MM 663 .154.

PERCUSSION AND HORNS required tor happening lidinhtu'glt .-\cid .laHers

'( it'ooy e 'l'unnel' tor paid

gigging and more recording.

Interested and committed

players should phone (iraeme McDonald on

0131 447 3075.

I Bassist with drive ;\llll\lllttll and oyerw helmiiig desire tk-r tame and t'ortune needed. loo many catchy tunes to mention. Phone and trnd out more now ' (H.134 626424 tw'itiie i.

I Committed, original band seek hass player with gea" and transport. We like «:hut are not too like? » .lellylish. Stuttres. liodgy. ls'rnky Machine. I“). Beatles. ('arnpers tha ha :. liyenings ()SS‘) 60.5258.

I Cheap publicity I’oslel tlyers. 'li—slttt ls. (in/leer); .l artwork. Quality design at y cry low rates \lso hand photography and press packs. Phone tor a chat. Automatic Productions t) MI 22] (0)47.

I Versatile singer/trontman roi- pith/cluh hanrl. .-\hle to handle wide range of styles and learn new material quickly. ('all ()l4l 5‘7 ZWs or oifsoti 66(Il6.\,

I lmprovisor (soprano sax) would like to inteitace with other .nly eritnroris inipro‘. isors \‘lylcsl Derek Bailey. l'.‘..lll Parker. .\.\l.\l. .lohn /.oin. Brot/inann (‘ecrl Taylor. I o‘. (‘o\l‘.rll. Ste‘. e\ ('oiitact ,las “l-ll (13(1 HHS,

FEMALE SOUL SINGER REOUIRED (iood tunetul yoree and ahrltty to carry a sort}: e\\t'llll;tl. lakes soul/(llth Dedication crucial (iiooy y original material. Contact Paul MacNeiI 0141 4201840.

I Spiral Records is lotilstllg lot‘ hands to work with I'Hl more Itilo write to Spiral Records. l’() Boy ()()I. (il;ts_t_'ti\y (i-ll

BLO NA GAEL Require experienced tiddle player tor traditional Irish and Scottish music. (iigs

around Scotland

Phone 01382 645452.

BASS PLAYER REOUIRED Styles: .Idll \\.Ul‘l‘ll'/I)L'IL' IItHIl. i‘..c'.'l\ .|.l Burnel. .\l; «hass

iiplront and critical 1 ready

Evenings: 0141 636 1048.

DRUM FEVER lit-week course heginnrng i‘) l~eh at the l‘riends‘ Meeting House. 36' l1lmhank t‘reseent. (ilasgow. .\londay s 6. it) .Sprii, :45 ititleoiiesi

Contact 0131 660 5730.

ATTRACTIVE, COMPETENT hassist. under 25 wanted to take on the world w rtli lidrnhirrgh top hand (ialltts

0131 554 6904.

CAPRI SEEK MANAGEMENT representation and grgsl Do you want some 'l'elephorie .\'ig.-l on

0141 334 7451.

SINGER SEEKS hand’musicians. llas pow erliul \ocals and lyrical ahility. lntluences include punk. indie. rock.

Contact Niall on 0131 552 2118.

EDINBURGH MUSICIAN/SINGER iw itli handt needs interestingly good lyttc‘tsl l'ot‘ collahoration on l'uttire songs. llas NBR recognition and positive iey rews lightning Seeds. ('harlatans. Pulp etc. Phone 0131 477 4072 (Ewan).

lidinhur'gh/any w here.

BLUES, SOUL AND COUNTRY In tact. anything considered. Sitiger/guitarist looking tor anyone to help in his quest to t'oi‘m good. right. working hand. Phone Gerry after 6pm. 0131 447 0807.

I Rehearsal room needed hy semi—proliessional :lc‘l. We seek an area to rehearse new material with easy access and space to store equipiiiertt ('ontact .lustrn

(ll-ll U4 '75.".

NOVICE FEMALE SINGER seeks e 'spet'reticed guitarist with recording equrpiiient to eypertriierit/inake demos. lnliuenees y‘eiy \ai’ied including Sarah .\lel.ati§.'.h|rn. l’ortrshead. Sheryl ('t'ow wrtlt a tad more l'urik.

Tel Rachel 0131 667 4503.

I Trumpet teacher required pt'et' lzdinhutgh .iiea. Phone Rachel til}! 66'. 4503.

I Glasgow Camelan Society meets to play Vain .\las. the wild wacky Indonesian percussion ensemhle at the Stiathelyde .-\its ('entie in

l.‘ Washington Street. Sunday ‘ipiii lot more lllliil'llldlltfll please phone lll4! 3W (ll-ll)

I The Best New Band in Britain

require a ritariager ll yon‘ e got

! 4pm. \Vednesday 7

TI](I\V\.\ll}\1\ll\\.kt)l‘[\lLil: -\nihoi;\: ill il 5" i 4655. l)a\e til ‘\\1S~ll"5l l: i‘aail:

Ellis!“ ‘4 l4‘--‘ coiiipuseiyecom I Second-hand violin needed urgently. .lust ahout to learn and desperately need riiszrniiierit at :.'IH‘\I [‘tleL'. Please phone ‘ll Kl 55(1344l

BASS PLAYER required hy (ilasgow -hased rocksoul hand. .\lrist he conniirtted. (iigs hooked. Illletcslg‘tl'

Call Pauline 0141 883 8504.

KITE MONSTER says thanks to lots ot people w ho |i;i\ e listened. played. promoted. written. appreciated. eriioyed

. . . lots more ahead!!

I Keyboard player and bass

player required to complete

hand line-up. Original material

with a Celtic sound. The

(‘ranherries. Pl llai'yey. .-\lanis

.\lorr'isette. Must he committed and enthusiastic. Phone 014] .‘13l |.‘~l().

DRUMMER/PERCUSSIONIST needed for new rock hand -— must he ahle to play with power uml .suhtlety. Variety of inlluences. ll. this is you. phone Graham 0141 427 7591

tleay e a message it‘ required).

GET THIS Band playing own tiiatei'ial seek agent to proyide promotion leading to gigs. Contact 0141 644 2312 (alphone).

0000 DRUMMER WANTED Box No 273/BM/1.

' I Keyboard player required for

gigs. recording. and indie releases. lntluences: Stereolah. Beatles. Tom Waits. \"iolent l‘enunes. Talking Heads.

Supergrass. Humour essential.

other instruments a honus. creatiye mind necessary". Phone \'ie: lilil 558 3864.

I Guitarist seeks band or other musicians to start one. l.ikes: Pastels. Ster'eolah. Luna. \'el\'et l'nderground. Yo La ’l‘engo.

Phone liric (ll-ll 334 SS It).

ALBAROOT urgently require l‘emale \ ocalist l‘or‘ loi‘thComing Scottish and linglish gigs. (‘omniitment and ability to trawl essential (oh. and it would help it you can sing too!)

Call Alison '0141 334 3450.

I Singer guitarist seeks hass and drums. lnto Scott Walker. \'er\e. 'leleyision Syd Barrett. love. (‘an and Jeff Buckley. Contact Nicky til-ll 556 637 I. I Talented bassist required for inai'ketahle t'iy'e-pieee. with loads ot' own material and a great lutui'e. (iood singing \oice/equipment/commitment essential. transport pi‘el‘er‘red. No egos please. Nigel: ()l ‘24

625243 eyenings.

FIDDLER REOUIRED t'or estahlished hand. .\lusreal inlluenees caiiin/ /ydeco/reggae. (iigs mainly lll Scotland. .-\lso some t‘ailio work.

Phone 0421 523536.

I Female vocalist seeks pianist/guitarist to work on iaH/hlues repertoire r- staridardrs‘ and possihly new material - with a View to gigs in the near lutut'e. Phone Amanda on ()1 3| 557 sow.

I Wanted established lead singers to form Scottish supper group. Must he ahle to play an instrument of some sort. Please write to: Tom Collins. 7 Batik Street. Neilston. (ilasgow (378 .il-Ii.

I Guitarist wanted Beatles. Stones. \'elyets. Big Star. l-ixperience not essential. Recording scheduled with a lanious American producer. Phone Simon ()l4l 357 4792.


I Bruce Springsteen lidinhurgh Playhouse. Single ticket

l desperately sought. Will pay

£40. Contact Peter (1131


300v & sour


BODY PIERCINC by Jacqueline Ceddes at

The Glasgow Piercing Studio. Unit St). Savoy Centre. Saucliiehall Street. Glasgow

0141 332 17727334 8687.

I Past lite and age regression hypnotherapy from a qualrlied hypnotherapist. Phone for a consultation ()l4l 647 2403. I Edinburgh Buddhist Centre Meditation. Buddhism and Yoga. l)rop lll Meditation classes. Wednesdays 3pm and 'l‘hursdays 7.15pm. Six week .‘yleditation and Buddhism eourse starts 'l'uesday 5 March 7.l5pni. to hook phone ()l3l 662 4945.

I Creative body awareness

l‘ree your hody's natural joy and spontaneity. increase your awareness of your body and your environment through interactive play games and creative exercises. Mondays 7--‘)pm from 26 l-‘ehruary. Call OH! 33‘) 3242.

WORRIED ABOUT DENTAL TREATMENT Sympathetic female dentist can help. liimear' ()'('onnell BUS. l 16 |.auriston Place. ’l‘ollcross. lidirihurgh.

0131 2291491.

I Crystal Raven counsellor and crystal. pyramid. magnet therapist ~ as seen on S'I’V (let It ()Il. .-\ny prohleriis considered. stress management and positiyity. talks/counselling. palmistryfl‘arot consultations. ()l4l .‘1330S77.

I Aromatherapy, hypnotherapy

and counselling. Treating the

indiyidual. Preliminary consultation li'ee. .lanice Sharkey .\1Sc BA NRllP. Appoittltttettt (ll-ll 647 2403.


A lull range of restorative dental troatmonta available including crowna. bridgoa. veneers and implanta. i~.l.:\l.\'i. GOLDSMITH RIM». GRANT .\l.-\lllll-.$().\' R.l).s. t-‘.t).s. STRURCS Ed. ' -

39 Frederick St Edinburgh Tot. 0131 220 4077

94 'l he List 23 l’eh-7 Mar l‘)‘)6