MASSAGE THERAPY Relief from stress and muscular pain. Whole body relaxation. enhanced sense of wellbeing. Contact Michael l-lastie l3.i\l.T.A. S.M.T.(). 0131 229 3374.

I Eating Disorder Therapist For one-to-one counselling contact l.i‘/. Cole BA (Hons) l)ip Coulis. Ph/fas ()l4l 357 5324.


ii ,1: for I —-:=-’l5m Pain (Zontrol Eb Stress l Phobias Weight Problems




TEL: 0131 467 2315

A member of the Academy of CUfalIVE’ Hypnotherapists

I Feel, explore, express interact. A (iestalt 'l‘herapy \vorkshop tisitig a variety of creative approaches. 2nd and 3rd March. (‘haring ('ross. (llasgovv. £45. (.‘ontact Ann l)ovvnie ()l4l 942 3680 or .loy Pitmaii t)l3l 337 7507.

I A108 VBTa Nttlttl‘c‘X lli‘dli‘l'. Discover the many benefits ol our stabilised Aloe \'era (iel nutritional stippleiiieiit drink Highest quality Aloe Vera products tAloe ('ouiicil Seal oi Approval). l‘or free consultation in confidence and more information telephone .loatt l)ougan on 013| (15? 47h) tevesl or 0374 466 4.\'l ttiiobilel. New in Scotland: l‘ot'ever (iat‘ciiiia I’lus \\ eight control programme. All products covered by 00-day money back guarantee.

SCOTTISH ALTERNATIVE HEALTH EXHIBITION March 23rd and 24th. Assembly Rooms. (ieol'ge Street. lidinbtirgli. llam (rpm. I30 stands. 30 talks. Tat ('lii. healing massage. hypnosis. honloeopathy. meditation. aromatherapy. telasatioii tapes. llt‘t'ITs. cale.

Full programme from 0141 334 5845.

PERSONAL COUNSELLING In confidence. (‘laii‘e lidvvards. Qualified counsellor.

0141 633 3626.

GESTALT THERAPY lispei'ienced counsellor and trainee psychotherapist offers individual therapy Reduced fees negotiable for those on Iovv income. Chris McKinnell 0131 667 9658. Scottish (iestalt Association member.

LEARN MASSAGE Six-evening course starts Wed 6 March. 15'- l0pttl. at the Glasgow Steiner School. I York‘hill. £55 (135 l. 7 Phone Ian Holland 0141 334 584510 book.

FOR THE BEST IN i-IALE DAY . FULL DAY AND TWO DAY RIVER TRIES. Regular departures on some of Scotland's finest white water.

Now taking bookings for our Nepal 96 trip.

For more details call

SPLI- S'rl on 01887 829706. Lomas Buildings,

20 Market Square, Aberfeldy, PH15 2RD

.-\I.I...\.\'I)F.R SL'B AOL'A CLL'B

Welcomes Beginners For Training And Qualified Divers For Regular (‘luli RIIIB And Ilardboat Diving Trips A round The Scottish (‘oastline (And Beyond!)

We Meet livery Monday 0.00pm

At Allander Sports (‘oniplu \lilngavie Rd.. Bearsden

For More Information (‘all Alan ()n 0141-3342561 ()r I‘ilaine ()n UNI-954.9106


Join now for the best in skiing, sport 5 and social events- all year round.

Non skiers welcome!

We meet every Tuesday from 9.30pm at the Royal Circus Hotel. Edinburgh.

For more information write or phone:

2 Howe Street, Edinburgh Tel: 0131 220 3121

let/16W: ./ t g l




Thursday at 8.30pm in

The Scaramouche,

Elderslie Street, Charing Cross, Glasgow.

Tel: 0141 942 2462


TUSCANY (GARFAGNANA) Affordable rooms. houses and apartments in beautiful rural countryside near Lucca and Barga. April—October. Airport pick-tip.

Tel Remo on 0141 339 0876.


EXCHANGE WANTEO large central lidiiiburgh llat. Atigtist llthv3lst. against l.ondon house. (‘hisvvick 'l'vvo bathrooms. tvvo kitchens. three bedrooms. large lounge. lover garden. Photos available.

Slater 0181 995 8299.

pgs‘t‘sfiz 353:” :1,

it .!

For one more issue, Lineage and semi-dispLag ads in the fLatshare section are free. phone our cLassified dept on 0131 558 1191 for detaiLs.

. Glasgow

I Flatmate sought to share e\treitiel_v comfortable llat lll \Vc‘sl Iilltl. close to BIK‘ ttlltl l'niversity and convenient for (‘il_\ (‘entre All mod cons and p.i\ate parking. Non-smoking. friendly person preferrid. £200 pcm plus electi way and phone. Please ring Paul on (ll-ll 945 «309.3,

I Oennistoun large mom available tn very attractive llal. (1(‘ll. security dooi. vvashmg machine. Protessional or post- giad. Non-smoking female piefert'id. t; I St) pctn + deposit. Share bills. 0l4l 556 2353.

I Gay-friendly tlatmate iettuiied for lover l)enni.stoun flat to shale \v llIl one other. Shale lounge. kitchen and bathroom. 5 turns (it); 2 lllllls Royal Infirmary 1 lot) pcm. Phone lll 3l 477 0320.

I Room in Glasgow wanted Possibly as a swap for spare room tn lidinburgh. I live in lidinbtii'gh btit vvork in (ilasgovv. Phone 0l3l 557 000K.

I Glasgow West End Professional. non-smoking. gay/ gay friendly female wanted to share tvvo-bedroom tlat near IlIK‘. sllovs el/bttlll. £300 per calendar month e\c| bills. deposit. (ll-ll ()45 5880


YOUNG, PROFESSIONAL FEMALE seeks room in Glasgow West lind or Soutliside flat. ()r similar others. to rent vvhole llat from agency.

0131 447 9507.

I Room in spacious soutlisitle llat. Non-smoker. vegetarian. gay-friendly. Close to all amenities. £18t)pcni+bills. deposit. 'l‘clephoiie ()I4l 5722 after 6pm.

I Vocal, non-smoking 50- something. gay male. who doesn‘t knovv \\ Ital ('iSOIl means. \vants high ceilinged, studio/room \vitli ovvti phone and ovvti hydro card meter for long let at no more than £l2tl per month unfurnished. (}lasgovv/lidinburgli. l'entme flatmates optional. ditto cats. Heating essential. Box No 273/l‘/ l.

I Room to let in attractive Soutliside (llasgovv flat to share \\'llll one other. Rent 140 per week plus l/2 share of bills. 'l'elephone (ll-ll 422 lh‘7l) betvveen 7 and 9pm.

I Motherwell area Rootii in coitifortable. iiioderti llat. Good for public transport to .\lotheivvell/(ilasgovv. Suit responsible person (refs required). Share with male ovvner (sorry no l)SS). £180 pcm ltleposit). 0l(i‘)S 333019. I Oennistoun Large room in attractive. shared llat. most mod cons. Non-smoker only. £42 per \veek including bills. Phone 0141 554 0507 for more details. I Oennistoun 'l‘h'u-tl person vvanted to share large. attractive llat \v itll two others. ()vvn room. share kitchen. bathroom. Suit titllt.‘l. noti-smokiiig/gay/student/ professional. ths‘ll pcm inc bills. 'l‘el (ll-ll 554 25l3.

I Room in tour-apt house (‘ardonald Would stilt male/telltale student or brofessional. Two minutes frotn Lllllc‘lllllt‘s. Sorry no l)SS. £200 pcm deposit arid bills. Rclcl‘cllc‘es essctlllttl. Illlet’c‘stc‘d'.’ Pauline ()l-ll SS3 S504.



UNIOUE SINGLE ROOM \\ itli double loft bed in bright. central llat. ('i(.‘ll. All mod cons. L'l‘)() pcm.

Tel 0131 556 8940.

I Beautiful room in spacious and attractive central New Town/Stockbridge flat. with gas CH and power shower. £200 pcm + bills. Phone (work) 0l3l 650 8661. -

I Flatmate wanted for large. sunny room in colony house in l.eitli. Freshly decorated. open fire. Cl-l. large kitchen and living rootn. Non-smoking professional please. £245 including Council Tax. Tel ()l3l 554 S “)8.

DOUBLE ROOM in very comfortable. spacious Iidinburgh flat. Share with professional gay guy. age 29. £220 pcm + bills + month‘s deposit. Non-smoker preferred.

Phone 0131 552 4093.

I Drama student, temale, 32 needs room. central flat. £150 pcm + bills. No deposit btit very reliable. Tel ()l3l 447 550l after 5pm.

I Flatmate wanted for small room in modern flat with all itiod cons. Share with four others. Available frotn l2 March. Please phone 0131 66l 5902.

I Room with a view in small friendly llat. Two mins from university. only £133 + Council Tax. Phone ()l3l 556 ()727.

I Do you call Glasgow home but have a job iii Edinburgh? I'm the opposite. Maybe we can come to some mutually convenient arrangement with accommtxlation. Call Stuart on 0385 936022.


iii excellent flat with view.

Trinity area. All amenities.

To share with two others.

Suit vegetarian. n/s. £l65 pcm + bills + deposit. Phone Steve or Deb on

0131 552 4668.

I Sunny single room in West Iind flat. sharing with three males. Suit responsible. non- smoking person. £l35 pcm. Available from I March. Tel ()l3l 228 278‘).

I Youngish unemployed artist seeks room in flat or one bedroom llat. 0! 3| 667 42 lb or 0l3l 44l l82‘).

SUPPORTIVE FLATMATES IKEKQHJIFLEI)ITQ”EI)IDIBIJFK311 Responsible person, preferany age 20-30 years

required to live in mixed/shared flat with 2/3 young people who have previoust been in care of the Social

Work Department.

The success/ill applicant will get rent free accmnmodation in return for assisting the Supported Accommodation Team to establish and maintain a supportive living environment.

For further information and application form please contact: South East Resource Team

44 Hozvdenhall Road Edinburgh E1116 1P]

Tel: 666 ()670 or 658 1119

The List 23 Feb-7 Mar l‘Nb 95