V I saw you .againl Byres Road. 'l‘uesday‘ 6 I'iehruary. Safeways has heen our meeting point. Yott stopped to talk.‘s tneet again! Box No [7273/31.

v I saw you Higlt Street. l/2/96. You: passenger. wltite Sctrroccot '.’ I. gotgeous eyes. stunning smile. He: driy'ing lt)6. You caugltt ttte staring. \Vayt'd goodhye :tl I’L‘dt' 'ITCL'. (iot to see youY l‘ancy a spm‘.’ Htt\ No [7273/32.

V I saw you III l’ortt'att class. You wore hlack. I wore wltite.‘s make . . , grey. Box .\'o


0 I saw you t-‘thtay t). Bat-het- Shop. lidinhurgh. You tntale. came itt early to get your shoulder lengtlt hlond locks cut and w aitcd willt hlack dog. whilst all tmne was chopped. [me to tneet. Ho\ .\'o [7273/34.

0 I saw you I5/2/96. we shared htis from S. Hydro. You'ye hlond hair and glasses. You look cute itt green w ellies. You work at Kelhurtt C.l’.. I‘m gay. are you‘.’ Write soon tny angel. Box No [3/274/l.

V I saw you and yott saw me. Sasones. Princes Street. Saturday ntornittg. Itch 24m. You with mother attd sister. just trying. .\Ie alone. jtist httying. I want to know you. I'd like to paittt you. Box No [’/274/2.

U I saw you at (utt‘tt. .-\merican music concert. 9/2/96. You: hrowu jacket. dark hair. CAT hoots. .‘yle: sitting itt your seat at the interyal.'s ntect \UIIICIIIIIL‘. Bo\ No [7274/3.

v I saw you in Madame (iillespies. Sat 3 l‘eh. You: Norwegian. tall. dark-haired witlt hlue jeans attd striped sltirt. I couldn't talk to you httt I'd love to. Wattt to meet up'.’ Adios! .\'os \emosl Box No [7274/4

0 I saw you I'm tots. today- 16th l‘ch. .\le. tall hlonde. sery tng itt cloakroom. Yott. dashing in a military style duffel. w ttlt shiny huttotts. My heart skipped a heat. liind me. Box No [7274/5

V I saw you attd snogged you at the 'I'rtti/ixjmrlitig party. You were with your friend I,orna. You were the tttost heautifttl girl I hate eyer seen. I hayen't stopped thinking ahottt yoti. Andy. Boy No [7274/6.

V I saw you John Stttitlt Bookshop. Wednesday 7/2. 5pm. (ilasgow. Yott tall. hlack coat. hought two hooks. .\Ie ltaliatt. looking. We lingered. ‘l.ife LIIICI‘ (iod'. Yes. Me. Please write. Boy .\'o [7274/7.

V I saw you attd you saw ttte l't'IIL‘cIL‘tI III IIIL' \\ III[I()\\ HI. [IIL‘ .\'o 2 hus. l‘riday 16th I‘eh. (I650. You -- c‘lllc‘ goatee. smiling eyes attd great outdoors packll .\le - trying to he coy?’s nteet. .-\rohanuil Boy .\'o [7274/3.

V I saw you at Sotttlt (iyle htts stop opposite the Royal Batik. You. female. with dark hair attd red coat. .‘er. tall gtty. wearing long dark coat. Couldn't stop looking.'s meet. Box No [’/274/l 3.

V I saw you (.irace. We shared a cah (Wed 2 lst Iieh).'s do it again sometime. Bulldog. Box No [7274/14.

V I saw you naughty. nuhile. Nc‘c‘sotlcsqllc itt Marchtttont. struggling with a giant hike iii a IIII'L‘C [L‘II gale. .\IL‘I (I'IUI‘ fluorescent guy on (anondale. (th opposites attract'.’ I‘ancy a rtttt sometime'.’ Say yes. Box .\'o [7274/16.

V I saw you Sharon. You said no chance. I’lease giy'e me one tttore. Signed. Hearsight. Atlantis. Hungaria. Cintjuecento. Box .\'o ['/274/I7.


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0 I saw you Cameo. [5/2/96. 'li'trrlrtpolli/ig premiere. and again the nest night. outside the Royal Bank on Home Street. I like your orange puffa jacket. lane} a coffee‘.’ Bo\ .\'o [7274/9

V I saw you at the opening night of Red. You: gorgeous hlonde w itlt dark foothall shirt. .\Ie: denim shirt and cheeky grin. You danced round ttte

tw tce. Were you teasing or trying" Bo\ .\'o ['/274/lt).

v I saw you (‘itt-us- (,‘ltttw. 17/2. You were fiddling under my skirt attd picked up a ring. l‘ancy picking ttte tip sotnetittte‘.‘ Boy No [7274/11.

V I saw you with black cap. hlack jeans atttl hIack ()hsessions record hag. walking along By'res Road on I-tiday I(t/2/‘)(i. .\IL‘Z 5ft 7ttt. hlue L‘ycs and short hrown hair with sidehurns. You are cute? Bos .\'o ['/274/l 2.

'0 I saw you Monday 20/2/90. lpm. Health Centre. University Iidinhurgh. You: hIack jacket. hlue jeans. .\Ie: heard. dark oyercoat. You had trouhle with registration. Thought you were heautiful hut had place to talk. Bo\ No [’/274/lt\'.

V I saw you I’ulp CUIIL‘L‘I'I -A lttglistott. .\Ie ~tantted. white top. You ~- cute. red jacket. We slagged Iidwyn Collins. you lifted me otit of the crowd. I uey er said thanks -let‘s meet. Box No [7274/19.

V I saw you 'Ii'ttins/mirt/tg. (ilasgow ()deon. 24/2/96. You hrowu suede jacket. hasehall cap. .\Ie long hltte coat. All/[5C scarf. I miss you. especially Sunday mornings. Wattt to try again.’'s have a go! Box No [7274/20.

V I saw you again. Irish Brian and told you. I low you in the lull knowledge that we helong to two different worlds. It doesn‘t matter what people think of me. I will always [me you. Box No [3/274/2 I.

V I saw you Chinese ciy'ilisation lectures for the past year. I see you everywhere. It‘s my hirthday soon. wattt to he my pt'esent'.‘ PS I loye your dreads. Box No [7/274/22.

0' I saw you l)ec 2lst. 5.10 train from llaymarket. [’s. two sherry-hashing gals with only two plastic cups. You. across the aisle. hlonde pony tail. Catt we htty you a sherry .s'otttetittte'.’ Box No [3/274/23.

V I saw you through a jungle of PC terminals. Yott itt the first henclt. looked hack to me itt the last. Fancy a heer’.’ Say: all right! Box .\'o [3/274/24.

V I saw you llttglt heltind Cottiet”s har. . . .\'ot heat llantes up and consumes. t\'ot sea wayes hurry in arid ottt . . . .\'ot these . . . Btit me. handsome me. to wine and dine you s. Box No [7274/25.

V I saw you on Valentine‘s Day itt [7nderground to l’artick atttl on followittg Monday itt Safeway. l’artick. Your look attd smile puzzled ttte. Atty chance to get to krtow yott'.’ Box No [7274/26.

V I saw you (‘.\I. wearing pink silk shirt at colleague‘s leay‘ing presentation. I4 l)ecemher. Are you sittgle'.’ If so. please reply. I do ttot know how to contact you. Box No [7274/27.

V I saw you tsett-Iey-s. Monday 26th l-‘eh. I wore green heret. You were reading. kept looking oyet‘. Next time. let's sit at the sattte tahle! Box .\'o [7274/28. U I saw you Buro/i‘yluir. Newcastle match. stood heside you then you tttoy'ed. Yott. heige colour jacket. dark collar. hlue jeans. .‘yle corduroy jacket. charcoal jeans. Would like to meet you. Companion for rugby match. Box No [7274/29.

V I saw you No. . . or was it ['ma'.’ Sorry. old joke. Happy hirtltday front the Mad Scientist. the Philosopher. the Yampire. Bratndead. .\lr Blontle . . all your friends to our .‘ylial Box No [7274/30.

V I saw you Paul. We met at a htis stop and shared a taxi. You were Going Places. I was going with the flow. Box No

[7/274/3 I.

V I saw you dark. dazzling nay-y leIleL‘I‘L‘tI mart. alone itt Bltte Moon. lptn ish. 26/2/96. I was with girl at tahle opposite. too gohstnacked to smile when our eyes tttet. Could we meet sometinte‘.’ Box No U/274/32. V I saw you gorgeous girls (2 hlonde. I dark). 7.20pm. 27 l-‘eh. Cltarlotte Square. itt hatchback with suttroof. That was a cheeky chat-up line -— hut

then so bashful! Grinning cyclist (hutt of your joke) would i like to hear it again. Anyone a wattt to try my helntet'.’ Box No

U/274/33. l

V I saw you at the Congress. You were representing the London Psychogeographic committee. Your breast pocket was overlatlen and sagging hadly. Why' not ‘derive' here endlessly on the Cathcart Circle'.’ Box No U/274/34.

V I saw you gorgeous. petite. hrunette. driving gold I’unto. tttost mornings itt Richmond Street heside business school. Me: heefy hloke iii 4th. Let's go for a country ramhle! Box .\‘o [9274/35.

V I saw you 27/2/96. I330 Underground. We got off at Cowcadtlens. You wore a green jacket thottther) and jeans. a female friend met you. Then you walked alone by RSAMI) towards bus station. Get itt touchl'.’ Box No U/274/36.

V I saw you Angela. Finnegan's Wake. Glasgow. 25/1/96. You: last night computer job, so back to lidinhurgh. Stupid me got wrong nuttther. couldn't call! Can’t let it go. Your shining hlack hair. Box No U/274/37. V I saw you Gordon (Budge) at David lloltttes. Art School. I waited httt I missed you. Let’s get over the ex's together. Box No [I/274/38.

V I saw you Sunday. 25/2/96 on the stairs. I've helped you. carrying your bags itt front of the door. You are the sweetest angel I ever met. Attgels atttl dreamers. Box No U/274/39.

v I saw you lilo. Matt. Pat. sleeping iii the library. Is that what you call work‘.’ If you want to have ftttt. l catt keep a secret if you can! Box No U/274/4I). U I saw you HlttckllilII Sainshurys. 2 [/2 The red haired damsel itt distress. I was the knight itt sltittittg armour! Wish we could fix things together agaitt. Miss you. Ant I mad'.’!'.’ Box Noll/274.741.

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98 The List 8—2l Mar l996