Competi ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

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Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)


COMPETITIONS P e e p i n g To m

Until last year this lilm was banned in Britain and when it was originally released in won it ruined the reputation ol~ its director. Michael Powell. The lilm l‘ollows the exploits ol‘ a young photographer who goes on a killing spree in order to capture the perfect picture of unadulterated terror. ('rities deemed it sick. l‘ilthy and thoroughly nasty. . Luckily l‘or us it is now available on video for the lirst time through Warner Home Video's 'l‘error Vision horror range at /' U099. liven luckier l'or you we haye live copies til it to give away to the readers who can answer this:

I: CORK?!“


Name two of Powell‘s other l'ilms.

Answers on a postcard by 'l‘hurs 2| .\larcli. .-\ddress them: PEEPING COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh. EH1 1TE.


Antonia Bird‘s penetrating and moving study ol‘ the dilemma of a young (‘atholic priest in Liverpool confronting his homosexuality was a major hit at the UK and international bos ol'lice and the subject ol‘ much controversy: Sul'l‘used with warmth and gentle humour. the \ ideo ol‘ the movie is now released on sell through by Electric Pictures \"ideos at U199.

We have live copies ol‘ the video to give away to the readers w ho can answer this: Priest was written by Jimmy .\Ic(}oyern. .\'ame two other projects which he has written for television.

Answers on a postcard by Fri 22 March. .-\ddress them: PRIEST COMP, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


Endllion String Quartet

9. - l- g, The lindellion String Quartet will be playing at the Queen‘s Hall. lidinburgh on Sun I? March at 7.45pm. But where did the name lindellion come l‘rom'.’ \\'e have ten pairs ol‘ tickets to give away to the readers who can call the quarters blull‘. ('hoose trom:


A) Andrew‘s story is that Iindellion is named alter a tiny ('ornish y illage which was called alter a ('ornish saint called St lindelicnta. who was reputed to have lived on nothing but milk. In this village there is an enormous music l‘estiyal twice a year where some ol‘the quartet met. 'l’liey liked the name and got permission to use it.

B) Ralph reckons that their lirst concert was sponsored by an :\l'lllc‘lllttli rug trader called Endellion, but. unl'oitunately. the printer got it wrong and named the group Endellion so they had to stick with it.

C) Garfield says that it came l‘rom a French architectural term. In the old French Chateaux. they had musicians playing on the niinstrels‘ gallery called the ‘dellion'. When the." played. the musicians were said to be ‘en dclliott'.

D) David says that the real story is that the (ireek musician. lindellion. was the tirst known person to write in four parts.

Answers on a postcard by Wed 20 March. .-\ddress them: ENDELLION COMP, The List,


14 High Street, EH1 1TE. Re e OCT-O

On Saturday (1 .~\pril the Royal Highland (‘entrc.

Edinburgh will be bracing itsell‘ l‘or another massive

Re/erection all-nigliter called The .'l)'(' with two huge

d)ance arenas and some ol the world‘s linest His and A talent.

Look out for Sy. Producer and Scorpio. Brisk. Vibes. Bass (icnerator, Mare Smith. M-Zone. FX and the littest exponents of Dutch happy hardcore and breakbeats. But the fun doesn't stop there: check out the Rex indoor lairground with the gut-busting w alt/er. video and games arcades. a massive chill out area. lire eaters and more.

We have three pairs ol‘ tickets and three copies ot‘ the video ol’ the llogmanay' Rezerection to give away to the readers who cart answer this:

How many Re'l, events took place last year'.’

Answers on a postcard by 'l'ue l‘) March. Address them: REZ COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


Why not pamper your mother in style this Mothers’ Day - treat her to a special bottle of Champagne. We are uttering 50 per cent oil a bottle of 1989 Victoria Wine Vintage Champagne to the first 300 readers who present this voucher at Victoria Wine Cellars, George Street,.Edinburgh. You could, of course, just treat yourself instead! Valid from 7 March up until 17 March 1995.

To the consumer:

This voucher entitles the first 300 customers to a saving of 50 per cent off the purchase price ot a single 75cl bottle of 1989 Victoria Wine Vintage Champagne, redeemable at Victoria Wine Cellars, George Street, Edinburgh,'subject to stock availability. This voucher may not be used against any, other product, in conjunction with any other otter or discount or exchanged tor cash. Only one voucher may be used per 75cl bottle of 1989 Victoria Wine Vintage Champagne purchased. Only one voucher per customer. Otter limited to persons in the UK aged eighteen years or over.

To the shop manager:

Please treat this coupon as part payment for a bottle at 1989 Victoria Wine Vintage Champagne and key through the till as 50 per cent wine discount.



The Arches, Midland Street, Glasgow is offering two full priced tickets tor the price of one to the first ten people through the door to see Ruby And Red Snapper play the Arches on Thurs 14 March. Doors open 7.30pm. Take this edition of The listalong on the night.


The Traverse and Gilded

Balloon Productions are ollering

two lull price tickets tor the price of

one to see the double bill, Lyn

- Ferguson’s Heart And Sole and Geraldine

McHulty’s One Woman In A One Frock

Show on Thurs 14 March at 7.30pm. Take IRAVERSE this copy of The list along to the box office on the night.

OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the whole magazine and present it to the relevant box otlice or cash desk. All otters are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to retuse admission.

COMPETITIONS: Only one entry per person per competition. It you are entering more than one competition, you need use only one envelope, but please make sure that your name, address and voucher are attached to EACH entry. Competitions are open to all UK residents (over the age at 18 in alcohol-related otters). No responsibility can be accepted by The List tor prizes which cannot be obtained due to untoreseen circumstances. To obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The List Competition Winners, stating which issue(s) results you require.

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