COISCEIM Dance Theatre may have a tongue-twister of a name. but the company‘s dance aims to get straight to the point. Already big in their native Ireland. the Dublin- based troupe fronted by Irish dance/theatre/musical all- rounder David Bolger are powering up to the UK premiere of a double-bill which includes the unlikely prospect of a comedy dance piece. Titled Reel /.ll('/\'. the piece in question is billed as ‘a trail of laughter through the history of modern lrish culture'. Just let your chttckle muscles do the flexing. CUlSCt’i/ll [)(Illt‘t’ 771t’(lll'(' Uppt‘tll’ ill T/ti'um' llii/‘A‘A/to/t. Ifi/i/i/itiiy/ifrom I-‘i'i l5 - Sun /7 Mm:


NICKY CAMPBELL - the fortuitous wheel and afternoon show on Radio 1 - returns to Scotland to present the imaginatively titled Nicky Campbell Show. It’s the first show commissioned by ex- Channel 4 producer Mike Bolland who was appointed in December to improve

BBC Scotland’s

entertainment output. Acts lined up for the first show, which is recorded on the night of transmission, include Julian Clary and Supergrass, plus comedian

Lynn Ferguson. Ha,

Frontlines got her first! \ The Nicky Campbell Show is \ on Tuesdays on 8801.

LYNN FEBGUSON's solo play l/i'iiri Alli/Sole. which tells the story of an unlikely love between a woman and a fish. and picked up seyeral awards last year when it was sleeper hit of the liringe. embarks on a brief Scottish tour before swimming off l)own l'nder for the weeks. l‘rom cabaret days as one " halfof the .-\le.\ander Sisters to more recent appearances on .Io Brand's teleyision show. Ferguson has spent more time playing characters than you might think. but doesn't see much difference between formal acting and her more familiar stand-up shows. ‘lt‘s only different in that in a play the narrative has to be strong.‘ she say s. ‘()ther than that it's all about discipline. lf you lose control doing stand-up an audience will notice very quickly and they’ll kill you. and it's the satne if you lose concentration during a play.‘ The idea for the play came about after a trip to a Sea l.ife centre ended up with some heayy duty inter-tank eye contact between l-‘et'guson attd a lonesome trayeller Trigger liish. ‘lt's like when you're a kid and you go to buy a puppy. and you choose the one you think likes you because it's looking at you.' she says. So is this a moye away from being purely a performer"? ‘l like writing. because you‘re making something up from the very beginning.‘ she says. ‘Mind you. winning loads of awards arid folk telling you you’re brilliant is more likely to make me want to write another play than anything else.‘

(Neil Cooper)

Hmrl .lin/ .Vo/i' i.\' on [/It' (ii/i/i'i/ Hill/(till! ( Ulllt't/V circuit from Sui ‘) Sun /7 Min: See (inner/r listings/Ur i/cliii/r.

FLESH FLY is the (.iraeae theatre company’s take on Ben Jonson's Jacobean satire on Venetian society. Vol/)(HH’. As liurope‘s premier theatre company of disabled people. (iraeae uses their performers' disabilities to confront the audience‘s perceptions of normality. 'l‘he bloke pictured here is lady l’olitick Would- Be who. thwarted in her ambitions. would appear to have got the horn rather than the hump. Not what one might suspect, which is likely to hold as true for the play as it does for the picture.

Flex/i I"/\' is u! The Arc/it's. Glasgow on Tue N/Ww/ 20 .lIiII' um/ ThUUIII’ ll'iirks'lmp, Iii/inhiuyli from 'I'lturs 21—521! 23 Mar.

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