I The Dandy Warhols: The Dandy Warhols (Tim Kerr Records) Setitmiu psychedelic garage jamming marathons in the areal livoking the spirit ol the Velvet l’ndeiground rand no. I didn't think that one tip alter a glance at their name ~ they‘re really trying to catch the 'Sister Ray" vibe only in a more aesthetically pleasing way) and Velvets descendents Itkc Spaeemen 3. Portland. ()i'egon‘s Dandy Warhols are a band lost lzl their own parallel universe. \Vtth sortie raw rifting. druggy interludes and the occasional break lot a whimsical shoega/ey pop number. this album doesn‘t know the meaning (it the word heirei'iit. Not necessarily a bad thing. tl‘iona Shepherd;

I Joyrider: 8e Special (Paradox Records) omi'i contuse this \‘orthein lt'tsIt lot will) (I‘IIL‘

.on rider's. lidinburgh hr‘t‘el'uls w ho could have been contenders ll enly lltey id gotten out oi bed once in a while. Second thoughts. it’s all too easy to contuse them: both are loud oi helping Illc‘tttsc‘l\c‘\' It) littl‘

‘Sugar' .\Iould‘s repertoire and oil the proverbial lorry's back much ol [li' Spec/til has fallen. ()kay. not a bad first album from a band

Joyrider: ‘taiis to induce a tlutter'

wrtli a swell line in .selt'- «.lepi‘ecation and cynicism enough to make ls’oseaiines Darlene look like i‘orrest (iump. tut it tails to induce a llutter in this cold heart and that won't Iliisker Du. (Rodger l€vanst I Beastie Boys: The In Sound From Way Out (Capitol/Grad Royal) Check the cool was. The Beasties sans hardcore leanings and vocals. cook tip some llyplotation wacca wacca wacca t‘unk sketches.creating the ultimate sonic accessory tor those. ltlt. relaxed mood sessions at home. The In Sound. . . collects together li-lioys instrumental moments from the ('liei-A linu- Head and II/ ('rint/mum'iitiu/rv albums. throwing in the odd B- .side and version number. all jammed live in the studio with the aid of percussionist lit'ic Bobo

and keyboard technician

Money Mark.

The odd transcendental moment aside ("Transitionsfi ‘liugene's l.ament' ). it‘s Kojae on the sidewalk all the way. with the occasional Star‘sky run across the rootilops added for good measure. Basically. it's the Groove. Ilolrnes. il)amien Love)

I Various: Snakebite City

3 Four (Bluelire Records)

The campaign for real snakebite reaches its l'ourth volume. 'I‘wenty- two bands including our anc liis and I’iizk Kr'oss ltw it til. the better contributions you'll tindi ot' a tan/ine-y bent have donated a (mostly) lo-li recording to this budget compilation which has a certain charm but very little to get seriously excited by. The vast majority of the groups play the ruost basic melodic punk ditties. which might have been acceptable for a Stilt compilation in l‘)7‘). but in 1990 make The liluetones look like the most tar-out jungle practitioners. Like snakebite. most ol these acts are only to be tound in student union bars. Available trom most good record stores or by post from PO Box to. .-\Iilet's'ltot. (ilfl: SKY. Cheque tor £3.09 including postage and packing payable to I’..\‘.

'I‘alling. (liiona Shepherd)

I Jacky Terrasson: Reach (Blue Note) The lucky tew whocatight 'l'et'rasson's trio gig at last year’s (ilasgow .Ia// l‘estival w ill need no further my itation to check this out. His remarkany assured and highly inyentiye pianisni is

ob\ ious right I'i'oni his opening l’ow ell .iiid .\lonk tribute 'I Should (’aie'. and II )ll\l keeps getting I‘L‘llet'. Iiy'tttttta ( )I.e‘j_'\\ri and I eon I’aikei pioyide e\emplary support. while the new (‘ello recording process \l.‘ll\ eis .1 wondeitully natural balance and spontaneous Ieel in the music. llighly recoimiiended.

I The Essence All-Stars: Hub Art (Hip Bop Essence) .-\ liulsome (and. t'oi‘ this label. unusually straight alteadi tribute to the wr/ardty oi I'reddie Hubbard. 'l‘i'uinpeters \Vallace Rune}. lidiltc Henderson and .\I‘.tt‘ctls l5c‘lgt';t\z‘ take turns to squee/e the \aly es ttt impressiye style. with Jayon Jackson completing the classic hard bop l'ront- line on tenor sa\. ('edar \Valton plays t'abiiloizs piano alongside the mighty Ron Carter on

bass. and Lenny \Vltite (also featured on the eyhuberant .ri/ro ('ir/iirrro (tilt/it hour the same label) on drums.

I Teodross Avery: My Generation (Impulse!) .-\n impressive second album hour this highly—rated young sa\ophonist. and one which contirms the promise ol his debut. .-\\ei_\ is comlortable with both bop and modal harmony. and slips in a slice or t\\ o ol' tunk rand (he now obligatory rap. supplied by lilack 'l‘houghti ltt search ol that elusive contemporary t'eel. bat the strength in the music grows out ot~ his solidly rooted musical imagination. applied II]

classic _ia// lasliioii. I James Carter: The Real

0uietstorm (East West) ('arter's two (‘olumbia albums established his credentials as a very serious musician indeed. and this album largely deyoted to ballads and slower tempo tunes ithe neglected I)on Iiyas‘s 'I‘t-H Stomp is the e\ceptioni \eril‘ies that observation in triumphant tashion. I’lay iug soprano. alto. tenor. and baritone sa\. plus bass clarinet and the unusual bass time. he unravels seductiyely compelling

improvisations in both duet and quartet settings. I Richard Fairhurst: The Hungry Ants (Babel) I missed this band when they played in Scotland late last year. but this line debut (‘I) is ample compensation. The 2t)- year old l‘airhurst is already a ridiculously accomplished pianist with a sharp. unhackneyed harmonic sense and a nicely percussive touch. Iain Ballamy and ()ssiriri Roberts share sa\ duties. while Steve Watts and the even more ridiculously yottllll‘lll 'I‘im (iiles are a splendid rhythm team.

I Christal Lauer: Evidence (CMP) (‘tii istoli l.auer leads a vibrant. exploratory trio session with .-\tttltott_\‘ ('o\ tbassi and Daniel IIuiuaii idi'umsi. and a yery line one it is. lliltc sasopliomst's range is irnpressiy e. llotti yelvety legato lines through to uninhibited tree jam-style slii'ieks and walls. but it is all cai'et'ully assimilated within the overall etnotional and structural development ol the music. Worth checking out. as is the typically intelligent tiusion ot~ 'Iirilok (iurtu's lilti/ Hit/Illa [NU Hill'i/ t'i'om the same label. ils'enriy .\l;itliiesoiii


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