THE KINGDOM is a Danish movie vvith subtitles and a l'our-atul-a-half hour rutming time. liven then the story. set in a dysfunctional (‘openhagen hospital. is not satisfactorily concluded and there are rumours the director lars voti Trier has started work on a sequel. The good nevvs is the movie is unexpectedly accessible atid has already generated a si/eable cult following in l.ondon. The distributor is pluggitig the tnovie as a collision betvveen er and 'I'lte .\'-l"i/e.v. vvhile our ovvn rev ievver reckons von Trier could be the Danish David Lynch. Trust us. it's good attd seriously vveird. ()ne of the things \vliich gives The Kingdom its distinctive look is von Trier's total disregard for the rules ofcontinuity.

'.\'ormally vvheu yott do a scene. the actors must exactly

reproduce the satne interpretation on each take in order to be able to match it to the preceeding sequence.‘ he say s. ‘liut as \\ e were not respecting continuity. tltey could do things ill a contpletely nevv vvay. A scene \vould be shot first with the actors shovving anger and then redone in a happy mood. This allovved the creation of scenes at the motnent of editing.' (‘ra/y film. crazy guy Y tliddie (iibbi

The Kingdom iv (If the (it/new. lz'din/nrre/i on Sit! ‘) (ind .Vnn /I).l/nr:

SISTER SLEDGE still family after all these years strut into town this month with disco pulsing through their hearts, their minds and most of all their pumped up bouffant hairdos. Over twenty years after the release of their first LP Circle 0! Love, the three remaining Sledgers Joni, Kim and Debbie will take the stage at Edinburgh’s favourite Flares-B-Us night, Disco Inferno, proving first time round disco dollies never die, they just go to glitterball heaven.

Sister Sledge play Disco Inferno at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh on Fri 8 Mar. (Sold Out)


The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Music: Ruby And Red Snapper Lesley Rankine. former frontwoman of the in—your-face Silverfile has assumed a slightly different persona since moving to America. She's incorporated elements ofja/J. and hip hop vvhile remaining spikily leftlield. 'l'lte Are/res. (i/usgmv, 'l'linrs [4.

I Art: With Love, Filthy Swan Last year sis blokes graduated from (ilasgovv School of Art and fortned a collective. All six are good friends and, vvhile they dismiss any links with laddish malarkey. their mixed media exhibition provides an intriguing. if unconscious. take on masculine friendships. See preview. 'lrunsrnixsimt (in/Ierv. (i/nsgmr nnli/ Wed I}.

I Film: Get Shorty John Travolta begins round tvvo of his cotneback in this biting black comedy about a Miami loan shark carving ()tll a career in the depths of l-lollyvvood. See fettltn‘e. (il’lH’l'Uf I'e/(‘us‘e‘frnnt Fri [5. I Theatre: The Architect Scotland's youngest leading playwright, David (ireig. does no harm at all to his burgeoning reputation vvith this funny and agonising study of a man vvhose fragile family and professional lives hit crisis point at the same fatal moment. See review. 'lrnverse ’l‘lienlre. lid/'n/nire/i nn/i/ Sun I!) .‘l/itr:

I Comedy: Alan Davies Not content vvitli several l’errier nominations and being the presenter of .Al/un 's' Big One on Radio One. this fresh-faced, young comedian has also just been voted ('oni/runv magazine's tnost eligible bachelor. .»\s vvell as setting female hearts a flutter. he specialises in sliambling. shaggy anecdotes. 'l‘lie (ii/ded [in/[nun (' nnedv (in-mi from Sui If) All”:

I Theatre: Endgame Samuel Beckett‘s cruelly hilarious classic, set in the middle of novvhere among the most hopeless fatnily ever imagined. receives an imaginative and highly theatrical interpretation at the hands of outgoing director, Michael Boyd. 'l'mn 'l'lieulre. (I‘lllfl'gUH' until Sn] 2-? Mar:

I Film: La Cérémonie A tense French thriller (but based on Ruth Rendell's novel A .lud‘eenten/ In Stone). Claude ('habrol's film casts a chilling eye on the bourgeoisie. See review. (IF/Z (i/us‘ernvV/rmn l’ri l5.

The List 8-2l Mar 1996 3