III you'rc complctcly ncyy to thc sccnc, thcrc may \ycll bc a lot of qucstions you'd Iikc to ask. But you'rc probably unsurc \yhcrc to gct thc most rcliablc ginswcrs.

If so, thcrc is a widc rangc of local and national tclcphonc IIprIincs you can call.

Thcy'rc ycry approachablc and con- I'idcutial and, what's inorc. arcn't ~Inst thetc for timcs of crisis. but for all sorts of information and advicc.

Somc will bc ablc to giyc you practical information about Icsbian &' gay community issucs such as whch thc

bcst local pubs and clubs arc.


()thcrs dcaI IIIorc spchI'IcaIly with

scxual hcaIth mattcrs such as HIV

AIDS and scxuaIIy transmittcd dIscascs.

Iior cxamplc. I-UI' information on scxual hcalth and HIV. you can call tllc National AIDS Ilclplinc I-I'Ct‘ on 0800 567 123 or thc ’I‘crrcncc Higgins Trust on 0171 242 1010.

Altcrnatiycly. I‘or morc gcncral adyicc (as chl as adyicc on HIV and scxual hcaIth) you may Iikc to ring thc London LcsbIan &' (Jay

Switchboard on 0171 837 7324 or thc

Biscxual IIprIiIIc on 0181 56‘) 7500.

Both arc good placcs to gct rcIiabIc

Information on safcr scx and protcctinu

yourscII and your partncrs. So you can choosc which IInc you Would PH'IL‘I' to call. \yhatcycr qucstion you Want to ask or Issuc you Wish to dIscuss.

Ally ol- tIlcsc III)(‘\ will also bc abIc to giyc you dctails of your local IiprIincs. or thc .Iddrcss of. your local clinic or drop in ccntrc. what you can tall; I'acc to Iacc with hcalth adyIsots if you would prclcr.

Soc It. you arc unsurc about any- thing. makc a notc of thcsc numbcrs

and giyc thcm a call.

. «e El)(/(:1 AItcr all. thcy rc thcrc ; C 2 to hpr you. no mattcr " z . 0 6 what s on your mInd. 7M)“

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