I Modern Times: Quality Time (BBC 2) 9-9.50pni. Middle-class working tiiotherhood is explored through the lives of three successful women in the glamorous world of fashion and beauty. All three employ nannies who seem to see more of the children thaii the mothers do. While juggling careers and parenthood is never easy. the attitude of one of the subjects in particular is so nonchalant as to be disturbing. ller kids seem to be seen more as lifestyle accessories than human beings.

I A Man’s World: Rites 0t Passage (BBC 2) ‘).S()—l().3()pm. Back in the first half of this century. it wasn't easy being a boy and it wasn't easy being a man. btit the transitional period was even worse. Men who grew tip in the 30s talk about their experiences and how they had to pass various tests of their manliiiess from losing their virginity to being able to hold their booze.

I er (Channel 4) l()--l lpm. 'l‘wenty-two diseased children are fotiiid unattended in a single apartment. Benton gets some good career news and (ii'eene's marriage woes continue.


I Parsons 0n Class: Up With The Workers (BBC 2) B--S.3l)pnt. Tony Parsons continues his examination of the British class systcm with particular reference. this time around. to what used to be called the working classes and what Parsons now refers to as the titiworkiiig classes.

I Alien Empire: Metropolis (BBC t) 8—8.30pm. liisect societies would seem to be a lot more organised and efficient than our own. This week. the creepy ci'awlic show focuses on termites. giant honey bees and ants. all of which have developed complex systems for living together in harmony.

I Food File (Channel 4) 8.30 -‘)pm. This week the cameras turn their gaze on the possible links between food and male fertility.

I Beputations: The MacMillans (BBC 2) 9—]0pm. lit the first programme of a new series. Harold MacMillaii's family aitd political Colleagues describe how be cultivated his public persona to hide the anguish he felt because of his wife's adultery.

I Undercover Britain: Guns On The Street

(Channel 4) 9—9.30pni. lit the most perilous story yet filmed. diarists Nick and AJ go undercover to find otit how. in spite of restrictive laws. guns have become an everyday part of street gang life in Britain's major cities.

I Absolutely Fabulous (BBC 1 ) 9.3()—l()pm. Ab Fab returns for a repeat series. This time around l-Idina explains why she never took any exercise despite embracing every other passing fad which came her way.

I Mistresses: The Other Woman (BBC 1) lO—l0.50pm. Mistresses from across Britain describe the reality of their situations. For some the lack of commitment is enticing. for others the life of a mistress is one of only empty promises and lonely Christmases.

I Late Edition (Scottish) 10.30—11.30pni. Jim White and Alison Craig chat to DJ. marathon winner and former Fairy Godfather. Jimmy Saville. Pyjumu Parry presenter Katie Fuckrick and clairvoyant Nina Hilton.


I A Bloody Art (BBC 2) 7.30—8pm. ()n the eve of the Bruno versus Tyson fight. John Rodda. one of Britain's top sports journalists. takes a long and critical look at the sport which has killed three boxers and left five with serious brain injuries in Britain over the last ten years.

I Fist or Fun (BBC 2) l()—l().3()pni. Lee and Herring muse on the lack of meaning in life once more.

I The Fast Show (BBC 3) it)-i().3t)pm. Quick-fire cult comedy sketches which are throwing tip more playground catch phrases than the class smart arse.

I The Mark Thomas Comedy Product (Channel 4) l().3()-l 1.05pm. More setting tip and upsetting of unwitting politicians. jobsworths and other tinsavoury characters courtesy of the rapier wit aitd savage humour of Mr Thomas.

I AWDI. (Scottish) lt).3()pni--12.30am. The muscles from Brussels. that’s Mr Van Danime to you son. beats the hell otit of some more baddies. This time he plays a tough French legionnaire who deserts his job and enters the shadowy world of bare knuckle boxing in order to raise money for his widowed sister. Aw shucksl

I The Girlie Show (Channel 4) ll.()5—l l.55pm. Bit of a football theme dominating the show this week with QPR footballers Trevor Sinclair and Daniele Dichio talking about their modelling Contracts. Rachel Williams. however. is somewhat underwhelmcd and choses to report from Amsterdam's sex shops instead.

I The Smell 0t Reeves And Mortimer (BBC 2) l 1.15-‘1 l.-15pm. Vic and Bob get another airing in this repeat showing of their surreal brand of comedy.

I The All New Alexei Sayle Show (BBC 2) l l.~15piii~-12.15ahi. The abrasive Liverptidlian shares his thoughts on dead l‘lollywood stars.

I Bonnie and Clyde (Scottish) lZ.-15—2.-15am. Warren Beatty. Faye l)unaway and Gene llackman star in this l‘)(i7 version of the story of the American dream gone tragically sotlt'.

I Sebastiane (Channel 4) l.3()-.‘saiii. Derek Jarman‘s‘ extraordinary first feature offers a modern interpretation (it) the life of the early Christian martyr who for centuries has been a homosexual icon.


I A Few Good Men (Scottish)

‘).()5—| l.-<l()pltl. Tom Cruise and Delhi Moore star in this gripping military courtroom drama. expertly handled by top-notch director Rob Reiiiet‘.

I Court TV (BBC 2) ‘).45—l().35pm. More real life court cases from America to feed the ptiblic's hunger to see the law being done.

I Calling Bible John (Channel 4)

l().35-«l 1.05pm. Andrew O'Hagan goes on a personal journey into Glasgow's deepest past and uncovers some of the myths and folklore which has grown tip around the Barrowland killer. Transmitted as part of 'The Blue Light Zone‘ series. this programme goes out as police prepare

corpse of .lohtt .\lcliities. the suspected

l l

children. for others life is far from

spotters suffer the same derision as trainspotters. This documentary follows one particular twitcher who has lost

compulsive bird-watching. I Cracker (Scottish) It) -I lpiii. Repeat i showing ol ‘llie Bth runcli story with


Stewart come under the spotlight in this

I Kavanagh 0C (Scottish) s30 -l()pttt.

programme follows Bobby Carlyle to

luvviedom and pass himself off as lltigli

.Si‘i't'III/i .St'ul.

i I The Greatest (Channel 4) S..‘s()—‘)piii. * The quest to find Britain's greatest i sportsman or woman of the century

set in Liverpool in the (ills. following the

to match a DNA sample found on one of the killer's victims with tissue front the


I Granny Squad (Channel 4)

ll.35--l l.5()pm. Newcastle city centre is being patrolled by policewomen made tip as defenceless grannies in order to lure villains iitto a false sense of security. This programme examines the effect of the policy on the crime rate and the officers taking part.

I A French Attair (Channel 4) 4.30—5.30pm. Thousands of British families have moved to France in the hope of a better quality of life. Some ltave found contentment raising chickens and iiirtgiii/it/ut'.

I Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey (Channel I 4) 6—7.45pni. Keanu Reeves and Alex

\\ inter continue to play dumb btit lovable

it) this comedy version of Bergman's

I Twitchers (Channel 4) 8-»9pm. Bird

everything. including two wives. to his

Robbie Coltrane playing the llawcd Fitz.

continues. l.iiiford Christie and Jackie edition.

Courtroom drama for the man with the silk and the horsehair wig.

I Ex-S (BBC 1) l().lt)-~l().-l()piii. The

Scottish arts and eiitci‘tainiiient

Nicaragua for the filming of Ken l.oacli's

Cur/(1's Sung.

I My Fair Hugh (Channel 4) ‘).3()—‘l()pm. Joe Queenan undergoes the tutelage of two linglisli professors iii order to be inducted into the highest order of

Grant. I And The Beat Goes On (Channel 4)

lt) ll.()5pni. First in a new drama series

fortunes of two families against a backdrop ofcultui‘al and social change.

. I The Nicky Campbell Show (BBC I)

It). l5-—l().55pm. Live music and celebrity

. l

We’ve had sex and sin with the Red Light Zone, now It’s cops and robbers tn

chats from the Radio l D] turned TV presenter.

I Big Mouth (Channel 4)

l l.()5pm-- l 3. ltlam. Tony l’arsons does what he does best and dishes the polemic out in large portions. The subjects tip for discussion tonight include New York's luiichiiig classes and themed restaurants.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 5. It) 5.40pm. liwan and Mari run through the Scottish charts and point otit the juicy bits.

I Wild Harvest With Nick Nairn (BBC 3) S~-S..‘~()piii. The speed-of-light chef cooks tip more Scottish gourmet delicacies in a flash.

I Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Channel 4) 3 Jam. Set the video recorder for Martin Scorsese's witty and peiceptive drama about a widow iii lier iiiid-thirties who sets off with her eleven—yeai'-old son to realise her atiibition to become a singer.

I Alien Empire (BBC Its ssoptn. Another aspect of insect life is explored in this documentary.

I Africa Express (Channel -1) S 8.30pm. More stories fioin behind the headlines in Africa as reporters go to The (ianibia to investigate the damage that skin- lighteniiig chemicals are doing to the continents women.

I Taggart ( Scottish) 0 10pm. New series for the (ilaswegian ciiitie—btisters.

I Undercover Britain: The Real Aui Wiedersehen Pet (Channel ‘1 ) ‘) Ktfitlpm. Former building worker. .\'eil Davies goes undercover in (ieimatiy and finds otit that the fi‘ee-ttlieeliiig and dodgy dealing of the T\' series is not all that far front the truth.

I Absolutely Fabulous (BBC 1) ‘).3()—lt)pm. l’atsy and lfditia continue their repeat run to remind its all never to repeat the 80s.

the Blue Light Zone, Channel 4

:~ AA. ‘1 .nnl