mayfest 96

Thur 2 ~- Sat 25 May

Citizens’ Theatre

Women on the Verge of HRT

Mon 6 <8 Tue 7 May - 7.30pm Thur 9 May - 5pm

Fri I 0 May - 7.30pm

Sat ll May - 5pm

Anne and Vera travel to Donegal for Daniel O’Donnell’s annual ‘at home’. Daniel is their emotional life- line as they cope with life on the wrong side of forty. Peering over the edge they explore, with comic clarity and occasional song, the future of women on the verge...

A Night in November

Wed 8 May - 7.30pm Thur 9 & Sat I I May - 8pm

In this comedy we follow Kenneth McAllister on his rebellious journey from Windsor Park in Belfast to Doran’s bar in New York. Kenneth McAllister is a dole clerk who puts up with his life, until one day he says“Sod it!” and boards an Aer Lingus flight into the unknown.

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A Night in November - Dubbelloint Productions

Appetite Tue I4 - Sat [8 May - 8pm

Australia’s Club Swing return to Scotland with their sensual

. cabaret for the theatrical

gourmet. Don’t miss the sexiest, most daring show in Glasgow.

“...thrilling, decadent, a celebration wrapped in canvas”


Appetite - Club Swmg

No Expense Spared

Tue 2! - Sat 25 May - 7.30pm

Wildcat return to mayfest with a sparkling new black comedy by Morag Fullarton, comedy award winner and BBC Comic Strip writer.

Old Fruitmarket

Elaine with


Wed I - Sun 5 May - 7.30pm Wed 9 - Sun l2 May - 7.30pm

Elaine C Smith takes us on an hilarious and often emotional journey encountering everything from family to fashion in the 70’s through to slimming, club land, childbirth and Doris Day.

For a free brochure call: 0l4l 552 8000

King’s Theatre


Thur 2 <8 Fri 3 May - 8pm Sat 4 May - 5pm 4: 8.30pm

Three World Champions in one show. A dance extravaganza featuring the best dancers in the world - in Latin American, Ballroom and Highland Dancing. Donnie Burns & Gaynor Fairweather - Latin American Marcus <2 Karen Hilton - Ballroom

Deryck & Gareth Mitchelson - Highland Dancing

I 00 Guitars Tue 7 May - 8pm

One hundred locally recruited guitarists playing Rhys Chatham’s own symphony for an orchestra of electric guitars.'l'he concert follows several intensive days of workshop and rehearsal, bringing to life the sheer volume and variety of sound made from this unusual ensemble.

If you would like to participate in this event call: OH! 552 8000

20 Movements for


A Scottish Island Fri l0 & Sat II May- 7.30pm

20 Movements

Craig Armstrong’s distinctive orchestral sound can be heard on Massive Attack, Madonna, and on U2’s recent recordings. In 20 Movements, by webbing vocal sounds and dialogue into the music, a narrative is mapped out and woven into the fabric of the orchestra.

A Scottish Island

William jackson joins the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and crosses the frontiers between musical styles. Scottish piping, fiddle,

clarsach and Gaelic singing combine and in doing so capture the essence of island life reflecting Scotland’s

unique identity.

Swing Hammer Swing! - szcns' Co

Swing Hammer Swing!

Tue I4 - Fri I7 May - 7.30pm Sat l8 May - 5pm & 8.30pm

Set in the Gorbals on the eve of its demolition in the sixties. A lively narrative of one week in the life of would-be writer Tam Clay is an hilarious adventure.

An adaptation of Jeff Torrington’s celebrated novel - winner of the I992 Whitbread Book of the Year.


Tue 2! - Fri 24 May - 8pm Sat 25 May - 5pm & 9pm

This show by the legendary Antonio Gades Company comprises 32 performers on

.stage in a breath-taking

combination of fast complex dancing and music - both flamenco and opera. These Glasgow mayfest shows are the only chance to see Carmen outside London.

mayfest ticket hotline: 0l4l 287 5000