Hepatitits B (hep B) can be either a minor. or a very oeriouo inbection. It can be padoed on in a Aimilar way to HIV. through unprotected bex and by Aharing injecting equipment. But. hep 8 its easier to catch. including through rimming and oral oex. It; you think you might be at rick brom hep 8 you can get a bree vaccination brom a Sexual Health Clinic (STD or GUM). Make oure you complete the courae of; vaccination. And. it; you have had the vaccination more than bive yeara ago. you might need a booater. It'd the aabeat way to protect youroelb againist hep B. For burther advice. call one oi; the helplinea or you can phone the HSPS helpline on 0171 244 6514 between 7 and topm.


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